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Michael Hoffman -- Kabbalah Judaism is Satanism

February 6, 2020

The Illuminati are Kabbalists (i.e.Satanists)

Reader asks Michael Hoffman:

Is the word "Satan" actually used? Can't find any translation online. Send me the Hebrew word.

Hoffman: Evangelical Christians "worship their would-be executioners. This is diabolic disorientation....the ancient Zohar insinuates a certain urgency to the sacrifice of goyim that Israel must make to Satan..."

by Michael Hoffman

The words "Satan" and "demonic powers" are in fact used interchangeably in the Zohar.
For example, in the general context of Zohar 2:33a, which concerns the necessity of Israel making offerings to Satan, it is written:

 "The demonic powers should be given a portion, occupying and assuaging them, so that they will not disturb Israel's intimacy with God."
-- The Zohar: The Pritzker Edition (Stanford University Press, 2007), vol. 4, p. 140.

Referring to a sacrifice of a goat in the same passage (Zohar 2:33a), it is written, "...this goat is intended to preoccupy Satan, leaving Israel alone with God."

As in many pagan religions, according to Kabbalistic dogma, the demons must be propitiated with blood sacrifice so that the life of the people of Israel may continue unmolested. 

When there are severe disturbances in superstitious societies such as these, they result in ever more propitiations to Satan, so as to restore peace and tranquility. When Hernando Cortez and the Catholic Conquistadors were closing in on the Aztec capital of Mexico City in 1521, the Aztec priests began frenetically sacrificing ever more victims on their blood-smoking pyramid. 

lazar-putin.jpg(left, Putin is a Kabbalist)

Orthodox Judaism, from the evidence in the Kabbalah's Book of Zohar, is not appreciably different from the Aztecs, although we are not suggesting that Orthodox Judaism endorses contemporary human sacrifice, apart from the numerous Israeli wars against the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Zionism however, differs markedly from traditional Kabbalism and Talmudism.

Two additional points 

1. It is an unfortunate fact that the authenticated text of the ancient Zohar insinuates a certain urgency to the sacrifice of goyim that Israel must make to Satan, in that, where no such sacrifice is made, it is believed that Satan will sacrifice rabbis. The Zohar states that this occurred to ten rabbis who were killed in the second century (A.D).

2. The Zohar is the source of the Gnostic, New Age and neo-Nazi belief that Satan and the God of the Bible are the same person. 

In many passages in the Zohar, the conflation of Yahweh and Satan is difficult to miss. 

For instance, the Book of Genesis testifies that the Biblical patriarch Joseph was beloved by God, while the Zohar states that for the crime of kidnapping and selling Joseph, which Joseph's brothers had committed, it was Satan who sought retribution against Joseph's enemies (2:33a).

To refute the nonsensical tale circulating among "evangelical Christians" that Orthodox Judaism is not Kabbalistic and that the Kabbalah is actually heretical and not part of Orthodox Judaism, we refer the reader to one of the largest and most politically influential branches of Orthodox Judaism in the United States: Chabad-Lubavitch, which proudly operates "Kabbalah Online." 

So-called "Christians" who cooperate with the Orthodox rabbinate do so in defiance of II Corinthians 6:14. They are complicit in the diabolism of the Zohar and cognate sacred Kabbalistic texts. 

chabad-grre(2).jpeg(left, Trump is a Kabbalist)

How could any genuine follower of Jesus Christ countenance such involvement? Yet it is ongoing and massive. Hence, evangelical Churchianity is itself demonic, no less than the popes of the Church of Rome who, as we have documented, submitted to the Kabbalistic gnosis beginning more than five hundred years ago, and have maintained their fealty from then until now.

There is no denying the pivotal role of the Kabbalah and its principal book The Zohar in much of Orthodox Judaism. 

Furthermore, every U.S. Congress since the administration of Ronald Reagan, has officially marked the birthday of the Kabbalist Menachem Mendel Schneerson -- Chabad-Lubavitch's last Grand Rabbi-- as "Education Day USA," a Congressional decree which is intended to lay the legal groundwork for officially promulgating in the United States the Seven "Noahide" Laws of the Chabad, and of Orthodox Judaism in general.

As we assured The Saker in his interview with this writer, the Noahide Laws require the execution of anyone who engages in Avodah zara, i.e. "idol worship." Orthodox Judaism declares Jesus Christ an idol, and Christians as idol worshippers. The Right-wing Church-goers who follow Pence, Pompeo and Ben Shapiro cooperate in the suicide of Christianity. 

They worship their would-be executioners. This is diabolic disorientation.

These facts are denied by people who haven't done the research and prefer to parrot the myths with which their heads are stuffed. The revisionist historian has a different vocation.

