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Italy- Vaccinated Area is Hit Worst

March 20, 2020

(Milan area worst hit.)

"More and more people in Italy have started to think about a correlation between the virus and the vaccines. If true, this means that Italy has been chosen to be a guinea pig for the rest of the worId."

by Paolo

The situation is becoming increasingly dramatic. 

Dozens of people are dying every day in Lombardy. 

The beautiful town of Bergamo is living its darkest hour. Military trucks are used to transport the corpses to the crematoriums outside the town; doctors and nurses work 20 hours per day; in the hospitals there are no more places in intensive care units; triage (choosing who can be cured and consequently healed and who instead can't be cured because too old or ill) is becoming a common practice. 

Nevertheless, I am more and more convinced that coronavirus is only a colossal psy-op. Odd to say that in a moment where people continue dying. But I really think is a psy-op! 

In others regions of Italy, where health care system is of a low quality, situation seems relatively quiet, even if the number of infected continue growing; ISS (Istituto Superiore della Sanità) a sort of a National Institute of Health, has just published a report in which it is said that the number of people effectively dead because of coronavirus is very low; media outlets contribute to fan panic by transmitting prevalently movies of catastrophic gender and inform the people how the situation is terrible and that all of us must be stay home... 

Coronavirus seems to be a very strong flu with a high degree of mortality: 0.8% rather than 0.2 for a normal flu. But these numbers cannot justify a quarantine for an entire nation. 

And in Lombardy the degree of mortality is very, very higher: 6%! 

What does it mean? Why is there such a difference in the lethality rate? 

Evidently there must be an exogenous element that makes the difference: an element because of which it has become simpler dying for coronavirus in Lombardia, albeit it has the best health care system in Italy, than in other regions of the country. 

And what is exogenous element? I fear that it can be a vast program of vaccination occurred in the last months, prevalently just in the towns which today are those which most suffer for the coronavirus. 

Now we know that dozens of thousands of people were vaccinated for meningitis. Meningitis has always been rare in Italy but unfortunately in the last years the cases have multiplied because of African migrants who arrived to Italy without any form of medical control. 

So many people, scared for the growth of this disease,  have preferred to be vaccinated. All of this would explain why at the moment there are very few infections among the immigrants, even between Chinese diaspora. They haven't been vaccinated! 

In other words, the vaccine lowers the immune defences of our organism at a such level that the virus can strike with an incredible virulence, otherwise impossible. 

Obviously I can't prove all of this. But more and more people in Italy have started to think about a correlation between the virus and the vaccines. If true, this means that Italy has been chosen to be a guinea pig for the rest of the worId. 

Striking a limited part of the nation and then imposing a quarantine for the rest of the country...  I would call this a stress test. The aim is to verify in a very large scale the reaction of the populace, how easy is it to force people  to accept what otherwise they shouldn't ever accept. 

In conclusion, this is only a NWO psyop.
World Health Organization recommends using paracetamol to treat coronavirus symptoms, instead of anti-inflammatories. 

First Comment from Andrew

Paolo may be on to something regarding vaccinations lowering immunities, because in Syria where they have been heavily sanctioned by the West and therefore can't vaccinate, they have no reported coronavirus cases. 

Syria Has Zero Coronavirus Cases. That's Not a Good Thing.

Syria is taking protective measure against Coronavirus,,,"Despite those measures, officials have maintained that there are no confirmed cases. In a televised interview last week on the subject, Health Minister Nizar Wahbeh al-Yaziji said there had been no cases to date, adding, "Thank God, the Syrian army has cleansed many of the germs that were present on Syrian soil."

I am interested whether Paolo knows anyone in Italy personally who has coronavirus.

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Comments for "Italy- Vaccinated Area is Hit Worst"

Chris G said (March 21, 2020):

Immunization and Vaccination are not the same. Immunization uses proteins to enhance the immune system whereas vaccines are poisons
with mercury, aborted babies, anti-freeze, live cancer viruses (SV40),

Vaccines kill (PERIOD) !!!

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bio-terrorism Full Length Documentary:

Marcos said (March 20, 2020):

Actually, the influenza vaccine increases risk for other respiratory infections, as seen in the clinical study linked below.

A meningitis shot probably has the same effect.
Here in Brazil they will start a heavy flu vaccination campaign next week, in the middle of a pandemic of a respiratory virus, just to make sure people get corona disease.

Paul S said (March 20, 2020):

'd like to corroborate what Paolo is saying about the situation in Italy and psy-ops -- as I've mentioned before, my wife works as a nurse at a prominent hospital in the San Francisco area. There's been a steady trickle of C-19 patients over the past few weeks, and yes the disease is real -- these patients are intubated, on ventilators, are experiencing SARS-like extreme respiratory distress -- but there's no sense of hysteria or panic. Some of the tweets I've seem from "doctors" in NYC and Seattle claiming they've been triaging for three days straight, it's war, etc seem dubious -- I doubt my wife's hospital would permit her to work three days straight under any circumstances given all the OHSA regulations, etc.

As Paolo mentions, there does seem to be a co-factor involved in setting off the severe variant of the disease. I mentioned Advil in my last message but there's actually an entire class of prescription NSAIDs and corticosteroids that are traditionally used in a hospital setting to treat flus and pneumonias, and which seem to make a Covid-19 infection much more life-threatening -- is it possible that the hospitals in Lombardy are still administering these medicines to patients?

The other thought that crossed my mind was that it almost seems as if like China, Iran and Italy were all bio-bombed in rapidly succession (Wuhan looks like it may have been bio-bombed multiple times) -- but it also seems as if the strength of the virus attenuates rapidly w/ each person-to-person transmission as you move away from the bio-bomb epicenter. This could explain the lower disease/death rates outside the major epicenters.

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