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March 16, 2020


Part One - The Profits of Doom

Part Two

Mankind is under Satanic Siege 

Our minds have been trained to gag at the mention of "God."  

The word for the Mastermind of the Miracle of Life has been expunged from our vocabulary and from polite discourse.

Mention the word "God" and eyes glaze over, minds shut down. You're as popular as a skunk at a garden party. Ridicule follows. 

Who do you think did this?  Satanists who have usurped God's place. God-deniers think they are so sophisticated when, in fact, they are rubes. 

God is Love. Deny love? God luck with that. 

We've been brainwashed to reject our only guarantee of happiness. 

God wrote the original program. He is the Creator. Happiness lies in following His instructions.
How hard is that to understand?

The Worship of God is the only path to happiness. This is true religion.

Obeying God. This is the only Reality. When we worship God, we become Real. When we deny Him, we become unreal.

The issue is "Whom Do we Identify With?"  Our money or God. 

Money (and sex) are prisons - traps set by Satanists. 

Satanism is the worship of Death. Death Wish. 

The virus is a psy-op like 9-11 and Sandy Hook and all the mass shootings under Obama's auspices. 

The only question is, how serious is the real threat? Do the Illuminati mean business this time or is this a dry run for something worse?  

Our happiness lies to finding our true identity in Love of God.  

Life on Earth is a Miracle. An ineffable Gift. Infinitely precious.

(We are God's instrument.)

Personally and collectively, our Divine Mission is to fulfill God's purpose for each of us, and for humanity. If we fail, our lives are failures.

Our situation is dire. Satanists control government and the media. 

Their mission is to enslave us or worse. Communism (Left) and Zionism (Right) are the two pincers of Satanist control.

Mankind is impaled on their talons. Most of our "leaders" are traitors, members of the a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Freemasonry.)

Diversity is a subterfuge - rendering white heterosexual society defenceless by promoting sexual promiscuity, homosexuality and migration to disempower men and destroy family.

This virus is an opportunity to rise above selfish materialistic concerns and manifest our Divinity.  

We must love our fellow man. If Jesus could love the lepers,  we can love our neighbours.

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First Comment from MA

I think you're right. The age old proverb, "The love of money is the root of all evil", seems more and more true everyday. It's like a cancer of the soul and it separates someone from God and from any compassion for fellow human beings. I mean, people have inherit value but in this dark age of Kali Yuga, only men with money are deemed men of worth and all those without it are inferior. The pursuit of material wealth is a symptom of this evil age.

"You cannot love God and money", Jesus said this and He was right. You cannot have two masters. God wants us to be free, but everyone enslaves themselves in this vain pursuit. Why? Because they have no self worth -- they don't realize God loves them and they are made in the image of One who is total beauty, holy, loving and perfect. They look to the World and its opinion to give them their worth, they look externally to discover who they are. And then there is the fear of not having it. "What if - what if - what if", until you are left totally entrapped in anxiety and you cannot imagine that there is a God out there who loves you and cares about you.

I've never had money. But I have fallen for the deception of "worldly success" and I have pursued career, and wealth because I thought these would lead to happiness; I thought it would lead to the potential of a family one day too. But I ruined myself with anxiety in this pursuit -- I was never good enough, I was in the rat-race and I had to fight; I had to prove to the world that I was worthy of being loved.

But here is the kicker -- you don't have to earn love. Money and power will not earn you love. You are already loved. It's like what you say, "We need to align ourselves with Good", in other words, we need to align ourselves with God. He loves us and He will give us our worth. It doesn't matter if you are the poorest man on Earth, with nothing! To God you are His son or daughter and you are king or princess with Him. You are inherently beautiful and powerful when you are with Him and one day the entire World will see that He loved you individually (even if you are nothing here now).

The World is nothing, along with everything in it. I don't think Jesus had a hard time in rebuking Satan when the devil offered Christ the World. Jesus saw it for what it was -- it was nothing. Love (God) is all that matters; relationships;  genuine people. We are all dying, in the end of our life we won't care about money. We are all dying and we will be gone before we know it. So don't be afraid and see the value of life -- its more than money!

We are all here to fulfill a special purpose (hint: it has something to do with love), and God wants more for us than what this World can provide

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