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Thunberg Was Manufactured by Green Tech Industry

February 20, 2020

"She was chosen from a number of young Swedish girls to represent their interests, trained and given information to start espousing because of course she has no scientific expertise herself. They wanted a female child as their symbol. "

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 Greta Thunberg Adds Fuel to Blockade Fire 

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Subject: You Might Find This Interesting:...

 Thought you might be interested...This was sent by someone who was interested in knowing what's what, dug around, and found the following....

"Having stumbled across an interview with Greta Thunberg's captain of the sailing vessel that brought her across to New York, I was very surprised at what he said. He was flying back to Europe from New York and 3 others were flying from Europe to New York to sail the vessel back. So that is four flights to save her one flight. Obviously a PR stunt. But it got me curious as to who the heck was paying for these flights? This is a quick synopsis of what I found out.

1. She is backed by a number of Swedish/Swiss venture/vulture capital funds focused to investing in green technologies which are struggling to find companies to invest in. Most of these companies require initial government funding. The funds are owned by executives from a Swiss/Swedish industrial corporation with annual revenues of 27 billion dollars. You see their offices around Calgary as they are suppliers to the oilfield service industry as well as many others. Clearly this is a ploy to get government grants/ funding for these entities so that the venture capital funds can then invest and make a bunch of money.

2. She was chosen from a number of young Swedish girls to represent their interests, trained and given information to start espousing because of course she has no scientific expertise herself. They wanted a female child as their symbol. She was the perfect spokesperson.

thunsoros.jpg3. A powerhouse marketing firm out of Germany was hired to design and implement a marketing strategy for her to gain worldwide attention. They did and it worked. She gained worldwide attention and addressed the UN. The 500 scientists, from around the world, who sent a letter to the UN did not gain an audience.

4. She slammed my generation and generations previously. We stole her childhood. A script written for her by the German marketing firm. Her childhood is like it is because of the sacrifice of a previous generation, many of whom lie buried in fields in Europe.

5. She then gets used again by Canadian political leaders for photo ops. Shame on our political leaders. The fact that she got face to face time with Trudeau should be abhorrent to Canadians.

6. She leads a school protest march in Canada, where again photo op greedy politicians, take part. Her ability to protest rests solely with the sacrifice of other generations, including Edith Cavell, whom she chastises.

This is what I found out. If anyone finds facts disputing this I am all ears. I might add, I am not against the concept of cleaning up the atmosphere: I am against the marketing methods used to promote industrial interests and lies for the sake of profit.
Thanks to Kat!

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First Comment (Seen on Facebook) - Thanks again Kat!

Most of pipeline protesters are paid eco-anarchists and an assemblage of what the Communists used to call 'useful idiots'.

This protest is far too organized to be accepted at face value, and the conduct of the governing Liberals in allowing the country to be shut down by a few people (at the expense of the majority of natives and Canadians) is inexplicable if it were only a native issue.

It isn't.

This appears to be a global insurrection.

Greta Thunberg has tweeted out invitations for foreigners to come to Canada to volunteer with #ShutDownCanada. She includes a link to grant applications for individuals who need money to travel to Canada to destroy our economy. Also, there are protesters-for-hire organizations in Canada that also employ foreigners. The parties on the left in Canada's Parliament are sympathetic to this because it is all a part of the agenda being funded by the third way organizations that have sabotaged politics under the guise of advancing 'civil society'. 

(Look up Anthony Giddens; 'third way' politics; 'civil society organizations' (post Cold War); SDGs (social development goals).

How can the RCMP fight an apparently anarchic display that is in fact backed not only by all levels of government, but also international treaties?

If the RCMP arrests this paid mob, more will show up to take their place... 


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