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Sounding the Alarm

June 29, 2020

God is using Satan to test us. 

They always talk about new COVID "cases," not deaths. Why? 
The true death statistics do not justify the economic devastation
they have caused.  We've left reason behind and entered the occult. 
A satanic power is in control: A DEATH WISH!

We are engaged in a cosmic struggle between LIFE and DEATH. 
Satan wreaks destruction for its own sake.
Police brutality etc are just excuses for something that is Pure Evil.  
Abolishing the cops, for eg., is inviting chaos, destruction, and suffering. 

This is our Paul Revere moment. The Satanists are coming!!!
We need to mobilize. The Illuminati own the planet. They regard the human race as superfluous. We'll lose our birthright unless we defend it now. 

Clearly the agenda is to frighten everyone into taking their vaccine. They will no doubt introduce new more toxic viruses to reach this objective.

below I imagine a world without globalists (Satanists) 

By Henry Makow PhD

Nations will retain their racial and cultural identities and dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of their citizens.

There will be no false-flag terror or phony pandemics. 

Society will be color and gender-blind. People will be hired and promoted on the basis of their achievements and ability alone, not race or gender. Crimes will be prosecuted the same way regardless of race and gender. All lives will matter.

There will be no migrants because third world nations will be allowed to prosper. 

People will be able to express their opinion in public or online without fear of intimidation or loss of employment. People will behave in a respectful manner.

Women will not be tricked into squandering their most fertile years by pursuing a career instead of family and being told that marriage and family are "oppressive."  Courtship will make a comeback and promiscuity will decline. Children will be cherished. 

Homosexuals will be treated with compassion but homosexuality will not be foisted on society by mass media, government, and education.

Politicians would serve the public rather than the Rothschilds. The government would be dedicated to the security, health, and fulfillment of its citizens instead of degrading, exploiting, and enslaving them.

The mass media would provide accurate and objective information rather than globalist lies and propaganda.

All religions will be respected. 

Satanism and Communism will be stamped out.

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Endnote: The Cabalists (Globalists) understand that this is a Battle of Wills. Yes, they have brute power on their side but they must first conquer us mentally and spiritually. We can stop them by affirming the Truth and asserting our will. 

They serve Satan. God is using them to test us. We cannot fail. If we do, the dark shadow they are casting over humanity will be grim indeed. 

First Comment from HG--

In response to your article "Encore- Pandemic is Pretext to Implement 'The Plan'" located at, global worldwide slavery was always part of the ultimate end goal for the Jewish Freemasons.

A great new article by former CIA Station Chief Phil Giraldi appearing at tries to show why terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter ("BLM") and ANTIFA never attack shrines devoted to Jewish slaveowners or slave transporters but also misses a huge salient point that only a website like yours and your loyal readers can understand - that these terrorist groups, left-wing BLM and ANTIFA were born and bred within Freemason lodges by and between Jewish and Black Freemasons.

I know this because I am a Freemason having taken the blood oath and sworn to secrecy within these groups.

Freemason lodges also gave us Al Qaeda Muslim terrorist groups by and between Jewish and Muslim Freemasons, as well as the Italian Mafia by and between Jewish Freemasons and Italian Catholic Freemasons.

No to mention that Chinese Communism was formed by and between Jewish Freemasons and Chinese Freemasons in Hong Kong many decades ago.

The goal of all of these racial/religious/ethnocentric collaborations by and between Jewish Freemasons and other races/religions/ethnicities is worldwide communism, total and complete lockdown, global police state, headquartered in Jerusalem, with Jews at the top of their New World Order.

All of these collaborations are by nature top secret owing to the fact that if the masses knew, they would raid each and every single Freemason Lodge in the world, the worst offenders being in New York City at 71 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010 which has taken over for the English United Grand Lodge of England located at Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ.

The fact of the matter is that the Freemasons control all of these secret societies, even the former Ku Klux Klan, under the aegis by and between Jewish Freemasons and of former Albert Pike followers within Freemasonry.

Jewish Freemasons are even behind Hindu reform extreme movements such as within the Arya Samaj movement founded and fronted by Indian Freemasons Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda.


First of all, I just want to let you know that I do switch back and forth between your site and Rense.

I can honestly tell you that the information you give both on your site and in your tweets wins hands down over Rense.

He certainly does not seem to have the big picture like you, and surprisingly puts in racist jabs in his headlines.

Your truth, compassion, and humanity is clear cut and draws in much admiration for this noble quality you seem to have.

I am sure you will keep going until none of us can keep going because of circumstances beyond anyone's control.

Your idea of "a world without globalists" is definitely a world to keep reminding ourselves of.

The more we can do it, the more that feeling and vision can become real in one's imagination to where it does manifest as our world reality.

I am all for making it OUR "new normal" so to speak.

The globalists can have theirs.

Maybe we can connect visions here from another side of the Planet.

Here is a good man from Zimbabwe who has what we all wish for as well for Humanity:

Perhaps we can all purify mammon here with just a bit each and transmute the world through the currency of giving to a vision worth having.

Henry, please tweet out and / or carry the link on your website--for we just may hit on critical mass to push through the dark vision ahead of us.

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Comments for "Sounding the Alarm"

Anthony said (June 30, 2020):

There should no longer be any doubt that elected representatives in both parties and Wall Street Corporations don't give a shit about America or the vast majority of us. Instead, they have chosen to support, promote, and finance Marxism. Alleged "protesters" looting, burning, beating, killing, carnage, destroying is allowed, while Law Enforcement is used against the rest of us, who just want to protect ourselves, our property, our family, or stand up to voice our dissent.

If anyone thinks they can just stand by idly and wait till November or ignore things, thinking they'll go away, I beg to differ. Seeing daily incidents increasing nationwide by violent Marxist activists who blame everything on White people is a disturbing trend. Seeing lawmakers allow lawlessness, another trend. This is unacceptable and total bullshit. The barbarians are at the gate with traitors in our midst. The air is filled with the smell of treason.

The Banker controlled Corporations puppet the mindless mob that they need to rebel against White America. When in fact the Bankers and Corporations with partnered politicians own and control everything. They are deflecting attention away from themselves towards White America. The anger and frustration should be directed at them! Disgusting all who fall for this ruse and shame on BLM for allowing themselves to think they should be better than the rest of humanity, when in fact it’s the same supporters of their cause that have kept them down for so long. We are one people with the same enemy that has been abused and used all of us for centuries.

ANTIFA, however, is another story. They are a mercenary freedom killing machine with unlimited funding, rooted in the evil that must be destroyed at any and all costs, and it appears we will need to do it ourselves or suffer the consequences. No one is coming to save you!

We need to be heard and heeded. Nothing supersedes enforcement of our Constitution. It is what separates us from the rest of the world. If it was being enforced none of this would be happening. You're concerned that being actively involved, you could lose your job or business or vacation, or your family etc...

Well if this keeps up you won't have anything to worry because nothing will be left, and that includes you! It’s time to stand up! The thugs, the Marxists, the politicians, the cops, the corporations, the bankers, and anything else that stands in the way of our liberty. Men or Mice, yours is the choice, destiny and fate run together and have their own clock. Death to anything that denies us our freedom, harmony and right to exist safe and secure!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at