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Flu Psyop -- Pretext to Impose Orwellian Dictatorship?

April 3, 2020

If this contributor is right, the pandemic will not go away. The Depression will deepen and an oppressive political regime will be instituted.  

"Their goal is take away our freedoms. Then if we want them back, we'll be forced to receive vaccines to gain a digital certificate of movement which allows us to be tracked on 5G control grids."

"A future where dissenters & anyone with a brain or a spine won't be able to borrow money, get a passport, driving license, get a pensionable government job is coming without a doubt. I can smell it, it's that close." -ReplacetheIrish (on Makow Twitter feed.)

(Disclaimer - Naturally, I hope our anonymous contributor is wrong and things will return to 'normal.' However, 85% of my readers think he's right. See Twitter poll.) 

see first comment below- Col. in Russian Military Intelligence confirms substance of this article.

by Anon

In the 1950's, a highly credible investigator, Norman Dodd, discovered that the tax-exempt foundations e.g. Rockefeller Foundation etc, are really there to make changes in the world, and that the only way they know how to make changes is through war, so their job is really to start wars. 

Since war was the only effective method they knew for making major changes, they would continue to use it until they had other equivalently effective methods. 

Ten years ago, a high-level Rockefeller document described details of other methods for influencing how the world evolves. One scenario suggested in the document was a pandemic. What societal changes do the Rockefellers desire? 

A former Rockefeller family friend, Aaron Russo, blew the whistle on the Rockefellers' plans. He had been told they want everyone chipped for tracking and to buy/sell. 

If they don't like you they will turn off your chip to make it incredibly difficult for you to function in society. 

Conclusion:- The Rockefeller no longer rely on war to make changes in the world, now they have other tools at their disposal, such as pandemics. Their goal is take away our freedoms, then if we want them back we'll be forced to receive vaccines to gain a digital certificate of movement which allows us to be tracked on 5G control grids. 

Over time it will be placed onto a chip, which will be hard to avoid. By then society will be cashless, making life without a chip a struggle, almost impossible.

Chief suspects for causing this pandemic = Rockefeller family and their many proxies.

So, as Bill Gates (who is allied with the Rockefellers) recently admitted on Reddit, the plan is for people to have digital certificates of movement. Germany is calling them antibody certificates. 

It's very easy to see how these digital certificates of movement, initially on your smart phone, will eventually be installed on implanted micro-chips, in case you lose your phone and for your convenience, they will say. 

You won't be allowed in society without one, as they will claim you may spread a virus, for you to be allowed out in public they will force you to have this, which also means receiving the vaccines and whatever ingredients eugenics enthusiasts Gates and the Rockefeller decide to put in them.

Last but not least, the 5G control grid which is being rapidly rolled out is there to track your movement by connecting with the digital certificate/chip, this is why 5G is being prioritized despite there being so much public resistance and unknown health risks. While 4G was similar, it is nowhere near as fast and cannot make as many connections, with 5G they can track us in real time.


The perfect thing about their plan is that they can keep on attacking us with wave after wave of pandemic until we give in. That means to stop them we need high level people in the world to get onboard, deciding enough is enough. 

There needs to be arrests and all their essentially terrorist operations must be shut down once and for all, the Rockefellers and Mr Gates can no longer be tolerated as being above the law.


The idea to deploy "smart monitoring" to enforce the new rules and will develop a special pass system for residents to leave their houses was announced by Moscow authorities on March 30 and caused a widespread negative reaction among the Russian society.


First Comment from NK

Above is interview with Colonel from GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) It is original video on Russian.

I was reading translation on Serbian but he is just confirming your article (by Anon)

In short he said: there is no pandemic it is lie

It is special strategic operation by "deep state"

There is goal to reduce people rights, travel  freedom, suspend constitution..

He said that number of people dying from Covid 19 is much less than dying from flu,etc

What is main objective of this operation? There is 4 of them

Religious ---reducing world population

Political......reducing population freedom

Financial .....reseting financial bubble

Attack on Geo strategic "enemies" of US (Europe and China as only economic competitor to US domination. He said that Russia is not that kind of problem.They need Russian vast territories for expansion)

When asked for advice what we can do.He said until we get rid of enemies within us  ("deep state fifth column" in every country) we will not be able to fight foreign enemies

MA writes:

 I have family in Italy and in Canada (I am Canadian and reside in Canada). A good family friend in Italy, an old tough farmer and a good soul, has been locked in his apartment for nearly a month now.

He cannot leave or he risks extreme fines or prison time. He has begun to lose his mind. His only exercise is the stairs in his complex. He counts every single one -- there are 72. He has a daughter who lives 300 meters away. He cannot go live with her; again, he is not allowed to leave his property. I think he will soon break.

