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Why Is Italy a Target?

March 15, 2020


The Illuminati aim to destroy the Italian economy and impoverish the Italian people.  According to John Coleman, the US is next.

Letter from an Italian reader.

by Paolo

In "The Conspirators' Hierarchy: the Committee of 300", (1992) John Coleman said the first two targets of the Illuminati are US and Italy: the first because US is the most powerful and richest nation in the World; the second for its long Catholic tradition and its central place in western civilization. 

Until the 80's, Italy was the fourth economy in the World. Only US, Japan and Germany were more powerful. Then, Italy had 9 hospital beds per 100.000 people. The North of the country had really the best health care system in the World when I was a child. If this coronavirus epidemic had happened in the 80's, Italy could have the possibility to manage the situation without draconian measures. But now, after the budget limitations imposed by European Union, even if Italy is a net contributor for it (we give Europe Union more money than we  receive), we were forced to cut the budget for our national health care system which now is close to collapse. 

There are several oddities about this virus. First of all, it has struck the richest and most productive regions in Italy, Lombardy and Veneto, in the north. After 2008, Italy, which continues to be the second manufacturing economy in EU, has lost the 25% of its manufacturing capacity. 

The poorest Italian regions, in the south of the peninsula, at the moment doesn't have many cases of CV. But striking those two productive regions means destroying the entire Italian economic system. Even in a such dramatic period, when shops, bars, restaurants, hotels are closed, when only few factories are still open and when most Italian people can exit from their homes only to buy food and medicines, migrants from Africa are still getting to our coasts. 

Is it possible? We Italians are forced to stay home, our individual rights are strongly limited, we can't work and gain money for our families... and migrants from Africa are free to do what they want!

 I suspect that those who favor the African immigration know something about this virus that we don't know. I fear that the virus has been spread by chemtrails during the last months. 

Several cases of pneumonia were already registered in December, before everyone knew of the Chinese virus. Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has made many mistakes in managing the crisis. 

A month ago, when there were no cases of CV, he said it was useless to quarantine people coming from China. Indeed, Left-Wing parties answered that the quarantine towards Chinese people would be racist discrimination. 

So, many Italian people were convinced that the risk was very limited. When the government  closed my region, the Lombardia, someone from the prime minister's entourage gave to the press an anticipation about the bill. 

When people learnt that Lombardy was about to be isolated, thousands of people from the South Italy, living and working in Milan, panicked and jammed the trains going south, spreading the virus everywhere. 

Too many big mistakes were made to believe it was only government incompetence. I fear that these mistakes were deliberate, to cause the maximum damage. 

 Last week, Christine Lagarde, the new ECB president, has declared that limiting the spread between Italian and German bonds is not a task for the ECB. This was a deliberate attack against the Italian economy. 

The Italian stock exchange has crashed. Now it's very evident the Illuminati purpose of annihilating Italy. This is their goal and soon this will be reality because this CV crisis is a perfect pretext to destroy what remains of our, once flourish, economy. 

On Monday, EU will approve the new version of ESM, European Stability Mechanism. This will be the coup de grace for Italy. In the future we will be utterly slaves of international usurers. 

Yesterday my sister and I closed our real estate office. We continue working from home but our employee, a very good woman from Croatia, married to an Italian, started crying because she knows that this crisis will be terrible and she fears to lose the job. 

Obviously we will help her. She is a too good person to not deserve our help. But for hundreds of thousands it will be worse. The Illuminati are really about to annihilate Italy. Only God can save us. For this we need your prayers.


Last week, Paolo Barnard, left, a famous Italian journalist has tweeted a very interesting message. 

He says that there are two kind of viruses which actually circulate in Italy and throughout Europe. The first one is very dangerous. It's the virus for which in the northern Italian regions where the health care system is close to collapse. 

A few kilometers from where I live, near Milan, a field hospital will be set up in the same pavilions that hosted the Expo 2015. And, odd to say, it seems that this most aggressive variation of CV has been originated in Germany. The other one typology is far less virulent. 

