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Encore- Coronavirus is Another Live Drill

May 12, 2020

There is no question that this is a simulation gone live, at least In the West. C'mon folks. They're telling you to your face! Pompeo referred to it as "a live exercise."  He refused to deny that it was a hoax!  They want us to know.  That's why Google relaxed its censorship. They want us to be complicit in our own enslavement.

Left   ---Colleen Smith MD - Virus spokesman is a simulation expert. They rebranded the common flu. Flu claims tens of thousands of lives every year. This is a simulation gone live.

Colleen Smith, M.D.. Associate Program Director, Elmhurst Academic Interests: SimulationMedical Education, Wellness. Academic Interests: Simulation ...
Missing: dr. â€Ž| Must include: dr.

Anatomy of a Pandemic 

from March 29
by Henry Makow PHD

9-11, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Aurora Co., San Bernardino, Orlando. We let them think they could get away with anything.

 Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth  demonstrates that the Coronavirus is a massive drill gone live, which if true, exposes the entire ruling class as liars and traitors.  
Last week The New York Times and ABC News  ran a terrifying story about the virus: 

"In a 24-hour period this week, over a dozen coronavirus patients died at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, as multiple medical workers inside the public hospital told ABC News they are overwhelmed, treating "hundreds of COVID-19 patients."

Colleen Smith, left, an emergency care physician at the hospital, described the area where the COVID-19 patients are being treated as "a parking lot of stretchers." As one emergency care physician told ABC News plainly, "this is ground zero." The city health department sent out a release on Tuesday, calling the 545-bed hospital in Elmhurst "the center of this crisis."

A sad commentary on the state of the press that no reporters thought to visit "the centre of the crisis."  This was left to a lowly youtuber, Jason Goodman who wandered around the building for 40 minutes and found it dormant. (See his video below this article.)

There were ten ambulances parked around but none coming or going. Crickets. 

No sign of the "refrigerated truck at Elmhurst Hospital to be used for holding deceased bodies." He spoke to some paramedics who were clearly following  a script. Doctors were tight lipped, afraid to say a word.  

You'd think that a time when the nation was supposed to "pull together"  people wouldn't act as though they would lose their jobs if they told the truth. 

Isn't that how Communism works? Throw everyone out of work. Then you don't have a job unless you parrot the party line. 

He points out that Coleen Smith is a simulation expert. Her claim that the hospital was running out of respirators was contradicted by the city hospital board, indicating they hadn't got the memo. He wonders why the ambulances are idle after Smith claimed the transfer of the 30 patients to other hospitals was "a bright spot in the long fight."

He questions why the NY Times filmed her in front of a restaurant called "A Taste of China." 


We are all engaged in a simulation because for Kabbalists, all life is a simulation of whatever their warped minds can conceive. They think they're God and saying makes it so. They define reality according to their interests. Their agenda is to enslave humanity...I think you can see where all this may be going.... 

We have been living in a Kabbalist simulation for quite some time. The world wars. The Cold War. The false flag terror and psyops. Erotomania. Watergate. Hollywood, TV and the music industry. 

We are at war with an invisible enemy, alright. They're our political and cultural "leaders." These include our defenders, like Trump. They're all in cahoots to bring Western society down.

 It's as though one part of society is punking the rest. 

The elite is willing to participate in this simulation no matter how destructive it is. 

If we entertain this occult perspective, then we're not going to bounce back. They are out to destroy us once and for all. 

I don't believe this. I believe this will be over by June and we'll return to our old ways, bruised but unbent. But it is a frightening thought. 

A friend emailed me: I don't think the quarantine will be lifted. It will just expand to include everybody, and get tighter and tighter. I get the feeling that this is just the start of the hard times. Whatever is closed will probably stay closed, and sports are finished. I'm sure I played my last hockey game.  At least that's the way I see it.

I don't want to believe this. I want to believe they'll call off the drill once they have achieved their short term goals. They won't be able to sustain this simulation after flu season ends. 

But what if the situation is only going to get worse. What if, this is the beginning of "the hard times?"

Thanks to Tom in Denmark for the Tip!

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Comments for "Encore- Coronavirus is Another Live Drill "

Robert K said (May 12, 2020):

I am disappointed by your terminology, visualizing how "we" might "bounce back". We live in a money economy, in which loans (financial credit) are licences to act, governing all non-voluntary aspects of human initiative.

Having surrendered our control over the issue of money to a financial monopoly ultimately controlled by an international hierarchy, there is no way we could "bounce back" to previous conditions without this being authorized by the Money Power, and this power is clearly backing the COVID-19 coup.

The only thing ordinary people could do in the way of having an economy would be to resort to barter, which, believe me, would not constitute even a shadow of what we have been capable of (controlled though it be) with bankers' credit. All opinion that disregards this underlying reality is insignificant.

JG said (May 12, 2020):

I'm proud to say in just a few weeks since this article was written Americans are waking up to this "false flag medical terror campaign" a lot faster than I thought they would.

Once the money runs out the brain goes to work and this is what has happened. The people realize that they have gone from "boiling frogs" to "frozen frogs" overnight without any judicial due process. A lot of these governor's orders to their state residents are illegal and many of the state police are not enforcing them. People are going back to their businesses to reopen with or without their state governor's approval. The barber in Michigan who opened up his shop last week won his court case to stay open yesterday.

The airlines are not recognizing social distancing and Telsa is also defying some of the State of California's bogus decrees. Telsa has no plans to go bankrupt over this and neither does the rest of the auto industry.

Even if there is another outbreak of this "virus" I don't think they'll be voluntarily returning to their rooms this time.

Tony B said (March 29, 2020):

There is good reason to believe that the collapsing debt-at-usury-instead-of-money criminal exchange medium is the true reason behind this phony "pandemic."

