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David Horowitz- Virus Is a War on Christians

May 29, 2020


Abortion clinic and strip parlors stay open while churches are shuttered. The Covid Hoax must be seen in the context of an ongoing Cabalist (Satanist) war against Christianity.
Interestingly, I am not the only assimilated Jew who takes the side of Christianity. David Horowitz sounded the alarm in 2019 in Dark Agenda, before the Covid Hoax hit. The following is from a recent promotional blast that links the book's message to the virus.

David Horowitz- "I am a Jew, but I know these are especially dangerous times for Christians. The war on the virus has become a war on Christians.

Let me explain. The draconian powers of government have been deployed against Christians, their churches, and their faithful during this pandemic.
It is nothing less than a dry run of government-controlled persecution of Christians. And the little pushback these people faced as they trampled over constitutional freedoms is a dangerous omen. "  

For "Left"  read Organized Jewry & Freemasonry = Cabalism & Communism. Horowitz is a Zionist, part of the Left (Communist) Right (Zionist) Masonic political charade. So when he says "Left" he doesn't say Cabalist Jews since he belongs to the other wing.   

by Bill Muehlenberg 
(abridged by

Back in the late 60s while still in my days of rage and rebellion, I religiously read underground newspapers and hard left magazines. Ramparts was one of those, edited by David Horowitz, a key figure in the New Left. 

The Jewish intellectual was a leading Marxist writer during those days, and I savoured his every word.

But a few changes have happened since then. I became a Christian in 1971. I left my radicalism behind and became, over time, much more conservative in my political and social views. Surprisingly, Horowitz also rejected his leftism and became a leading conservative thinker. However, he did not convert to Christianity, and he still calls himself an agnostic.

But his intellectual turnaround was remarkable, and recorded in various books, including the 1989 volume, Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About the '60s. His 2003 volume Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey also records his ideological pilgrimage. See my review here. 

He has written dozens of excellent books since his turnaround, and his newest is no exception. And consider its subtitle: "The War to Destroy Christian America". Not bad for a Jewish ex-Marxist who is a declared agnostic. Indeed, this is an impassioned defence of America's Christian roots, and a crucial look at the Left's war against both America and Christianity.

As he says early on in the book, "Since its birth in the fires of the French Revolution, the political left has been at war with religion, and with the Christian religion in particular." He quotes well-known leftists like Bill Maher who once said, "Religion must die in order for mankind to live." ...

The left is seeking to eradicate every last trace of religion in American public life. Horowitz looks at some famous cases involving religious liberty, such as Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Wallace v. Jaffree (1985). He notes how liberal justices and textbook publishers have been rewriting history - even censoring it.

At the same time that they are purging Christianity from the public arena, they are promoting all things Islamic. Why? Because of the left's hatred of Christian truths which were foundational to the American Republic. "On their hatred of Christianity and contempt for the Constitution, both the left and political Islam agree."

He looks at some of the flashpoints today in this ongoing war against the nation and its faith, such as abortion and homosexuality. As to the former, Horowitz reminds us that the "idea that people are 'trapped' in roles that 'society' imposes on them - like marriage and motherhood - is Marxist in origin."

It sure is. Indeed, to understand the Democratic Party today, one must understand the stranglehold of Marxist ideology on the left over the past half century. For example, the war on biological sex being pushed today has its roots in the late 60s and early 70s.

At the same time Roe v. Wade was being decided, the push was on for the Equal Rights Amendment. "Written by feminists, the proposed amendment would have erased all legal distinctions between men and women." While that particular attempt at radicalism failed, it is being made up for by the gender-bender radicals of today. He writes:

"The radical assaults on Christian values and morality did not let up, nor did their defeats cause radicals to rethink their maximalist demands. The passion that galvanized the left was not about changing particular laws and institutions or solving specific social problems. It was about changing the world."

 His chapter on homosexuality offers us more of the same: the war on America and the war on America's God. Fifty years ago the Stonewall riots in New York really launched the radical homosexual rights movement. Newly formed groups like the Gay Liberation Front were out to remake society. "It was another grandiose leftist plan to reshape society and remake the world."

