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COVID Cases Transferred to Nursing Homes to Inflate Deaths

June 23, 2020


A third of COVID hoax deaths 
were in nursing homes where patients 
were literally murdered for profit

 Here's a list of what was done here in the US that deliberately caused the deaths of a minimum of 40K people: 

Governors mandated moving actively ill Covid-19 patients into rooms (and facilities, i.e. nursing homes) with residents who were NOT ill. Upon arrival at either the hospital or nursing home, the patient was immediately separated from their family members, and "no contact orders" made sure those families would never see the patient alive again. 

Once the patient was isolated and without anyone to act as their advocate, they were told the best possible treatment would be to immediately intubate them and put them on ventilators. 

Patients were NOT offered alternative treatments, e.g., hydroxychloroquine and zinc. In order to be intubated, the patients were given up to 10 different narcotics and paralytics, which rendered them incapable of requesting that either the treatment be modified or removed.

 Once on a ventilator, staff were informed ANYONE on a ventilator was DNR - Do Not Resuscitate, regardless of anything the patient, or their family, might have said. 

At that point, the only thing left to do was tie these nearly lifeless people to their beds and wait for the ventilators to do their job - i.e., destroying the patient's lungs - because the treatment was completely INAPPROPRIATE AND UNNECESSARY. 

Once those things happened, Medicare reimbursements went from $13K (no ventilator) to $39K (with a ventilator). Oh, there are two last pieces -

 1) each one of the Governors of these 8 states (with the very highest death rates) provided the corporations owning the nursing homes and hospitals where these protocols were implemented FULL INDEMNIFICATION against any injuries or wrongful death lawsuits, and 2) Coroners were instructed they must remove the bodies in under 60 minutes, death certificates were completed by personnel who never treated the patient, or autopsied them post-expiration, and the bodies were buried ASAP in mass graves, often in "Potter's Field" circumstances, so the likelihood of being able to exhume their bodies for any kind of forensic examination was completely lost. 

From the time these patients were separated from their families, they were murdered and disposed of and their families were given no recourse other than acquiescence to the entire atrocity, which most assuredly constitutes a crime against humanity. 

IT IS POSSIBLE TO KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING. But you have to be willing to educate yourself and follow the work of credible sources of information, e.g. James Corbett (The Corbett Report), Rosemary Frei (Off Guardian), Derek Broze (The Last American Vagabond), Professor Dolores Cahill (Irish University professor), along with several others. 

Isn't it worth it to know the truth? Don't just throw up your hands and wail, "I can't possibly figure this out."THAT is exactly the place they want you to be."

Thanks to Kat!
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Who cares about all the old people dying?

First Comment from Stephen Coleman-

The corruption in the medical-industrial complex just never ceases to amaze me.

Japan has a population of a bit under one half of the US at 126 million. Japan didn't impose quarantines on its people and the official COVID death toll is around 800 only.

Further south in the Philippines that imposed restrictive quarantine measures with a population of about 108 million has an official COVID death toll of around 1200 only.

But what needs to be called into accounting is that the COVID test itself is notoriously flawed and even vegetables are giving "positive" results. Many are being diagnosed by "eyeball" only and sent to their untimely deaths. The financial incentives to diagnose all the can get away with are quite lucrative.

This appears to me like a replay of the beginnings of Hitler's T4 health program. 

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Comments for "COVID Cases Transferred to Nursing Homes to Inflate Deaths"

Al Thompson said (June 24, 2020):

I’ll try not to use nasty language here, but the medical-industrial complex is more like a very mature eugenics project. I had a doctor once tell me: “Don’t go to the hospital, they will kill you.” Your healthcare medical provider can very likely be your executioner.

I was in the ER last year with heart failure and I had requested Vit C treatment. I was declined. The food was shitty and I could see that I wasn’t going to get anywhere. They did solve the problem with water in the lungs but there wasn’t a sensible approach to solve the source of the problem. I believe that good nutrition is essential. In the case of COVID Vitamin C would be the best way to treat the condition. But they would rather let the patient die than go against their master: Big Pharma.

I’ve been around old people since I’m in my 70s and we all talk. My impression is that the medical industrial system is a death cult and everyone is in a very dangerous position if they go to the hospital.

I’ve had four major medical issues in the last 11 years: lung cancer, pre leukemia, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart failure. None of them were solved by any medical doctor. I simply adjusted my diet. Nutrition is the best form of medicine.

Here’s a link to what happened to my friend last Sept-October 2019. It looked to me as if it was murder. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. In my opinion, the medical system as it stands now is a eugenics program and I’m thankful I survived the medical care.

anon said (June 24, 2020):

My friend’s father, age 74 was healthy but had Alzheimer’s and lived in a nursing home in Los Angeles, California.

About a month ago, my friend went on his regular visit to see his father but was turned away because he was informed that his father had COVID 19 and no one was allowed to see him via "no contact orders." Then my friend and his family were informed they could have a short visit to say goodbye to their father because the “doctor" anticipated his father would die that night.

My friend said he was shocked to see how his father had completely disintegrated—he was lifeless. My friend did not see his father on a ventilator. The next day a nurse called to say his father had survived the night but they expected him to die during the day. The next day the nurse again said he had survived another day. Finally, the nurse called and said the father would be dying shortly and they invited my friend to come one last time to say goodbye. My friend said as soon he came into the room his father’s breathing calmed and he passed. Then very quickly the nursing home took care of immediate cremation.

I don’t have the heart to show your article to my friend.

Essel said (June 24, 2020):

Of course, it's murder. And assassination with the complicity of the medical institution and "Authorities" of all kinds. Less spectacular and less publicized is the common story of the "treatment" of cancer. And what about transplants of vital organs, which require that the removal be carried out while the donor is still alive ... before being "sedated" usque ad mortem?
But here we have only half the list of culprits, which it is too easy and cowardly to consider complete.
So of course, there are a few rare exceptions such as this site that save honour, but if this abomination is possible, it is only with the consent, at least tacit, of the mass of humanity. Of atheistic materialistic humanity. The majority of our fellow human beings are indeed very relieved that a so-called anonymous "Authority" takes their place in critical moments that involve them personally. Even if people are momentarily shocked when it happens as abruptly and quickly as described here.

It is, however, often still possible, though heroic, to resist: I have lived it.

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