Michael Hoffman ©2018-2020. All Rights Reserved

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Michael is a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press and the author of nine books of history and literature. 

These include Judaism Discovered, as well as Judaism's Strange GodsUsury in ChristendomSecret Societies and Psychological WarfareThey Were White and They Were SlavesThe Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, and his latest, Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People. These and other volumes are available from

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Comments for "Michael Hoffman -- Kabbalah Judaism is Satanism"

James C said (February 7, 2020):

Centuries before Christ, Jews began turning away from the bible. They had been polluted by their contact with Gentiles, first by their contact with the Greeks, and later by their contact with the Babylonians. By the first century, the Pharisees had their own body of beliefs, much of which was unbiblical, and of Gentile origin.

Gnosticism didn't begin with the Popes 500 years ago; it began centuries before Christ. It was a serious threat to the first century church and was later promulgated by so-called "fathers of the Catholic Church," such as Clement of Alexandria (150-215 A.D.) and Origen (184-254 A.D.).

Much of what passes for rabbinic, or Talmudic, Judaism is nothing more than baptized paganism. Talmudism is apostasy. "Learn not the way of the heathen" (Jeremiah 10:2).

Chris G said (February 7, 2020):

Kabbalah Judaism is an oxymoron because Kabbalists scorn Judaism and the prophets. Kabbalists need to sacrifice because they would much rather keep sinning which pleases Satan, rather than please Eternal God and behave themselves. Eternal God does not want sacrifices:

Psalm of David 40:6 Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire; mine ears hast thou opened: burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required.

Jeremiah 7:21 A message from the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: No more be at pains to distinguish between burnt-sacrifice and offering; use for your own eating the flesh of all alike!

22 Burnt-sacrifices, offerings, not of these was my theme when I gave commandments to your fathers at the time of their deliverance from Egypt;[4] 23 my word of command to them was, Obey my bidding, if I am to be your God, you my people; follow the path I have marked out for you, as you hope to prosper. 24 And did they listen? Hearing they gave me none; their own whim, the false aim of their corrupt hearts was all the rule they lived by; still turned their backs on me, and refused to look my way; 25 so it has been since your fathers left Egypt, so it is yet. No day dawned but I was at work betimes, sending my servants to prophesy to them, 26 but still they would not listen, still hearing they gave me none; stubborn under my yoke, they outdid their own fathers in wickedness. 27 All this thou shalt say to them, but they will not listen to thee; thy call shall go unheeded. 28 Then tell them, Here is a people who will not listen to the voice of their own God, or accept reproof from him; loyalty is dead, the word is on their lips no more.

JG said (February 6, 2020):

It still baffles me how many of the Evangelical Televangelists in America support organizations that don't accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
I don't think they really want to do this but in order to maintain their worldly prosperous "ministries" they do so.

St. Paul makes a clear divide and warning against all other gospels in Galatians 1:8. As Christians we have to keep good on this order given by Paul if we want salvation through Jesus Christ.

ML said (February 6, 2020):

Tony B [below] appears to be one of the faithful but totally myopic and uninformed "traditional" Catholics who truly DO believe that satanism entered the Catholic church in modern days. These are the very people who most need to read Michael Hoffman's tremendously cogent and irrefutable book The Occult Catholic Church of Rome for Hoffman's study of Neo-Platonic Hermeticism and its entrance into the Catholic Church roughly five hundred years ago, mainly under the influence of Pico de Mirandola and others of his ilk.

Edward Hendrie fleshed out this SAME ANALYSIS in his Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great: Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican. These two impeccable scholars are in total agreement on this subject. Both were raised in the Catholic Church and have much to reveal about that institution historically. Both are top-flight scholars of unimpeachable intelligence.

Tony B said (February 6, 2020):


Methinks this article goes beyond reality in two places:

1. Putin is not a Kabbalist just because he is pictured with one. He knows their power in Russia, which still has a large Jewish population, and he truly appears, in every instance, to deal in a Christian manner with all powers. He cannot avoid those in power. His dealings with Erdogan as well as Nuttiyahoo are prime examples. Even the "oligarchs," who raped the Russian economy and put the people in utter poverty and misery, he simply told that they could keep what they had stolen but they would be punished if they didn't stop at that point. Those who stopped are untouched, those who did not have regretted it as Putin obviously keeps his word.

2. Similarly, Hoffman's history of the Vatican is severely warped when he claims that the Popes have been in the pockets of these satanists for 500 years. The Popes, like Putin, have done as Christ did and preached, answering the attacks of all enemies with Christian charity to their best abilities down the centuries until "modernism," culminating in V2, the advent of Satanism into the Vatican.

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