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May 15, 2020

The mind virus took root and people begged for their enslavement.

Canada economy will lag as humanity here is pretty much done for. The mind virus took root and people beg for their enslavement.

When you talk to people about getting back to normal they say not now. You ask them, "Do you know anyone who is sick?" Silence. Then they enthusiastically bob their head and state: "Well we all could be sick!"

- Really. The first time in human history whereby a flu virus renders everyone presumed sick. That's right if you are totally healthy, zero symptoms, you are sick, such that you must wait outside in the cold in long lines for food stores; that all cultural and social events are banned; assembly is banned; kids cannot play with each other; most travel/borders are banned. 

Even wearing the scientifically proven protective gear you cannot see or comfort a sick or dying relative. In most places preventative medical care is not available, allowing cancers and such to take root. This is not about science. There is no reproducable method involved.

Our elites took over the globe with a "novel" Crown virus. A novel indeed. People are enthralled with this story, they live it and dress up in medical gear, playing their part/role; stores and public places resemble hospital wards.

>>I can tell you this social control method of distancing is not going away, it's been structurally built in to many physical places. This will be well into 2021 if not 2022. 

This is the 'Compliance and Re-programming phase'. 

It must run for at least a year, people will simply give up their ideals - about cultural and social events, school, sports, travel, medical freedom. 

***This is scientifically proven mind control. *** There is a known and repeatable method. This is what our leaders mean when they say 'science' will be involved. 

Prisoners eventually adapt to their life of lockdown, some even cannot make it on the outside once released and commit crime again such that are are locked back up. That is a fact.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at