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"Taking a Knee" is a Masonic Gesture of Deference

June 7, 2020

Are cops and soldiers, like football players, under some sort of Masonic control??

"Taking a knee" is a gesture of Masonic allegiance. As in the image,  football players are kneeling in formation during the national anthem...Hiram Abiff is a prominent figure in Masonic lore. 

Updated from Sept 30, 2017

It's possible that football players, soldiers and cops protesting "black persecution" are under Masonic discipline. Freemasonry and Communism are one and the same. It's possible they must be Masons to succeed, just like Hollywood actors and entertainers. 

The West Point rogue cadet Spencer Rapone who was discharged in 2018 for making pro-Communist gestures at his graduation ceremony also makes the Masonic hand-to-the-chin sign

Tracy Twyman writes: "The symbolism of kneeling runs deeper than this Masonic ritual:...genuflection is ultimately a sign of sexual submission made into a societal custom... It was first practiced by human tribes conquered in war, to obtain mercy from the victors. Then it was made a general sign of "respect" from slaves to their owners. "

Is the opposition to Trump being organized by Freemasonry?

The Scientific American writes: "While we can't know for sure, kneeling probably derives from a core principle in mammalian nonverbal behavior: make the body smaller and look up to show respect, esteem, and deference. This is seen, for example, in dogs and chimps, who reduce their height to show submissiveness. Kneeling can also be a posture of mourning and sadness. It makes the one who kneels more vulnerable. In some situations, kneeling can be seen as a request for protection--which is completely appropriate in Kaepernick's case, given the motive of his protest."

Cops and soldiers taking the knee signifies white people willingly abdicating place and position. J.R. Nyquist believes it will lead to the end of national sovereignty.

"The oath of allegiance of federal officials is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; but if we refuse to acknowledge the existence of enemies, if we cannot name our enemies, no defence will be possible. And this is the one thing, above all, that has been forbidden: We are not allowed to name our enemies. [i.e. Freemasonry, Communism, Organized Jewry, central bankers.]

This is the raw essence of linguistic and psychological disarmament. Add to this a process in which America's enemies have flooded into the government itself. And now, when mob violence has been deployed on a massive scale, the country finds itself unprepared, disoriented, and defenseless."

What will it take for the silent majority of Americans to react?


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First Comment by Paul S-

The present state of affairs must remind anyone of the Bolshevik Revolution -- releasing felons out of prison, ordering the police to stand down, closing all the churches (i.e., no Mass), letting chaos run supreme. The Jewish mayor of Minneapolis even got the full Menshevik treatment yesterday insofar he's a 'liberal" but apparently not "liberal", or I guess, not "black" enough.

Many Americans might not realize it, but that old, famous Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" is actually about the Bolshevik Revolution. It's a musical adaption of the Russian novel "The Master and Margarite", a drama set in the early days of the Soviet Union wherein the Devil is running around Moscow tricking otherwise "atheist" Russians into Faustian deals and bargains. This is why the song deals mainly w/ Russian themes like the Czar's assassination, Anastasia and the Romanovs, the German Blitzkrieg, etc. The song even begins with beating jungle drums, echoing the "rule of the jungle" typical of Bolshevik rule. During the Cold War, Russian involvement was quietly suspected in the Kennedy assassinations referenced in the song too (e.g., Lee Harvey Oswald's Russian emigration and wife, Abraham Zapruder the Ukrainian Jew, the enigmatic Russian "Babushka" Lady, Russian-backed Cubans), but I won't go down that rabbit hole here.

What I did want to highlight is the famous line about how "every cop is a criminal, every sinner is a saint" -- this too was a favorite Bolshevik technique, and it seems very apropos today. You literally couldn't pick a bigger or more absurd-looking sinner than Fentanyl Floyd to turn into a martyr and a "saint" -- and yet that's exactly how they're treating him now by carting his dead body around the country so people can "kneel" at the coffin and weep.

(l. pornographer as saint)

We're literally witnessing Sympathy for the Devil -- Fentanyl Floyd is the devil incarnate, or at least a pretty decent approximation, and yet we're all commanded to have sympathy for him -- to have Sympathy for the Devil -- to feel sorry for him, and to feel sorrow and sympathy for those of his ilk who are likewise sinners and devils and who instead choose to live by the law of the jungle. Any narrative based on "victimhood" (like BLM) ends in chaos and self-destruction since the First and Eternal Victim of Creation is Satan himself, and you're never going to be able to "out-victim" the biggest Victim in Creation.

