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Front Liner: Coronavirus Only Fatal for the Aged & Sick

May 1, 2020

(left, not Arnold)

Arnold is a cook at an old-age home in Ontario. 80% of Canada's "covid 19 fatalities" are occupants of these facilities. (In Italy, the average age of covid deaths is 80. All have other maladies.)

On Thursday Arnold was diagnosed with the coronavirus. 

Arnold has welcomed the much-needed break. 

Below are excerpts from his emails, with the most recent first.  

Arnold, a man with first-hand contact with the epidemic says:

"I see people posting online about how there is no virus and it's all made up. That is complete nonsense.  There really is a virus, and it is killing a small number of those who get infected, similar to the flu.  It doesn't justify the senseless measure taken by most governments around the world, but it's not made up." 

Makow comment- This is a scandal that politicians, media and medicine will never outlive. They have been discredited forever as collaborators in a macabre scheme to sicken and enslave society. They are deliberately exaggerating the danger.


Thursday---I'm totally fine, I feel nothing unusual at all.  As was mentioned in the studies I sent you a while back, 50-80% of those infected are asymptomatic.  I'm one of them.

50% to 80% of test-positive individuals remain symptom-free. Even among the 70 to 79 year old persons about 60% remain symptom-free, many more show only mild symptoms.

I'm not terribly concerned about my kids catching it, the virus rarely makes kids sick at all.  My wife could potentially get sick but she seems to have a strong immune system anyway.  I think we will be fine, and there is no use in sitting around and worrying anyway.  There is a good chance they are already infected.

I definitely need some kind of break after the last month, and even worse the last week.

Someone told me they saw my workplace in the news yesterday morning, the death count was up to 16 out of 64 residents.  Hopefully that's the end of the deaths, but we will have to wait and see.  

As for how this compares to the flu, we had a flu outbreak a few years ago and 10 residents died.  That year the flu shot (which I don't take) appeared not to work at all.  This is a small sample size, but if this is any indication it might be worse, but not drastically.  The only really unique thing about coronavirus is how easily it spreads. -------------

Wednesday -A lot happened in the last couple days.  First, we had a number of sick residents (all now confirmed to have the coronavirus) for about 3 weeks but they were doing alright; one died but he was almost dead before getting sick anyway.  Then another, then one who was previously in decent health (nursing home residents include those with trouble caring for themselves, not just the terminally ill), and now there are more than 10 deaths.

All the residents out of more than 60 are infected except for a few who seem to be immune.  Also about half of the staff that were still working are infected, although none are seriously ill or dying.  This is a virus that only appears to be dangerous to the elderly and those with certain health conditions.

I see people posting online about how there is no virus and it's all made up. That is complete nonsense.  There really is a virus, and it is killing a small number of those who get infected, similar to the flu.  It doesn't justify the senseless measure taken by most governments around the world, but it's not made up.  The last time we had a flu outbreak it was a similar situation, except we weren't as short-staffed because the government and media didn't run a fear mongering campaign and shut down the country.  Nursing homes often have more part time employees than full time, and in Ontario we have been prevented from working in more than one home which obviously created a shortage of workers in many places.

Got tested. So it turns out that I have the coronavirus, I just have no symptoms.  It doesn't surprise me at all, I would have been surprised if I wasn't infected.  I was surrounded by people who were infected and on top of that there are several studies showing that 50% or more of those infected have no symptoms.  I'm stuck at home for another 11 days (14 after the date of the test) but it's not too bad, as much as I would like to help the residents, I'm glad to be away from work right now because the place is a disaster.  I'm totally burnt out, and we have a serious shortage of staff in all departments.  Fortunately the government has sent us workers from elsewhere to help out and the military might even be coming in.  Due to a lack of planning and inadequate response to the situation, the system has fallen apart.

Here's an article that gives you an idea of the conditions in some nursing homes. 

All this talk about vaccines is concerning. Trudeau says we can't go back to normal life until there is a vaccine.  They want to use this as an excuse for a totalitarian society and then poison us.


Tuesday--    I know 3 people who are sick but the symptoms aren't anything too severe.  I can give you a quick breakdown, but maybe it would be more useful if it was someone seriously ill.

One had a fever and sever fatigue for a few days, felt better within a week.  Another is coughing a lot and lungs feel irritated but nothing severe, fine otherwise.  It's been just over a week so far and gradually getting better.  A third started off with coughing, that calmed down but then had a fever sore throat, and runny nose but again symptoms are improving in under a week.  There are others I haven't spoken to, but I don't really feel comfortable asking people who I don't know so well for too much details.

The symptoms as described in non-hysterical medical sources are accurate.  It varies from person to person, very few are severe, many are asymptomatic.  The biggest concern here is how it spreads so fast, I'm not sure there is any other virus like that but fortunately this one isn't really that dangerous.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if this was made in a lab, in China or elsewhere.  Have you seen this?


Saturday---I have some personal experiences to share, but first you need to see this:

WHO says no evidence of Covid-19 immunity from antibodies. The World Health Organization is warning that people who have had Covid-19 are not necessarily immune by the presence of antibodies from getting the virus again. 

The WHO is trying to pull some shit right now; we just don't know what.  This defies all logic, and if antibodies provide no immunity then no vaccine will work either.  The only way you recover from a viral infection in the first place is from your body's own antibodies killing it off.  If they try to turn around and say this means we need a vaccine then they are playing us for fools, because on the contrary it would mean that this is simply a disease that we have no choice but to live with because nothing will give us immunity.  But apparently I'm immune...

There is something going on between the WHO, China, and Bill Gates.  I don't know what exactly, but it is clear that they are all working together and I trust none of them.

Next thing, at the nursing home where I work, over 90% of residents are now confirmed to have the coronavirus.  3 have died so far, one was in decent shape and not about to die before getting infected.  However, as I mentioned before, we had a flu outbreak a few years back and 10 people died within weeks.  We can only wait and see what happens, maybe this virus kills more slowly, but so far they aren't dying off fast.  We can only hope it continues so.

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Comments for "Front Liner: Coronavirus Only Fatal for the Aged & Sick"

FP said (May 2, 2020):

Arnold is a Master Chef!

I quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : - “Der Meister zeigt sich in der Beschränkung”.

Best English translation I could think of would be : “The master is revealed in his self restriction”.

(Any improvement from your readers would be much appreciated)

Arnold laid open the obvious.
He summed up with a few profound statements what the truth behind the scam is all about.

Thank you Arnold and Henry for sharing this article.

JG said (May 1, 2020):

Whatever this sickness is nothing has had a political agenda attached to it like Corona 19 does.

I don't trust the numbers or the nature of this sickness as described or prescribed by the "medical authorities".

According to these authorities nothing exempts you from participating in the Corona 19 Project now whether you be asymptomatic or even if you have already developed an immunity. This is an "all are in" project.

Increased testing will bring more tyranny because contact tracing will follow to include those who don't test positive. They too will be branded with a Scarlett Letter' by being isolated and tagged.
The public is getting wise to the end game of this project of servalience and control as demonstrations continue to grow in numbers around the country and the world.

This project will fail because the whole world is against it and even if it does succeed there will be no winners because you won't have much of a world left.

Nathan said (May 1, 2020):

Covid19 is a fake disease that fails scientific scrutiny, unless by covid19 is meant an umbrella term for various common diseases like flu, asthma, pneumonia, cold, cough, hepatitis and others.

The hoax is ending as flu season ends and as people get wind of the sham disease.

The true intent appears to push forward with world war 3 to depopulate 60%-70% people in the world.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at