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The CoVid Security State is Here to Stay

April 25, 2020

In terms of Bezmenov's stages of subversion - 
this is 'the crisis'.

CoVid 19 is the UN instrument to bring vassal nations / UN member states into line with Agendas 21 - 30 for the world soviet of the goy plantation.

by Linde

Too many people have pulled the plug on the CoVid narrative which now flails about as it circles the drain.  

 In Australia, our Political Commissars have to double down as even the mainstream media weighs in.  This exercise in social and economic collapse has cost 700,000 Australians their jobs for the 75 deaths the health authorities could manage to assign to CoVid.  

Measures for contact tracking were announced yesterday. The CoVid Safety and Security State is here to stay and this is only Round One with the population, or as Bill Gates would say Pandemic 1. 

All CoVid Safety and Security states now declaring themselves throughout the world are UN member states owned as assets of the central banking cartel.  States that would seem to be the exception prove the rule - they have been given a different script ( for now ).

China which is certain to be in the frame for Pandemic 1 was seated in the UN in 1945.  It was seized as an asset of the central banking cartel by the Soviet Union and the US working together to achieve  Communism.  The Soviet supplied the weapons, the insurgency training, the guerrilla cadres, activists, operatives etc.  The US sent General Marshall to make the Chinese nationalists (who were mopping up Mao) an offer they couldn't refuse and oversee the UN Charter election - which, of course, bought the Chinese Communist Party to power.  It always helps when the people who own the Revolution also own the voting and political apparatus.

The United Nations is tasked with bringing the world-wide Revolution of the Fourth Comintern to completion. The Owners of the UN member states will ensure that all Commissars of the CoVid Safety and Security states  legislate and enforce the dicta of the UN Agendas through whatever is the political apparatus of the asset/vassal state or emergency powers.

Alger Hiss, left, the personal handler of FDR at Yalta, was the first Secretary General of the UN Conference on International Organization held in San Francisco 25 April, 1945.  This was the convention which  created the UN Charter - incorporating every plank of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.  Hiss, later accused of spying for the USSR ( 1948 ) could not be convicted because the statute of limitations had expired on the charge of espionage, was only convicted on perjury ( 1950 )  in relation to it.

CoVid 19 is the UN instrument to bring vassal nations / UN member states into line with Agendas 21 - 30 for the world soviet of the goy plantation.

Maurice Strong spelled out the changes that were to be made at the Rio Earth Summit 1992.  

George Bush Senior stated the objects and policy.  These are like the book ends of Agenda 21:

"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound re-orientation of human society unlike anything the world has ever experienced, a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented re-deployment of human and financial resources.  This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action will be integrated into individual and collective decision making at every level."  

Their 'global warming' -> 'climate change' catastrophe script for Mother Earth  could not be established through their bought and paid for Expertocracy  in the minds of the sheeple.  

Whether it is 'liberation of the working classes' or 'national liberation for oppressed colonial populations', the Revolution always has to to have  moral high ground (MHG) for the changes that must come about if  the world soviet state is to be implemented  in vassal / member nations.  Looks like they have decided to go with the CoVid Safety and Bio-Security state.  So the UN dictate is going to be rolled out under Emergency Orders.

As always, the Rebbe speaks for the Zionism [ Greater Israel ] of The Owners of the world-wide Communist Revolution of the Third and Fourth Cominterns.  This was  "our triumphant march across the planet.  We have made the UN a weapon for our goals of seizing power over all kingdoms and nations." 

They certainly have.  In terms of Bezmenov's stages of subversion - this is 'the crisis'.

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Comments for "The CoVid Security State is Here to Stay "

JG said (April 27, 2020):

Viruses come and go but artificialy made and controlled viruses don't seem to go away until an agenda is achieved. If you notice the CDC rejects the idea of any cures for the Corona virus. They also predict when it will appear again. Also, mysteriously, this virus has spread almost evenly around the whole globe which defies the conventional science of how a virus spreads. We don't need a map to figure this one out.

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