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April 28, 2020


An Appeal to Sheriffs to Defend the US Constitution 

by Jack and Margy Flynn

Below is a list of our suggestions, which we hope will be helpful to you, to the participating sheriffs, to those in California and to those elsewhere whom we will contact.  Richard, imagine if hundreds of sheriffs, deputies and peace officers around the country started to use these methods simultaneously!  There would be such a loud outcry heard from the "system" that it would shake the foundations of evil governments all across America.

(1) If you and the other sheriffs are so inclined, the sheriffs could urge committed American Citizens in their jurisdictions to file criminal complaints with their respective sheriffs against public officers who have violated and perjured their oaths in any manner, specifically, by voting for unconstitutional legislation, in particular, the NDAA. Further, the unconstitutional actions by the public officers invoke the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, by which the errant public officers immediately vacated their offices, upon commission of their treason, and forfeited all benefits thereof.  With the criminal complaints in hand and the authority of the Constitutions, pursuant to the referenced sections, plus other positions we will not go into here, the sheriffs can lawfully arrest the errant public officers and can deputize large numbers of people willing to assist the sheriffs to fulfill their Constitutional duties on behalf of the people and their Constitutions.

Imagine what could be done with this type of lawful Constitutional approach, if hundreds of sheriffs across the country were to do this simultaneously WITH SUPPORT AND DIRECT PARTICIPATION FROM THE PEOPLE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE JURISDICTIONS!  Another resounding silent "shot" would be heard around the world, and the silent majority would become vocal and active rather quickly.

(2) The sheriffs could urge the Citizens to initiate recall petitions against the errant public officers.  This would be more time consuming, would have to reach large numbers of voters within the committed states and would be less likely to succeed than number 1, above.

(3) Committed Citizens could demand initiation of impeachment proceedings by aware, sympathetic representatives.  This would also be time consuming, and the right representatives in each state would have to be found who would be willing to begin the impeachment process.  However, even if this could be done, since the vast majority of the traitors openly committed treason, it is highly unlikely that any of them will vote to impeach their fellow traitors.

(4) Massive amounts of Committed Citizens could file criminal charges against the traitors with other law enforcement agencies, such as the county district attorney, the state attorney general, the respective U.S. attorneys in each and every state, as well as with appropriate military authorities.  Since criminals in office protect other criminals in office, it is highly unlikely that many, if any, of the complaints filed will be acted upon.  However, this type of response would clearly demonstrate to the people that they have no one in government - or very few in authority - who are willing to take action against fellow government criminals.  The fraud would be undeniable.

(5) Huge numbers of committed American Citizens could write presumptive letters, followed by affidavits, to the traitors.  Presumptive letters contain written claims and charges made by the people against errant public officers describing how these errant public officers violated and perjured their oaths, the Constitutions and the Rights of the people.  These letters are based solely in truth, fact, law and evidence, which no public officer, pursuant to his oath, could ever truthfully and lawfully rebut.  Therefore, pursuant to the lawful notice stated within the presumptive paragraphs of the letter and subsequent affidavit, the recipient public officer, who fails to respond and/or fails to rebut the charges, admits to those charges, fully binding upon him in any court, without his protest, objection or that of those who represent him.  Over a 50 year span, these presumptive letters and affidavits have been effective in resolving approximately 80% of all issues in the favor of the people.

(6)  In follow up to the letters and affidavits, thousands of civil suits could be filed by the people against the traitors in each and every state.  The corporate, unconstitutional court system in this nation is entirely corrupt, with a few rare exceptions, from time to time.  However, when massive amounts of people begin to file civil suits against traitors, the court system would become overloaded, clogged and begin to disintegrate before the people's eyes.

As mentioned, the talk and information must be followed by action to give the talk and information "teeth".  Without this, nothing gets accomplished for the benefit of the country and the people.  This type of effort will take huge amounts of committed American Citizens, bent on the restoration of Constitutional governance, who will provide active support to the sheriffs.  All of these approaches can be effective, if adopted by enough people, but a combination of them employed by people all over the country would clearly demonstrate to Washington, D.C. and to the other 150,000 or so corporate "governments" in this nation that the people have had enough and are finally serious about enforcing the Constitutions and their Rights secured therein.

Of all these approaches, number 1 is the best and most immediate and efficient way to quickly resolve the treason committed by the vast majority of the congress and the corporate president.  It will take multitudes of brave people, who are ordinary Citizens and sheriffs willing to embark on this venture, just as it took brave people to stand up to the Red Coats on Lexington Green and on Concord Bridge, and then over the next few years, defeat the most powerful army and naval forces in the world, and through that effort, create the dream of a true Constitutional Republic.  This time it can be done without a shot being fired.  However, this effort would require a majority of the sheriffs, fully committed to exercising the authority vested in them by the federal and state Constitutions, in concert with massive amounts of people in their respective jurisdictions, fully committed to supporting and aiding the lawful efforts of these sheriffs.  This action could make the dream of the Constitutional Republic, which never materialized, a living reality in our time.

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