The sexual radicals were fully determined to do away with all sexual norms and Christian values. They sought far more than mere tolerance and respect - they demanded a whole new social order, one that was built on the ashes of the Christian West.

Indeed, Horowitz notes how the three main centres of the AIDS epidemic back then were all areas controlled by the Democratic Party: San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. And the Democrats even supported the activists in blocking proper public health policy.

AIDS became the nation's first politically protected disease, as sensible measures to contain the epidemic were all resisted by homosexuals and their Democrat allies. In fact, keeping the infamous bath houses open was simply because they were "symbols of the revolution".

He of course has a detailed chapter on the Obama years and all the carnage he caused. As a faithful student of Saul Alinsky, Obama knew exactly what he was doing as he sought to completely transform America. Obama was raised by Communists and spent his entire life on the radical left.

And under his patronage the Democratic Party veered even further to the left with anti-God and anti-Christian policies, even eliminating the word "God" from its official platform. By the time of the 2012 Democratic Convention, God was even booed by the delegates - three times no less.

Today religious freedom is under threat in America like never before. But to wage war on religion is to wage war on America itself. As Horowitz explains:

"Religious liberty is America's first freedom and the foundation of all American freedoms. It's the reason America's settlers and founders came to these shores and why they set up America's system of unalienable rights. Freedom of conscience, derived from "the priesthood of all believers," is the cornerstone of American pluralism, making possible the diversity of America's communities, their equality under the law, and their ability to peacefully coexist.

But today all that is under attack by leftist identity politics, an "anti-American ideology and a sanitized name for cultural Marxism.". Jefferson has been replaced by Marx, leading to a new civil war - a cultural, ideological, political and untimely religious war. The current crop of hyper-left Democratic contenders for the 2020 election is just one indication of all this....


Yes, abortion was a big killer in Christian America but also was a deadly blow to the civilized world as well. The Supreme Court Justices of the United States who voted in favor of it died with a lot of blood on their hands. And, the justices who still uphold it today have lost all sense of right and wrong as they continue to legislate the legalization of every act against God and nature that they can think of. 

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant Ethic that prevailed in America was overthrown thanks to people like Dr. Horowitz, and, even though he may have a "change of heart" about things these days the damage that was caused by the Anti WASP cultural revolution of the late 60's and early 70's is still present and is a major contributor to the moral decay that exists in America today.

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Comments for "David Horowitz- Virus Is a War on Christians"

AC (Australia) said (May 30, 2020):

David Horowitz is an interesting person. This guy was so far to the left and both his parents were CPUSA members.

He has indeed come a long way from those days. Voting for Reagan in 1984 completed his decade long transition to Conservatism. His website Discover The Networks is a good source of information. He exposes that your favorite Hollywood Celebrities and other Political and Media Personalities who you were just as Patriotic as The Founding Fathers, turned out to be just as leftist as Fidel Castro or even more left than him.

He his right about the attack on Christianity. He was one of the few people interviewed by Joel Gilbert in There's No place Like Utopia. In that film, Gilbert films old abandoned Catholic and Protestant Churches being turned into Islamic Mosques. Speaking of Gilbert. I believe that he was right about Frank Marshall Davis being his real Father. I never truly understood what a total destructive force Obama really was.

But there is a Paradox to Horowitz. He is mainly a Neo Con at best. He obviously supported The Bush Doctrine of Never Ending Wars. During 2008, Horowitz was extremely critical of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy. Horowitz took Ron Paul's message of ending Foreign Wars in The Middle East and elsewhere as appeasing Islamo Fascism.

Ryan said (May 29, 2020):

I used to like David Horowitz, but, I was just banned for life from his FrontpageMag website, for criticizing Jewish globalist bankers.

He’s right about the War on Christianity, but if his website is censoring Christian viewports, whose side is he on?

It’s pretty interesting he decries totalitarianism, while his own website practices it.

Also was blocked on Daily Wire, Facebook, Twitter, City Journal, and the Gateway Pundit, all of whom publicly proclaim they believe in free speech.



He's a Zionist - part of the Illuminati dialectic

which is why he doesn't identify the Left as Jewish controlled.


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