This is coming to Canada. Our economy is ruined and I fear that this will go on for a long time. We just received word in Ontario that no new renovation or residential construction project can start. We are allowed to finish current projects if they have been started; however, consider this, from the time a home starts as a hole in the ground to completion can be months.

In the meantime, we are still working away. What is the sense of not allowing new projects to start unless they intend for this crisis to last beyond the scope of what it would take for current construction to complete (months).

This is an absolute disaster. The cute "stay at home" hashtags are giving way now and the mental deterioration is starting to be observable in people. My liberal friends are starting to feel the pinch. Even just the lack of activity is a hard burden to bear. Others who are still receiving their pay checks are apathetic. They won't escape suffering for long.

The social fabric of society has been destroyed; now we have lost our fundamental human right to human intimacy. We are all prisoners and lab rats looking to our experts in this technocracy, wondering what they will do to us next.

My only consolation is God. I know in the end that everything will be alright; however, to not carry a burning hatred for what they are doing and intend for humanity is a hard thing to wrestle.

"Because iniquity will abound, the love of many will grow cold." Don't let this happen to you. Love the innocent and hate the evil being prepared for them. I pray one day to find kindred souls who have the courage to resist with me, because I will never take the mark no matter what.

Anyways, I better get back to work... I don't suspect I will have much longer to do so.


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Comments for "Flu Psyop -- Pretext to Impose Orwellian Dictatorship?"

Earl said (April 4, 2020):

Dr. Makow, Anon presented information that is not clear. Norman Dodd, clearly stated, that the invasion if America, would be thru education. The Reese committee report, clearly stated, when the question was ask.." How can America be subdue short of a war..the answer: Education". This was discover, while the late Mr. Dodd was investigating the role of elite foundations in America. I totally disagree with Anon.

Thanks Earl

for ignoring his main point

in a crisis, we need nitpickers


JJ said (April 4, 2020):

A question was asked in this article, "How can we stop this?"

The only way to stop this is for a homogeneous group of united people to stand up as a group and demand an investigation into the man-made origins of the virus.

This cohesive group would have to be totally united in race, culture, language, beliefs etc. with the women totally supporting their own men. It would have to have complete systems of education and law (essentially be a nation). It would also have to have among them well-educated scientists who could take over a trial.

At the moment this is an impossibility. One man here or there could try but...

Robert M said (April 4, 2020):

At first, I thought, like you, that in some ways this pandemic/lockdown was a test run of sorts, and so hopefully wouldn't last long. But over the past couple of days I saw it as getting more and more worrisome, looking like a long haul. Our fearless leaders extended lockdowns throughout the West until mid-April, etc., and started warning us that it might be a long slog, floating later and later dates. Something about the store shelves is not quite right, aside from panic buying, which has eased, suggesting that here are problems with the supply chain.

Look where they have the sheeple, right where they want them. Would they really want to release their grip now? This might be it right here, their big move.

George D said (April 3, 2020):

So many in denial. It's the ultimate fiasco, the most perfect demonstration of technocratic managerial incompetence we will ever see. In a nutshell, to cover up the inadequacies of the medical systems throughout the world, the political elites have, in concert, deliberately sacrificed everything else at millions of times the cost of shoring up, i.e., augmenting, the "business as usual" medical system. These politicians will pay later. All of them will be thrown out of office at the next election. Meanwhile we wait and hope.

Someone sent this to me:

"Thanks to general beliefs, the men of every age are enveloped in a network of traditions, opinions, and customs which render them all alike, and from whose yoke they cannot extricate themselves.
Men are guided in their conduct above all by their beliefs and by the customs that are the consequence of those beliefs. These beliefs and customs regulate the smallest acts of existence, and the most independent spirit cannot escape their influence. The tyranny exercised unconsciously on men’s minds is the only real tyranny, because it cannot be fought against."

-- Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1896

Robert K said (April 3, 2020):

The comment by NK says we must "get rid of enemies within us". Nothing will change until we claim our ownership rights in the financial system and end the debt-money monopoly that is the ultimate agency for central planning of our society, which we are currently witnessing so dramatically. All other enemies are subservient to this power, and therefore not the targets we should be prioritizing.

Diane said (April 3, 2020):

Hi from Seattle. My neighbourhood has turned into rats. If people see families socializing or kids playing, they rat those people out, even going as far as calling the police on children playing, and taking children’s photos and posting them on How low have we sunk to take photos of other people’s children and ratting out children to the police. Someone posted a photo of a lady walking and talking on her phone “too loud” —turns out she was talking to her semi-deaf elderly parent and checking in. People are arguing on all formats of social media. What has happened to our mentality ?

On the other had, goodness abounds, but people are so docile and looking for a medical savior.

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