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May 9, 2020

(President Cyril Ramaphosa) 

South Africa using plandemic for ethnic cleansing

A Message of Resistance from South Africa

Someone from South Africa emailed, who wishes to be anonymous, since anyone who openly speaks out may have the black ANC thugs show up for a visit if they say anything the communist dictators don't want said.

This is revolution against the loss of millions of people's livelihood. All businesses must stand together and open up for business on Monday, 11 May 2020. This is not a drill; it is not fake news.

If you have a business or are an employee of a business that is currently closed, it is your right to save your own livelihood.

Out of 59 million people in South-Africa only 7220 people are infected with Corona (Covid-19) virus. That is only 0,012 % of people that has the virus (on 4 May 2020). Of which only 187 has died. That is a death percentage of 2,59 %. That means that 97,41 % has survived the virus. The average age of the people that has died is 75!

*According to the Constitution of the Republic of South-African Chapter 3 Fundamental Rights section 26 (1) Every person shall have the right freely to engage in economic activity and to pursue a livelihood anywhere in the national territory* . According to law experts: Lockdown regulations DO NOT OVERRIDE the constitution.

If you follow the same safety regulations that all the shops and businesses that are currently open follow, you are within your right to protect and pursue your livelihood. So, do so!

If you have followed what is being said by our president, and have dug a little further, you will have noticed that the reason for keeping certain businesses closed is based on Cyril Ramaphosa's words: "to forge a new world order founded on equality" and "to bring about Radical Economic Empowerment". 

That means he wants to bankrupt all small business that are white-owned (only black-owned businesses are given assistance from the Solidarity fund). He wants all white people to lose their houses and have no food. No white people are even allowed to get any food parcels from charity. The government is using the fear for contracting a virus for their own evil agenda.

But this is not about the white people, this is about ALL the people. Millions of black, brown, white, etc, are going hungry. The government doesn't care about any of the people that are starving. We cannot sit still while he destroys our lives. Take back the power. If we stand together, we will win. If every business in every town in every province opens up. The police have no power! They can not arrest every citizen! There is only few of them and millions of us!

Everyone else, put on your mask, go out into the world and support all the open businesses. If you see police trying to intimate a business owner, go stand around them and support them so that the police can't wrongfully bully them like they do with so many people!

All the currently open businesses, sell ALL your products. The government can't give real reasons why things like toys, underwear, cigarettes, alcohol etc. cannot be sold. (Except for their "radical Economic Empowerment" evil agendas as stated above.)

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