A few days ago, the famous biologist Robert Gallo said he doubts that CV can diffuse from the north towards the south of the Italian peninsula, since the CV seems to move principally from east to west.

 I have started to think that there really are two different viruses. In some zones of the north the situation is dramatic. Probably, the worst is happening in the town of Piacenza, 70 kilometers south from Milan. I am in contact with some guys living there who are very, very worried, as if there were a war. 

But in other territories, at moment, the situation seems relatively quieter. So, if Barnard's information  is real, there are two viruses of which the most aggressive has struck the most economically advanced regions in Italy and originated from Germany. That same Germany which will spend 550 billions of euro in order to sustain its economy, while Italy will spend only 25... Thanks a lot.

------------- Virus is Chinese Gov't Psyop says Falun Gong Practitioner (They target their own.)

First Comment from Marco A- The virus didn't lock you up and destroy the economy. The Government did that.

Italy isn't the only target. Look at Norway and other European countries, they are also approaching full lockdown.

I still do not consider the virus a threat, I am sorry. Even if the lethality of the virus was very high, I still would not consider it a threat. Welcome to Earth, where death and disease have occurred since man first sinned.

Italy was always poor until more modern times and Italy still thrived. A peoples worth isn't dependent on its economic status; however, if the economy of Italy fails, you can blame the politicians who locked you all up as slaves so that the economy totally shut down. The virus didn't lock all Italians up as slaves! The virus isn't holding you at gunpoint, your fellow man is!

The true danger is martial law. I've written this before, but I'll write it again -- my uncle and aunt who live near Parma cannot even go see their daughter and her newborn child in Bologna. IF they do, they will be thrown in prison for months. The justification given is that they would be potentially endangering others. But limiting the freedom of innocent people is causing harm.

Consider this situation --you have a child or loved one somewhere in the country and they desperately need you. You cannot go to them because the evil government prevents you!

This is an atrocious form of tyranny and reminds me of Communist persecutions of times past. Again, I am not afraid of a virus. I am concerned instead of a communist style world revolution with the virus used as an excuse for total control and persecution which we haven't seen since Soviet times.

If we allow ourselves to become slaves in our own countries, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. I wonder if the Masonic lodges in Italy are also on lockdown.

Andrew wrote:

March 2019 -- Italy and China signed The 'Silk Road' protocol trade deal.

This made Italy the first G7 country to sign up for the massive project which sparked huge unease and concern in the US and the European Union as China aspires to a greater world role.

This is an important connection for China because of Italy's strategically perfect ports.

This is main reason Italy's a target....

JG writes-

Mayor DeBlasio made an interesting point about the downside to closing public schools. He said that mothers wouldn't be able to work their jobs if they had to stay home with their kids. Some of these mot hers are nurses and professionals. These martial law tactics of lockdowns and quarantines over a "virus" that they know little about and is less lethal than cancer or heart disease is insanity. 

What is happening here is the FEAR AND PREVENTION OF THIS VIRUS MIGHT BE CAUSING MORE DAMAGE AND HARDSHIP THAN THE DISEASE ITSELF THEREFORE DEFEATING THE PURPOSE. Once the government tells everyone that this threat is over they will finally realize that they've been had and can't return to the state of affairs they once had because they have succumbed to the FEAR mongering of the MSM and their governmental agencies. 

Everyday now 24/7, the MSM is instilling panic and fear into the minds of the public. This just adds to the chaos. I don't know how much longer the philosophy of forfeiting your life in order to save your life will have the success with the people that it unfortunately has had.

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Comments for "Why Is Italy a Target?"

