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The Creepy Christian Cabal that Controls the World 

May 25, 2020

Eisenhower reluctantly agrees to come to first National Prayer Breakfast in 1953, envisioned by Vereide as annual ritual to consecrate the nation's political leadership for Jesus. Attended by every president since, the breakfast will become the movement's most potent recruiting tool, with foreign leaders invited for face time with US politicians and businessmen. Oil and defense especially well represented.

Recently the Jews at Netflix did an expose of "The Family" - the secret Christian fundamentalist conspiracy running the world. Do they counterbalance Jewish power? Not exactly. They take the heat off the Commie Jews who still resent the competition. But they're part of the familiar Left-Right Illuminati (Masonic) dialectic. Their goal is the same: a neo-feudal world order where billionaire Satanists (many in Trump's Cabinet) exploit starving, vaccinated, fluoridated sheeple. If these "Christian" Masons think they will have a seat at the Cabalist Jewish table, they may be in for a surprise. 

by Howard Ratcliffe
(excerpts by

"The men who understood the true meaning of the New Covenant best were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung" Doug Coe leader of "The Family" whose initiates include Mike Pence, Dr Ben Carson, Dan Coats, Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVoss, Billy, Franklin Graham and "Cells" of Congressmen, Senators, Judges, Businessmen. 

Jesus said "Love God," "Love Your Neighbor." The Family, aka, The Fellowship was started by Methodist Minister Abram Vereide and was later run by Doug Coe with the purpose of setting up "cells", small groups of power brokers in the US and abroad... 

 There are hundreds of "cells" of "the family" in foreign nations. In the US Government, members include US Senators Strom Thurmond, Mark Pryor, Mark Hatfield, John Ensign, Tom Coburn, Sam Brownback, Charles Grassley, Jim DeMint, Lindsey Graham, Conrad Burns, James Inhofe, John Thune, Pete Domenici, Bill Nelson, Don Nickles, Mike Enzi, Rick Santorum, John Kerry, Al Gore (Gore is on record stating Doug Coe "is my personal hero."), Hillary Clinton. 

33 degree Luciferian Freemason, Watergate felon and head of "Prison Fellowship" (Privatizing US prison system) Charles W. Colson, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Ronald Reagan's Attorney General Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan, 33 degree Mason George H.W. "Magog" Bush, Bush Sr's Secretary of State James Baker III (Carlyle Group Lawyer), 33 degree Mason Bill Clinton, Karl Rove, George W. Bush's Attorney General John Ashcroft and Atty Gen Alberto Gonzales, George W. "Gog" Bush, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Obama National Security Advisor Marine Corps General James Jones.

("Most of my friends are bad people"-Doug Coe, left. Is Coe short for Cohen?)

Doug Coe's 'international bad friends' have included "the most corrupt leader in modern history" Suharto (Indonesia), CIA sponsored war criminal Gustavo Álvarez Martínez (Honduras), CIA 'dirty wars' mass torturer and murderer General Carlos Eugenios Vides Casanova (El Salvador), extrajudicial killer, kidnapper and torturer Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea), indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir (Sudan), child soldier commander Joseph Kabila (Congo), Pentagon trained war criminal Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Kagame ally and child soldier employer Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) and killer par excellence Mohamed Siad Barre whom Coe facilitated (together with Charles Grassley) receiving the American weaponry Barre used to 'wreak a biblical terror on his own nation' (Somalia)

Abraham Vereide, left, started the first "Prayer Breakfasts" in 1935 with Jesuit Fr Heinrich Himmler SJ, spiritual inspiration of the Nazi Party, founded on the philosophy of "Theosophy". Vereide became "Spiritual Adviser" to 33 degree Luciferian Mason Prince Bernhardt who founded the Bilderberg Steering Group and was the Spiritual Adviser to 33 degree Mason Harry Truman's Chaplain John Magee. 

Sovereign means "No higher rank." Sovereign Luciferian 33 degree Masons GHW Bush, Henry Kissinger, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Zbigniew Brzezinski are current members. 

Doug Coe became Vereide's "First Brother" and headed "The Family" until his death in 2017. He was mentored in bible memorization and delivery by 33 degree Luciferian Mason Billy Graham. He was called the "Stealth Billy Graham". 

Billy's son Franklin gave the Benediction for Donald Trump, essentially a "Call to Arms for Christ"; Adulteress, Pentecostal, Prosperity preacher Paula White, left, gave Trump's Invocation and serves as Trump's Spiritual Adviser. 

Doug Coe teaches "Normal rules don't apply to the New Chosen Brothers of the Family." The same Calvinist based doctrine can be found in 33 degree Mason Aleister Crowley's "Thelema" doctrine "Do what thou wilt". 

"The Family" is self described as a "Christian Mafia immune from public scrutiny" which has the same meaning as MAFIA "Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison". 

33 degree Mason, Jesuit, Witch, Vatican Revolutionary (Note the HBO Series "Young Pope" advocates the religion of "Revolution") Guiseppe Mazzini started the MAFIA in America after the Civil War with Confederate 33 degree Mason, Hedonist Albert Pike whose statue stands at the foot of the US Justice Dept....

