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Dr. Shiva -- Pandemic a Globalist Ploy to Remove Trump

April 16, 2020

"Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is the most Electrifying, Articulate, Educated, Intelligent, and PATRIOTIC Lightning Rod to appear on the American Landscape in the last  244 Years.

I have NEVER been so impressed by the knowledge base and PASSION of a naturalized citizen of the United States who has demonstrated more courage and fortitude than a hundred Thomas Paines put together,  to step into the breech - at a time when American needs him most - and say what NEEDS to be said and DO what needs to be done!

This is an extraordinary and phenomenal individual who DESERVES your fullest attention more than any other voice on the internet. PLEASE listen to the astute brilliance of this man. There are few in the world who can match his mettle."   - Ken Adachi

Shiva Ayyadurai, 56, obtained a Ph.D. in biological engineering from MIT in systems biology. His thesis focused on modelling the whole cell by integrating molecular pathway models. He is running as a Republican for the Senate in Massachusetts. 

In this important video, he says:

1. China was robbing America blind: stealing its manufacturing base and intellectual property.
It was also running a huge trade surplus. Trump threatened to stop this. Ayyadurai says the pandemic is aimed at removing him and installing top-down Chinese style governance. Both WHO and the CDC are controlled by the vaccine industry and the Chinese government.

2. The coronavirus depends on a weakened immune system. The way of resisting it is by imbibing Vitamins A, D and C.  Of course, big pharma wants us to take a vaccine. Staying inside increases stress and deprives us of Vit D from the sun. "We live in an ecosystem of germs but our immune system can handle them."

3. Is Trump to blame?  Yes, for taking the advice of the lobbyists for big pharma, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. "He's surrounded by sharks."

4. "Unfortunately this guy Fauci has been in this environment for nearly four decades across multiple presidents and is essentially embedded in this scientific establishment which has created an unfortunate lie about the immune system and an unfortunate lie about the solution to this coronavirus or more importantly infectious disease without any real emphasis [on the] real issue ... that it is an overactive dysfunctional weakened immune system that overreacts and that's what causes damage to the body. And unfortunately Fauci has not talked about that because the truth of that leads to a solution which has nothing to do with mandating vaccines and shutting down the country." 

5. He says Fauci is "embedded in the Deep State." He was responsible for another big lie, that HIV was responsible for AIDS. Again, the problem was due to a weakened immune system. 
Fauci should be indicted for scientific crimes and fired. 

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Interview with Polish TV April 11 


Fauci v. Fauci: How America's infectious disease chief evolved his pandemic advice

First Comment (from the YouTube)

WILLIAM BROWN:  Spot on. I'm an anesthesiologist and have to check in with public health folks each day with their numbers. Anyone who dies regardless of the cause, who happen to incidentally be Covid positive, are being labelled as "Covid deaths". This is fact and it's happening on a massive national scale. Surprised that YouTube has not deleted your videos yet! Many others who are saying the same thing have had their videos deleted for not following the PC narrative. Many, many folks are finally getting a handle on what's going on and thank God for folks like you who are using their brain to actually think. Much of it is common sense but that's largely gone in our US population.

Charles Ortleb:
"A great deal of power in public health science is held by Anthony Fauci and other people involved with AIDS. I call it the Fauci Gallo Crime Syndicate. They have long arms. They want all scientists to think the way they think. They don't want their work on AIDS to have the rug pulled out from under it. Which is exactly what will happen when people realize that CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is just another manifestation of AIDS."  

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Comments for "Dr. Shiva -- Pandemic a Globalist Ploy to Remove Trump"

Tim N said (April 17, 2020):

How many times must we go over this? Trump IS a puppet in the swamp just like ALL the others and is just another actor playing his part in this. Gives Dr. Shiva much less credibility. Now more than ever...Shakespeare (who was really Henry Neville btw) was right.."All the world's a stage"

Scott said (April 16, 2020):

Of actual COVID-19 cases, it'd be interesting to know what percentage had flu shots and developed complications.

JG said (April 16, 2020):

Yes, I do believe that there is also a political agenda attached to the Corona 19 Project. If you notice the key Democrats in the Senate and Congress have been relatively silent on this whole catastrophe just standing by and watching the economy fall apart.

And, they still are trying to block almost every move President Trump is trying to make to get things back to normal.

The Democrats are acting more strange all the time. They are now giving their overwhelming support for Joe Biden whom very few Democrats supported during the debates. All the Democratic candidates, past and present, who were attacking him are now supporting him. I don't think Joe can even figure this one out himself. It's gotta scare him. The is just another party line vote dictated by by their silent unelected rulers who took over their party. I don't have to name them because we know who they are.

This George Soros has quite a crystal ball. Read his speech at the Davos Conference from last January in which he warned that 10 months was a long time before President Trump's reelection bid and that a lot could happen before that.
Well it sure did, didn't It?

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