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Wesley Everest: "I'm Social Distancing from Silly People"

April 4, 2020


Under certain conditions, 
the coronavirus may be deadly, 
but the stupidvirus is deadlier.

Imagine if the Jews resisted
their own genocide? 
Imagine if we did.

Silly People Distancing 
by Wesley Everest 

I'm social distancing myself from silly people, talking on the phone or writing to people who believe this whole pandemic bullshit. When the person on the line expresses worry, I'll say, 

" I gotta hang up." 


"Because I am practicing social distancing from silly people. I'm afraid I'm going to catch your stupid." 

I'm glad they have the X's on the floor.  It's not virus that is contagious. It's stupidity.  I want to stay away from them, too.

Six feet is good.  It's preventing me from slapping some sense into them.

I'm changing the message on my phone. "I'm socially distancing my self from stupid people.  If you think this pandemic is real, don't ever contact me again.  I don't want to catch your stupid."

Or when I'm invited to another session of digital jail -Zoom or Skype - I'll say: 

"No thanks. I prefer genuine people. Floating digital replicas of your faces scare me. I demand real people to communicate with." 

The next time some idiot with purple gloves and mask on tries to tell me something, I'll pretend not to understand him and force him to take his mask off. 

I'm listening to my neighbor's garage across the street. There must be a half dozen folks smoking a bong. Good for them. 

I pedaled my bike today by the local hospital. Real quiet over there. 

The Mayor of Houston pleading with the criminal element to "take a break until this crisis is over" was pretty hilarious. If it's one thing criminals are afraid of, it's the flu. 

The Kaiser Permanente personnel in the hospital and clinics are not allowed to wear masks. The grocery clerk is threatened by a cloth bag. Chris Cuomo conveniently catches the bug.

Under certain conditions the coronavirus may be deadly, but the stupidvirus is deadlier.


Worldwide Deaths from January 1st-March 25th, 2020

Coronavirus, 21,297 deaths. 

Seasonal flu, 113,034.
Malaria, 228,095.
Suicide, 249,904.
Traffic fatalities, 313, 903 deaths.
HIV/AIDS, 390, 908 deaths.
Alcohol related deaths, 581, 598.
Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,481.
Cancer deaths, 1,909,804 deaths.
Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,324 deaths.
And death by abortion, 9,913,702.



Makow Comment-   What do you do if you're married to someone who believes the mass media? You don't get far calling them stupid. Your answers:
Will post anonymously. 

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Comments for "Wesley Everest: "I'm Social Distancing from Silly People""

Mike said (April 4, 2020):

I have a sister, Henry, that believes all this crap: the Iranian General needed to get droned, he was a terrorist. Assad was gassing babies ( while Bibi's IDF was actually using Palastenian kids for target practice, for REAL).

She will not even listen to the alternate, which is reality: Covid-19 is an Elitest's scam, and it's been planned for months, even years in advance, like every other false flag, to prepare the sheep for culling, then it's remnants for global Slavery.

This is to create civil unrest, anarchy, loss of hope.

These lockups from this virus pendenmic that is FAKE, but the riots in the streets, to follow this Summer, will be 100% real, and so will Martial law to follow it, with it's Orwellian totalitarian police state.

Believe me, then, you'll want to stay in your homes.

How many times can you "dupe idiots, " Henry, apparently, forever???

Robert K said (April 4, 2020):

I don't want to imply that Canadians have a particular bent toward stupidity, but anybody who thinks a government that can't fix a payroll system (Phoenix) in five years of "trying" is going to administer an unprecedented financial tiding-over scheme successfully has their mental bulb set low.

JJ said (April 4, 2020):

Women almost always go in the direction of the strongest male presence, the man who will take care of them, and at this time in our history that is our government and their social assistance programs. He told me not to debate women. He no longer speaks intelligently with them.

This is an extreme view but it makes perfect sense. At any rate, it should free up time.

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