Regardless of the reason, it is being done by the usual satanic rulers of the world using their armies of dupes and want-a-bes..

It is a direct affront to God's law, negating His insistence on mankind having FREE WILL, which every last believer in God needs to refuse cooperation with in every possible way as it amounts to satanic imprisonment of mankind, worldwide.

One could call it a positive sign of the arrival of the "end times" as believed in by Christians.

Dr J said (March 29, 2020):

Thanks again for telling the truth of the matter.

Once upon a time many years ago most medical doctors were self-employed.

But during the past 50 years that situation change. Now, most are employees.

The public needs to know that most all of the medical doctors will go along with the hoax because if they refuse they will lose their job.

JJ said (March 29, 2020):

I'm stunned at how many people actually watch CNN and other MSM outlets. They will believe anything. This is the problem though.

Everyone of these people has something in their life that they don't want to face, a lie they want to perpetuate. It could be "smoking is not bad for your health" or "black-on-black violence is not a problem" or "women can work as hard as men" or "abortion is not wrong". These people can't bear to watch truth. They cocoon themselves from truth.

As a result they believe all lies. This becomes an issue when they are confronted with one truth. Where will it end if they allow that one truth to enter their mind?

I can't stand to watch CNN because I'm hit with so many lies in the first minute, my head is spinning. And it's not just the news. It's the news anchors. Their lives are a lie. But to those who want to live in darkness, CNN is comforting, and those news anchors are friends.

This information about more lies of the media is absolutely non-disturbing to most people.

Zack said (March 29, 2020):

This is the moon landing hoax of our generation

Just like the moon landing psy-op prepared the way for future false flags this covid 19 hoax will give Illuminati rulers confidence that the public will accept even more brazen false flag deceptions in the future.

I sincerely believe that they are also using this virus as an excuse to remove Trump from power. He is just too much of a loose canon even though his daughter is married to a zionist. They allowed Trump to be elected because the Illuminati cabal thought they could control him but what has happened instead is that his rule has solidified and indirectly promoted a future generation of white nationalists like Nick Fuentes for example.

Trump has made white masculinity cool again. And if there is one thing the kabbalah occultists hate its white men who are in touch with their masculinity and refuse to bow down to social Marxism and other talmudic teachings.

Bonne said (March 29, 2020):

From Oklahoma, excerpt-

The emergency room was completely empty; my husband was the only one there. The other clinic nearby the hospital was showing the same vacant parking areas.

Saturday afternoon the mayor of said larger city announced a state of emergency, shutting down all non-essential businesses and ordering their citizens to shelter-in-place.

Why? There is NOTHING happening! There are no reported cases in this area. My husband was informed that they are only testing folks with ALL the symptoms and are over the age of 65. He was told that even if he has all the symptoms, they would not test him due to his age (59.)

It is so nice to see that there are people out there who are seeing this as the “non-event” that it appears to be. Too many people are unquestionably accepting this without investigating for themselves, and that can only lead to trouble. The pigs have taken over and have been making subtle changes for years, but the rest of the barnyard is awakening to their intentions. Thank you for being willing to go against the grain and post articles questioning this narrative.

WILLIAN D said (March 29, 2020):

I believe you are correct about the hoopla surrounding this virus. It's hard to believe we were the country who defeated the British to found the US and the Nazi regime in WWII. We are left with a generation who marches lockstep with our politically correct leaders.

ML said (March 29, 2020):

Thank you for informing the world. Not sure we can beat this one back or that it will end well. How could they ever recover from it, or try it again, if they are exposed now? They may have to play it through to the end. There are so many out there who are FIRMLY in their camp. To bring these people up to speed now is quite a task, if they haven't been following you along the way.

Andrew said (March 29, 2020):

Let us recognize that it's our duty to ensure this crisis (DOES NOT BECOME A Jacobin or Bolshevik REIGN OF TERROR) and is used to advance positive reforms in America, rather than passively allow the QUIET ELITE to gaslight us into accepting a dictatorship.

If you yell FIRE in a crowded theater and kill people stampeding out to safety YOU ARE GUILTY OF CRIMINAL ASSAULT.

So let's hold the guilty CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE.

REMEMBER Anthony Fauci worked last October with The Gates Foundation to script this Live Drill (or Pompeo's EXERCISE). See Bill Gates -- Vaccine not Virus Will Cull Humanity, March 22, 2020

AND they missed a step.

(1) DISARM everyone so you can confiscate private property, impoverish the common people (except Jacobins, Bolsheviks, etc.) SO AS TO impose dictatorial mandates on frightened OBEDIENT CHILDREN.

NEXT throw everyone out of work and WAIT 30 DAYS.

Then you don't have a job,,, etc...

James C said (March 29, 2020):

A thought just occurred to me: What better way to round up all the dissidents than a national lock down? Tell everyone they cannot leave their houses, cut the electricity somehow, then go to the addresses of the dissidents, pick them up, and take them to the FEMA camps.


Yes, say they are sick.

MB said (March 29, 2020):

You're bored? Man, you have been at this for far too long! Hahaha

This is an epic deception. The only questing at this point is, how epic?

I think 'drill' is the wrong way of looking at this. The next 9/11 would be a better comparison, as "Order out of chaos" is the maxim of our occult technocratic overlords. This coronavirus is being used to advance the next phase of their plan for world domination. Exactly what this is will become clearer once the dust has settled. That could be as early as May as you predict, or a lot later. But life will never be the same again. A currencies are being devalued by this, and we could lose even more rights and freedoms moving forward.

It seems increasingly possible we are moving toward a mark of the beast universal chip scenario in the coming decade, or decades:

As the bible says, "The more sin abounds the greater grace abounds" as a counter to this. So, it's important we always remember God is with us no matter how hard times get.

God Bless

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at