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Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) - Pandemic Is a Lie

April 27, 2020

"Until we get rid of our internal parasites [Zionist financial interests] who rule over us, we can't tackle other parasites."

from Brabantian

Russian GRU (Military Intelligence) Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov exposes the coronavirus NWO agenda

Col. Kvachkov, formerly with the Centre for Defence & Strategic Studies of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff

"The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic - and let me tell you - there's no pandemic, it's all a lie - needs to be considered as a global, strategic special operation.

These are exercises of the world's behind-the-scenes Zionist & financial powers on controlling humanity. They want to reduce our freedom and increase political control.

The coronavirus & the financial crisis that emerged immediately are inextricably tied

A first global attempt to take away political rights happened on 11 September 2001, then a declaration of war on humanity disguised as a war on terrorism.

Now they need another excuse for greater control & takeover of humanity - the coronavirus, with an aim to limit political rights & make people afraid, by Zionist & financial world powers

Coronavirus has an artificial origin; it's proven scientifically already.

We are being served special psycho-political information propaganda, an operation of world globalist mass media serving the behind-the-scenes powers creating this terror.

'They' are looking - who is obeying & who is not.

Also, economic relations went from the real economy to the virtual economy financial bubble, which now needs to be deflated.

In China they have a patriotic faction, and another of money-oriented pro-Americans, [traitors] who tried to use the coronavirus in Wuhan [until President Xi ended the lockdowns]. And then it started in Europe.

Europe & China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA. And this is where they injected this virus first.

Another aim is reducing the world's population. They think there's too many of us ordinary people [They want] 100 million of their own kind & perhaps 1 billion to serve them.

Until we get rid of our internal parasites who rule over us, we can't tackle other parasites."


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