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Anthony Migchels - Bolshevik Takeover of the West

March 23, 2020

A total Bolshevist takeover is taking place. West wide. Under the guise of 'Corona'.

It's the New World Order implementing Agenda 2030 and their 'Communitarianism', which is just Communism 2.0.

Anthony elaborated in an interview Sunday.


by Anthony Migchels

They have created a double whammy on the economy: Financial Collapse, which started in September last year, with massive money printing. Back then it was 75 Billion per day. Next a few hundred billion.

Just the other day, the Fed stated they are now bailing out the repo market to the tune of..........$1 TRILLION...................per day!!

Maybe all the new experts about 'exponential growth' can calculate what that is doing to the Dollar.

Meanwhile, they're just shutting down the real economy. Just destroying the livelihoods of millions of people all over the West, locking down entire sectors, offering 1000 bucks (1500 Euro's in Holland) to make ends meet in the months ahead in exchange.

Aren't they great? Is Big Brother not reaching out? Is it any wonder that the multitude are very grateful? Getting saved from The Bug, and next getting a handout too?

Sadly, reality landing won't take long. A few thousand Fed bucks are not going to replace weeks and months of real production.

The US Economy is projected to implode with 14% next quarter. Talk about torching the place.

It is not going to seriously console millions of newly unemployed. Bankrupt small business.

The main target, as always, is the West. America in particular.

This is what many have been waiting for, for a long, long time. We will be facing many major shocks, that will send people reeling in similar ways as this stupid bug. Many will crack under the pressure.

Things under discussion in interview embedded above: 

- No 'Pandemic' whatsoever. 12,500 old people, already suffering several ailments, dead worldwide over 2 months is marginally significant, if even that. 

- Historic financial collapse, Wall Street down already 30%, with MUCH more to follow. - Gutting of the real economy with 'lock downs'. 

- How people should get out to hug each other, instead of following Big Brother's Ukases of 'self isolation' and 'staying indoors'. 

- Enormous impoverishment. Think America going back from $50k per year to maybe $25k. Or worse.

 - The coming Gold Standard, and how it was and will always be a Banker Monopoly. 

- The rise of the Bank of England and the Gold Standard. 

- How the Gold Standard led to urbanization and the enclosure of the Commons and the creation of the Working Class. 

- Why Bankers Love Gold As Money 

- Why Usury Prohibition ended, and why Catholicism failed to keep out the Money Lenders.

 - Why Capitalism saw 'economic growth', while creating widespread poverty, with working people in the US now working twice as long as in 1700, while owning zero or less assets. 

-How White Americans see the Flag as the symbol of the Community they once knew, and how it means death reigning from the skies, and debased 'culture' and trannyism and Zionism for the rest for the World. 

And how acknowledging this is painful on the one hand, but not 'hate' of Americans, but of DC, Wall Street, and Hollywood. 

- How we can create abundance for the many, the end of poverty, without Plutocracy with universal interest-free credit for normal people. 

- How the War is not between whites and migrants at all, but of the Peoples of the World against Babylon.

 - How Bitcoin is the most trashy money ever, created by the NSA. 

- De Florijn and current developments, including paper money and the importance of cash. 

- The importance of implementing similar schemes everywhere in the West to deal with the fall out of the Crash. 

- How simple money creation really is, and how we cannot let them get away with buying up the whole thing with simple double entry bookkeeping.


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Comments for "Anthony Migchels - Bolshevik Takeover of the West"

Chris G said (March 23, 2020):

Dr. Peter Beter was JFK's financial guy during his term; He had Fort Knox audited in 1974 because he said it was pretty much empty; They
did a bogus audit because the US is broke. Rockefellers store their plutonium in Fort Knox instead of gold to intimidate other countries
into doing whatever they want.

Around 16 min in this audio message, Dr. Beter gets to the point on
how to survive. I disagree about canned foods though. Glass stores
food safer. There's some kind of can poising from canned tomato soup:

"Longshanks" King Edward the 1st, made England good for English by terrorizing the Jewish usury crooks and made an edict for them never
to return after he threw many of them out: When the money lenders returned from Amsterdam with their bags of gold, they destroyed
England once again through usury.

The problem is that most of us have been brainwashed to accept usury as normal and acceptable. If we all had been taught right from wrong by our parents and scorned usury as much as Longshanks, we wouldn't be in this mess. Usury is forbidden in every religion on earth, except for the Talmud thumpers that scorn Moses & Yeshua.

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