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Anthony Migchels--Media Incite Panic

March 30, 2020


The mass media will feel our wrath.

"The Media, Internationally, centrally coordinated, has DESTROYED our States and Institutions and Truth and Economy and Liberty and Love with an ENTIRELY fabricated 'pandemic', putting the masses into a fear psychosis."

"After failing to bring down Trump with Russia, Russia, Russia and impeachment, they're now putting their chips on the narrative that he's bungling the public health crisis.  The New York Times has twice called the White House response "calamitous," including once in a supposedly straight-news article."  Michael Goodwin NY Post

They lied about JFK.  They lied about RFK and MLK. They lied about 9-11. 
Why should we believe them now?

by Anthony Migchels

 In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season alone but we only hear about the 2500 Corona supposed deaths.

The West is just getting destroyed by a New World Order Media directed mob, in the best traditions as described in the protocols.

The Media have just whipped up a huge, worldwide, billions large, blind mob, with a totally bullshit narrative.

They have CRUSHED all major States, their institutions, everything, forcing them into complete destruction. Of order. The economy. Our most fundamental human rights: to make our living. To leave our homes.

This graph has been published by the Dutch Government.

It shows mortality in the Netherlands over the last few years, per week.

It shows a very small peak over the last few weeks: at the top of the 'corona pandemic', there have been 500 more deaths in the Netherlands than usual. Average age: 75.

This '500' 'peak' is just completely insignificant to the 'big' peak in early 2018, with actually about 9000 extra deaths during the flu season. This actual peak was a non-issue, it happens all the time in all countries.

Again, this shows what is going on: Governments everywhere in the West are doing their real damn best to just report the facts.

I know that people working in the RIVM, the Dutch CDC, are completely NOT on board with this entirely fabricated panic. I ask them to go on Social Media, and tell everybody that this is all complete bullshit. 

And believe me: it's very uncomfortable for me to side with an outlet like the RIVM, who are mostly known for their vaccine pushing.

But this is a Media Blitz. By the International Media. Completely.

(yet we trust them)

It cannot be stressed enough that the media is are all owned by 5 or 10 huge transnational corporations, in turn owned by the biggest banks in the World.

Western governments are trying to tell the truth, while the Media are just absolutely TRASHING the OBVIOUS facts.

1) Trump has for weeks now been saying, consistently, "this is nothing, we got it under control, this is just a flu." He didn't want to drop a nuclear bomb on working people and small business! At all! He's getting absolutely annihilated by the Fake News lot.

2) Bolsonaro has come out blazing it's a media attack, and that people will be livid when they find out how they have been taken by the noose by them. And that the economy must be restarted.

3) Two weeks ago, the Italian Government has reported that 99% of those supposedly 'dying of corona' are 80 year olds already dying of myriad lethal health issues.

4) Mark Rutte, in a major speech to the Dutch People, for the very first time in his 10 year as Prime Minister, showed some actual leadership and spoke the truth to the hysterical mob: "Most of you will get Corona, and you'll be fine".

Dutch Government reporting on the facts has been entirely professional and impeccable.

5) Already since March 19th, the UK Government has taken 'corona' off their list of dangerous diseases.

And now Boris Johnson is 'self isolating' and 'in quarantine' because he has 'been diagnosed'.............with a 'virus' that most of us will catch, 99% of us without even noticing, and a few of us feeling crappy for a few days.


This is what has happened: the Media, Internationally, centrally coordinated, has DESTROYED our States and Institutions and Truth and Economy and Liberty and Love with an ENTIRELY fabricated 'pandemic', putting the masses into a fear psychosis.

They have whipped up a huge, worldwide blind mob, billions of people, in total fear, gripped by delusion and fear and a faux sense of togetherness in the face of an 'invisible enemy'.

And States, Institutions, the Truth, our Economy, men and women with a still functioning brain and heart, they are forced to bow to their will. Forced into submission to a few dominant men behind the scenes, and their mob.

Their domination is total. An immense show of force.

To the individual members of the Mob, I'll say this: "You may want to snap out of it now."

Current issue of Rothschild's mouthpiece.)

And to those goading them: "Well, you have fooled even many of the elect.

As it was foretold you would.

You will have a few 'victories' still.  But I know, that you know, that your time is almost up."  
Note- Migchels  recommends this James Corbett report: he lays out in detail what the Bankers are doing while all the strong men are shivering in their homes for a 'virus' that has killed a few sick old people: stealing trillions, destroying small business, and wheeling in their new economy, including cashless society.
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First Comment from JG

Something has happened with President Trump in the last few weeks. He is not promoting the same optimism he has throughout his whole presidency. He has allowed the CDC and the MSM to control the response to this virus without any objections anymore. He is even touting their fear mongering tactics to insure the necessity of these lockdowns. If you notice he was reading from a script on his last press conference. This really wasn't Donald Trump speaking.

(Left, 2009--When does a flu become a "pandemic?"
When it's a psy op.)

Also, in case you haven't noticed, every time the social distancing decree is about to modified or lifted the lockdown dates are pushed forward even longer. Some health experts are now saying a possible 6 month lockdown. 

This new mantra of " stay home and save a life" is garbage. How can you be of help to anyone by being forced to stay home day after day? 
People in America worked through the Spanish Flu pandemic and didn't defeat it by staying home.
The momentum of the American economy has been stopped dead in its tracks and the longer these lockdowns are in place the more the economy will be destroyed. 
It took years to recover from the crash of 2008 and it might already take decades if ever to recover if these lockdowns are in place much longer.

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