FS said (March 20, 2020):

'Why is Italy a Target?' She is both a target from forces from without and from forces from within. Why isn't Italy and Iran and everyone else using the antidote against the virus (and every other plague which afflicts man), that has to exist by law before any bio warfare agent goes on line; at least covertly through the chemtrails (the means which might have helped spread the virus in the 1st place) and vehicle-mounted sprayers, ect. (think nation-wide Rife Machines tuned to the M.O.R. of the virus, in stead of harmful 5-G, HAARP and every other kind of electromagnetic polluter)? It's also not being done for the same reasons that Iran or any other country doesn't deploy free energy in stead of deadly nuclear and fossil fuels. All these countries have treasonous Globalists 5th columns running all through them. In the case of Italy, think home to the Black Nobility Merchants of Venice, the Vatican, Jesuits Assassins, Freemasons in general and the P-2 Lodge in particular, the Mafia and Jewish Cabalists Zionists, and then Iran has Freemasonry, Freemasonic Islam and Muslim Brotherhood and rich and powerful Cabalist Jews, subversive Jewish Zionists sayanim and Bahais

BR said (March 16, 2020):

Medical co-factors are the key-factor in public-policy vs. Covid-19, rather not segregation or even logistics.

Italy is the first in the EU to deploy 5G, starting January 2020.

The Italian plague broke in Cordogne, some 50km north Venice.

Italy reports 368 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours (DEATHS)

Continental EU is the world's new outbreak epicenter

- having deployed more 5G than China (the first outbreak epicenter) has done.

In contrast, in Israel (including West-Bank & Gaza) there's hardly 4G and no deaths yet,
likewise scarce cases in the Americas.

The median age of patients is 47 y.o. in China and Holland, under 60 y.o. in France,
thus it is the medical co-factors, like 5G cellular, diabetes and heart-disease, which kill
rather not age itself.

"A study of 99 coronavirus patients at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital showed that the average patient was 55.5 years old, and men represented around 68% of the total cases. A third study of nearly 1,100 coronavirus patients (which is still awaiting peer review) identified a median age of 47, with men representing around 58% of the cases."

Warm weather doesn't affect Covid-19, given this present plague situation in Australia, with 298 patients today (Patients), in this population-sparse continent.

In summary:

Ending the plague by means of shutting-off the 5G project would spell a tactical defeat to the surveillance state,
without derogating from the user-experience which is already good enough with 4G and WiFi 6.
Thus the recent UK and US selections of 5G suppliers, be it at all and be more so Asian i.e. utterly strange in culture, are fatal.

Rudy said (March 16, 2020):

The association with the Belt and road Initiative probably made Italy a target. As to the mainstream press and their sensationalism...... I think it's time for a large segment of the population to grow up, and teach as many people as possible to Grow up and be accountable.

Just like too much booze is bad for you...too much news is as well. It is important to read a wider variety of opinions and balance them out with some common sense. The MSM just like professional politicians have a terrible reputation, and it is not going to improve anytime soon.
Some good sources of info that I have found are: , , winter, and for a Christian spin....

And certainly Henry's site for sure.

KMG said (March 15, 2020):

I feel very sad about the Italian disaster and i wish I could help. I can only offer a good advice. I have visited Milan many times the last few years and my wife comes from China. My first reaction when this thing happened was: "My God, the Italians are punished because they are in bed with the CCP(Chinese Communist Party). Nobody can deny that Milan is a "modern, cosmopolitan city" with a huge Chinatown under control by the CCP allied with Italian politicians. Nobody can deny that the Italian gvmt even allows Chinese policemen to protect Chinese tourists, nobody can deny that the Italian gvmt uses "help" from the CCP to alleviate this disaster originating from CCP!

As far as I understand this disaster it primarily strikes China and (western)Europe and Europe is the place with gvmts, people and cities who want to help put the globalist, marxist CCP slave state in place in EU - the very same that is already in place in China which butchered 80 million Chinese people since 1949.

The spiritual reason of the disaster is of course the CCP´s butchering of million of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Remember that the Roman empire got three plagues that ravaged the empire - all while they persecuted the new Christian sect at the time, starting with Nero using Christians as living torches in his garden. History is repeated as they say. Italians should say no thank you to the CCP and communism - that is the good way forward."


Thanks KMG

This only makes sense if the CIA is behind the virus.


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