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March 15, 2020


 The "Corona-Virus" 

is a Communist sleight of hand 

by ES

1) BY THE NUMBERS, Via the CDC: 2019 Flu - 22,000 Dead and 36 Million Infected ...2019 Coronavirus - 50 Dead and 2,340 Infected

Hmm... Why ALL the MSM HYPE & HYSTERIA over "Covid-19"? Maybe THIS is why?: 

2) 'Fed' announces $1.5 TRILLION in 'capital injections' to combat 'coronavirus fallout' and 'highly unusual disruptions'

Additionally, calling it a "pandemic" lends itself to the FAKE "Get Trump" NARRATIVE:

3) The NY Times exposes real reason behind coronavirus hype: Crash the market to harm Trump's reelection chances

4) 2020 strategy: Dems using coronavirus to shutter events and tank economy so they can blame economic decline on Trump

But, What's It REALLY ALL About? Answer: Re-read item #2, above: It's a (((ZIONIST, WALL STREET BANKER, .001%)))-FINANCED, SOCIALIST-(((COMMUNIST)) & BI-PARTISAN POWER-GRAB !!! 

The KEY WORD is: BI-PARTISAN! (Again, re-read item #2, above). 

Also, quote: "The goal of socialism is (((communism)))." - Lenin. Keep in mind, there's NO SUCH THING, IN AMERICA, FOR DECADES NOW, as a TRULY (FISCALLY-) CONSERVATIVE "Republican". 

NO SUCH THING! Both parties are FINANCED by the SAME so-called "Federal" "Reserve" system.

 At a certain level, above the front-men poly-tricksters, it's ALL BI-PARTISAN! They, the .001% WALL STREET CENTRAL BANKERS FINANCE BOTH SIDES of everything. The "two-party system" is an ILLUSION! Having said that, BOTH parties will continue the BI-PARTISAN power-grab.

5) Leftist Michigan Governor Flirts with Invoking "Martial Law" using Virus as Excuse to Power Grab 

6) Commie Bill DeBlasio: 'This is a case for a nationalization of crucial factories and industries'

7) WATCH: All the times the [predominantly "Jew"-owned-and-operated] (((media))) used the RACIST terminology "Wuhan" or "Chinese" coronavirus

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