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Molecular Geneticist Debunks COVID-19 Narrative

May 12, 2020

Must See - Molecular Geneticist & Science Advisor, Professor Dolores Cahill,
Debunks COVID-19 Narrative. This is not about the flu.

Doctors and scientists are saying that COVID-19 has a .1 or .2 mortality rate comparing it to regular seasonal flu.

Here's the summary of the interview. Thank you Frank for sending it.

SARS has been around since 2003 and reappears every 3 to 4 years and nearly everyone in the world has antibodies to coronavirus and COVID-19.

People with cystic fibrosis and underling conditions could have used Vit C,D and Zinc early on to boost immune system and prevent severe reaction to virus.

CDC studies found CV-19 peaked on March 22 and people had the virus 10 days earlier on 10th of March, cleared virus and the virus is gone. Results were presented on the 12th and 17th of April.

The lock down is totally unnecessary.

Healthy people have never been put in quarantine in all of history.
Social distancing and isolation for healthy people is preventing herd immunity.

People who are showing symptoms should stay home for a week and create immunity to virus
Governments can't prevent the spread of flu which come and go within 3 weeks and actually help boost immune system.

If you boost your immune system there will be no second spike.

There is no vaccine for coronavirus virus which makes up COVID-19 because when test animals received vaccines they were fine but when they came across the coronavirus they were severely affected and many died due to viral interference, this was confirmed with US Army soldiers given test vaccines and creating the same cytokine storm causing severe reactions

There isn't one vaccine of this type of virus on the vaccine schedule.

Once you have had the virus, your body clears it and you are immune for life and you are NO longer a case.

Viruses mutate and chase up time is a year or so to make vaccines, many not safety tested and include toxic adjutants mercury aluminium and human DNA.

Vitamin C, D and Zinc will boost immune system.

Hydroxychloroquine is proven effective for those severally effected at 10 cents a pill and NO vaccine is necessary

Deaths were preventable if people were told how to boost immune system
Says this SARS virus has been around for 17 years. CV-19 is related to SARS.

Healthy people should not wear masks. Wearing masks decreases the immune system with latent viruses in the body

Viruses don't spread from person to person except for TB, small pox and Ebola but from surfaces like door handles - social distancing is not necessary

There was financial gains made with World Bank Pandemic Bonds that there needed to be a pandemic before March 31 for pay out to occur.

There are hundreds of thousands of viruses circulating in our bodies all the time, no need for government immunity passports. We need the viruses to keep immune system healthy.

We need to call out the hoax.

Irish government and media not working for the best interests of Irish people

The discussion points out lockdown has made things much worse and this is about control. Need for growing food and not depending on other countries.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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