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April 28, 2020

Medicine has Lost its Halo  

"I am so disgusted by these people."

 by MA

When I studied healthcare in college there were many students who were bridging off into professional nursing and related roles. I can promise you, these people are no better than anyone else. The propaganda that they are moral pillars of society is ridiculous. Most do NOT enter the profession due to a vocation -- those days are over.

Most enter it because they don't know what else to do with their lives, and the money and social status attached to this profession is attractive. I genuinely feel sorry for any nurse who has entered the profession because they had a vocation to help people -- it must be a living hell for them surrounded by such incompetent and uncaring fools.

I'm sorry if that sounds like a harsh judgement, but these people by-and-large are not down to Earth, intelligent or capable of critical thinking. If they were, they would have questioned the unscrupulous mass prescribing of unnecessary drugs, surgery and vaccines. They also never question mass abortion or euthanasia. The individual who does question these things is forced to leave the industry all together, thereby making the medical industry even more lacking in individuals who have a conscious and critical thinking faculties.

It has become a profession for the dumb and robotically minded individual who will never break free from their programming. Just a robot who repeats and enacts mandates set by the medical-pharmaceutical cartel.

I despise the applauding of medical professionals as much as I despise the applauding of military and police; these people are not better than me and they never will be.

Furthermore, that so FEW nurses are coming out publicly in order to expose this virus (and how its not as deadly as first implied), gives even more credence to my point that these people are not morally superior; they are culpable in this crime because they are silent. Their culpability is then compounded by the fact they are accepting the public praise and are not opposing their elevated status as "saviours of humanity" and heroes of the "front line".

I am so disgusted by these people.

I almost despise them as much as I do cops. Speaking of which, I was driving home today from work (still trying to survive on my own and not collect government mana) and this cop was setting up a speed trap in one of the most peaceful villages in Canada -- trying to catch people who dare still work for a living. What a piece of shit.

I hate having cowards elevated over me as if they were saints, all the while they hate God and have no virtue to speak of. This is one the things that makes me more angry than probably anything else in this new world order. Its like having self righteous pharisees, hands red with the blood of Christ and His saints, gloat over you as if they were the true sons of God; taunting you, while dangling the chains they mean to shackle you with, in front of your face.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at