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May 15, 2020


(Hoaxer in Chief, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti)

LA Update - People Ignoring Lockdown 

by Mike Stone

Are people tolerating it? Yes and no. They're wearing their masks, but more and more people seem to be realizing how stupid it is. Where I live it is approximately 45% Asian, 45% Hispanic, 7% black and 3% white.

Three weeks ago all the parking lots and streets were empty. Now I see people on the street and the parking lots are all full. Strip mall parking lots, holding 50-70 cars all full. Office building parking lots all full. Basically, people have quietly reopened their businesses. They're not bragging about it or flaunting it, but the cars tell the story.

Want a haircut? Call the shop or knock discreetly on the door. Convince them you're not a cop, and then come around to the back door. Want your nails done? Same thing. It's like a big joke and the only one not in on it is the stupid mayor.

The only thing I'm not seeing are kids. They seem to all be locked up at home.

The end game looks to be mandatory testing, tracing and vaccines. When that starts, I'm leaving. I just don't know where. Right now I'm going through my stuff and tossing everything that's not essential.

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