Doug Coe said: "I never invite people, they come to me and I do what Jesus did, I don't turn my back on anyone, the bible is full of mass murderers."

 "Jesus is like Ho Chi Minh, Lenin or Bin Laden, men who change the world through strength of covenants forged with their Brothers." 

"Jesus teachings were like the Red Guard during the Chinese Cultural Revolution who would take their Mothers and Fathers, lay them on a table with a basket at one end, take an ax and chop their heads off to fill their covenant pledge." 

The 2017 National Prayer Breakfast claims Trump VP Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats as initiates. ....
Thanks to Lorie for the Tip!

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First Comment from NN

Veteran researcher Constance Cumbey looked into The Family and found its leaders were the usual suspects all with occult pedigrees. The Family is not Christian. It's a sucker NWO front like Masonry. Cumbey actually praised Sharlett's work, but said he didn't go far enough. I'd add the reason why: he's a leftie. The Family is the Left's love-to-hate conspiracy theory. It has to be Christian. The left wants a foil, yet won't battle satanism, aka "diversity." If it did a unified America would sweep DC clean in one decade.

The idea that Christians will take DC is laughable but lefties need an imminent threat -- how else grab power for oneself? -- and want badly for it to be Christian. You'll never hear the separation of church and state trope tossed at Chabad Jews, satanists, Masons, Opus Dei, Jesuits, Muslims, Mormons, Knights of Malta, Scientologists, Bohemian Grove worshippers, or OTO celebs. The unifying principle of all these cults is political world conquest eschatology. 

Picking one, whole floors of the US State Department are Chabad Jews while the Supreme Court is as Jewish as Bill Gates. Where's diversity when you need it? Trump is Masonic and Chabad, if secretly. He defers to Jared, openly Chabad, saying nothing of Bibi. 

Yet the left sees Trump as a Christian threat. Lefties are so silly a person could laugh if the stakes weren't so high. Cults work eschaton plots as the left gives Christians the rap and the hate. All Christians do is wait for Christ to return.

The Family is simple to get. Recall Carolyn Hamlett's mom was assigned to infiltrate churches. Communists sent agents through Catholic and Orthodox seminaries. They are now cardinals and bishops and popes. Mormons (cloaked Masons) have long been useful idiots and order followers staffing FBI and CIA. 

The Family is the DC capture op for evangelicals. It's designed precisely so they will not hold power, but sit in a hopium crack house. The Family also gives the left its 10-minutes Orwell hate. So it's a two-fer, diverting right and left from real plots. JBS was a similar honeypot. Even its best believers now see through it. QAnon is JBS for this generation. Lefties showboat Q as a threat on their endless "right wing watch" omitting  actual cults running DC today. Some Q actually identifies, but the left is willfully blind with hatred for Christians. Both sides get played.

D writes:

"Doug Coe teaches, "Normal rules don't apply to the New Chosen Brothers of the Family." The same Calvinist based doctrine can be found in 33 degree Mason Aleister Crowley's "Thelema" doctrine "Do what thou wilt".

I thought I was the only one who understood this.  This doctrine (Calvinism) is the foundation of EC and  by default it teaches "Do as thou wilt" because of their belief that a person is saved by grace alone, no works required! Just say a Jesus prayer... and Voila! Your ticket to heaven is signed, sealed and delivered. Those who say the prayer are all "chosen".    And we wonder why there is very little spiritual transformation in EC.  The Family is a mirror of the Evangelical Christianity I grew up in.  It's all creepy and a very dangerous mind control death cult.  Very few get out!

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Comments for "The Creepy Christian Cabal that Controls the World "

Rudy said (May 27, 2020):

Anyone can read the 4 gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to learn what Jesus was claiming to be. Throw in Galatians where Paul declares that Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises made to Abram, whom God renamed Abraham.

Henry is correct to say that the glue that holds this cabal together is the mysticism of Cabala. Just had a online bible study last night where someone touted what a great guy Pompeio the Secretary of State is because he quoted verses with conviction. He is up to his eyeballs in Middle East intrigues.

Ludvik said (May 26, 2020):

Interesting article Henry !! But in my opinion, this looks like a diversion / muddying the water- cover up , for the real world controllers- The Jewish Cabala & mafia !! Remember Kissinger /Jew/ -Said in 70’s to control people- control food , to control Nations-control energy , to control the world- control the MONEY !!! Who controls world money ??? Rothschild banks – except 2 , all of world banks are under his control, even Russia & China – he is no Christian !! You also should know( I am sure you DO ) the Christian Church was taken over by Jews, during the 2nd council of Rome in 62-64, following mass reforms ,which are ongoing- look at Francis – great example !!! Good example is a present world lock down-direct attack on humanity , to convert it to modern slavery !! This is a 2nd step , after 9-11 , with profound change to the world again !!


Thanks Ludvik

I said this but it is still important to understand the right.


JG said (May 26, 2020):

What a shocker! It's all laid out here. Everything you wanted to know about who's running the world but was afraid to ask. From Mao Tse Tung to Don Nichols (not Rickles).
Everyone is a member of a secret society "mafia" here.
I really didn't know how you could have so many conspirators in one place.
Has our counter intelligence dept been out to lunch on this one?
Something has to be done before the dish runs away from the spoon.

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