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#Scamdemic = Third World Genocide

April 13, 2020

It is simply Satanism, to impose a 'lockdown' on any poor population, without giving them the means of economic survival to get through the days and weeks of deprivation. May God bring the world's poor their daily bread, and quickly end the rule of the global satanic cabal.

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by Brabantian

In the richer, developed world, the covid-19 coronavirus lockdown is often only inconvenient. Having food, a roof overhead, some savings or continuing income, many of us are ok even tho our activities are limited by law.

But in the developing world, in countries such as Uganda, India and Indonesia with little social safety net, the lockdown is catastrophic, and people are literally starving to death.

Even in wealthy Britain - where the social safety net is not comprehensive - some are going hungry. 

So just imagine what is happening in countries such as India, where people are starving to death, and being beaten by police as they try to find food. 

It is clearly a violation of human rights for any government to tell people to stay at home, without ensuring that household's supply of food and life's basics, including continuing housing.

Even if one accepts that there might be hundreds of thousands of dead from a 'virus pandemic', one must balance this against the thousands of dead and destroyed lives from the economic destruction of a lockdown.

British government internal documents, apparently suggest there may be 150,000 dead as a result of a long lockdown, with all its psychological and material harms, ranging from starvation to suicide - and thus many more than would likely be killed by the virus. 

Obviously the numbers of dead from lockdown-induced starvation and tragedy, would be multiples of that in the developed world, with millions of lives at risk.

Yet we have almost no developing world leader, speaking out against this insanity. Leaders of India and Indonesia, for example, barely hesitated to order starvation and death for their own people, in order to please international masters seeking their 'coronavirus cooperation'.

A rare exception is the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who has not only rejected the lockdown pressure, but talks openly of "elites manipulating the coronavirus crisis for their own benefit." Lukashenko asks, "Doesn't it seem to you that the powerful forces of the world would like to remake the world, without a war, through this 'corona psychosis'?" 

We also can note that, a few countries such as South Korea and Taiwan (and Sweden for a while), have taken some reasonable, limited virus-control steps, but do NOT shut down their economies ... they urge face masks, they quarantine the sick and track their contacts, but they quietly reject the destroy-the-economy insanity. Shops and workplaces and restaurants remain open. Tho these nations hesitate to openly denounce the globalist agendas, even whilst they practice a more sensible approach at home.

In general, no major national leader or institution, is willing to simply speak common sense for the global poor here. Across the board, we see a general moral bankruptcy, China and Russia also playing their roles in the lockdown hysteria.

Clearly the satanic cabal has its tentacles everywhere.

It is a standard rhetorical deception to over-emphasize one fact in an argument, and then pontificate something along the lines of, 'One dead person is too many' ... leading to advocacy of something that does much more damage to a society, including many more dead, dead whose tragedies are ignored in order to fulfil an agenda. You see this game on gun control, on migration, and now this.

The fact is, we often trade-off death counts for economic and life benefit ... tens of thousands of people dying in automobiles annually in many nations, is 'acceptable' given the benefit ... thousands of people die falling in home bathtubs every year, yet there is no outcry for 'banning bathtubs'.

The virus panic decision, is a straightforward if not cheerful question ... GIven a virus which appears to overall be 90% associated with the deaths of the already elderly or medically weak ... What is the justification for a draconian programme of economic and family destruction, and outright starvation of many, just to have somewhat fewer virus deaths of the vulnerable?

In the parts of the developing world where spiritual values are still held dear, you know something very clear there: Almost every elderly person, would gladly yield up their lives to a quicker passage to the afterlife, so their children and grand-children can have food, a home, and an education.

It is simply satanism, to impose a 'lockdown' on any poor population, without giving them the means of economic survival to get through the days and weeks of deprivation. May God bring the world's poor their daily bread, and quickly end the rule of the global satanic cabal.


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Comments for " #Scamdemic = Third World Genocide "

Rudy said (April 14, 2020):

It certainly is a high crime to deny people in poor countries the inability to provide for themselves and their families.

It is also disgusting to see professional politicians grovel over 1 tragic corona death as they send our troops to be physically and emotionally destroyed in worthless wars.

JG said (April 13, 2020):

Yes, this CHINESE FIRE DRILL has gone global now and the FED is predicting a possible series of "rolling lockdowns" through the end of 2021, barring a "miracle cure".

US Attorney General William Barr will be examining the "draconian restrictions" ordered by certain state governors and the constitutional authority of these governors to do so.
As far as I know President Trump HAS NOT suspended the US Constitution over this Corona Emergency nor does he intend to. The US Constitution has also NOT been suspended by the US Congress either. These are state issued decrees only.

The MSM doesn't want you to know this as they continue to attack state governors who are lenient on these "draconian restrictions". They are in the corner of the CDC and Big Pharma.

Al Thompson said (April 13, 2020):

Satanists are liars and that is the best way to detect and expose them as being complete wretches. They have no wisdom, virtue, goodness, and when they tell any truths they only do it to mask the lies. They are pathetic people. The morality and the immorality of any issue is what needs to be determined before any effective action is taken.

I agree, that this lockdown is a scam of biblical proportions. Anyone who advocates such a thing is a liar, a cheat, and a thug. They really don't care about anything other than their Satanic or Luciferian agenda. In my opinion, this whole charade is covering up the trafficking of men, women, and children. The best thing to do is to stay away from everything that is evil.
I don't have words foul enough to describe what I really think. Staying within the proper moral boundaries will always get a better result.

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