The Past is Prologue, and the song Sympathy of the Devil nails it perfectly -- both in terms of the Bolshevik Revolution of the past as well as today's American coup d'etats.

Attaching a hyperlink w/ the lyrics spelled out -- worth giving a listen to in today's present environment --

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Taking a Knee" is a Masonic Gesture of Deference"

James C said (June 8, 2020):

Hiram Abiff, Nimrod, and Negrolatry

“If history be not fable, Freemasonry sprang from the Tower of Babel.” And according to the biblical record (Gen. 10:10), the founder of Babel, or Babylon, was Nimrod. “Now Nimrod, as the son of Cush, was black, in other words, was a negro” (Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons [Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers, 1916], p. 34). Nimrod was also “the first potentate on earth” (Gen. 10:8, New American Bible).
There is even some evidence that Nimrod may have been one of the earliest Pharaoh's of Egypt. For example, the constellation of Orion depicts a legendary hunter of antiquity (Nimrod?); and there is speculation that the builders of the Giza Pyramids deliberately arranged them to represent Orion's belt. Likewise, because of the prognathous jaw and fleshly lips of the Sphinx some have referred to it as " the Black African Sphinx." Thus the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx may have been built to commemorate Nimrod's reign. Thus Nimrod may have been Egypt’s greatest Pharaoh.

“Other authorities not only connect the Masonic founder Hiram Abiff with Osiris and Nimrod, but explain that Nimrod plus the building of the Tower of Babel—not the temple of Solomon—was the true origin of Masonic cosmology” ( Accessed 8 June 2020).
IMO, this is the ultimate source of what one writer has described as “Negrolatry,” or “the West’s New Religion,” or “the Cult of the Magical Negro” ( Accessed 8 June 2020). Others describe it simply as “black worship.”

It wouldn’t surprised me, therefore, if the coming Antichrist turns out to be a black man. If the founder of this world’s civilization was a black man, so might be the one heralding its end. Maybe the powers that be are getting us all ready for his appearance by the ongoing Negrolatry.

MH said (June 7, 2020):

The incident is a mirror, black men do it for dignity, white to kill. Mirroring is from the occult.

And it's twisting Philippians 2:10 !

Just now they screwed a cross on the rebuilt castle in Berlin, with the Bible verse about bending the knee at it’s base:

Philippians 2:10 (KJV) That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

Al Thompson said (October 3, 2017):

Now I know the purpose of the "genuflection" in the Catholic Church. All of these rotten organizations have one common denominator: Satan. Once you know that anything is Satanic, it is always best to separate from it and try not to look at it.

The author asks:" Is the opposition to Trump organized by Freemasonry." I think this whole issue with the NFL is a way to keep the public's attention away from the pedophile problem. They need a diversion to kick the can down the road so the people might forget about their evil deeds.

Trump is a master of the dog and pony show. The public is being played like a banjo at the Grand Ole Opry. Anything that comes from the government is pure bullshit and if there's anyone who is the grand poobah of bullshit; it is the Donald.

Garry U said (October 1, 2017):

The article illustrates the schism between National versus Global Masonic belief systems.

So much could be illustrated however the reader should do this for himself based upon which kingdom one truly serves.

RL said (October 1, 2017):

Standing during the anthem is conforming to one group, kneeling is rebelling against one group and submitting to another. That's dialectical. A free country wouldn't have an anthem or make you stand. Cultural Marxism is all about group dynamics and pressure. Patriotism doesn't come from a flag or song. It comes from loving your nation because similar people with similar values to your own. Why do they play the anthem during sports? They exploit patriotic feelings and equate it to being loyal to your team and get you more excited for a nothing. Creates meaning out of meaninglessness.
I don't believe in anything that tries to make you feel a certain way, including the anthem. But playing it during a sporting event disrespects the nation.
America doesn't stand for football. America stood for freedom in righteousness. Greeks started all these sporting competitions. Maybe that's why they became pederasts. Or vice versa.
Also, any man who wants to see another man throw a ball over and over again has a psychological disorder or is too invested in his upbringing.

Tony B said (September 30, 2017):

It is true that genuflection is a sign of respect but it is foolhardy to assume that it is always a misguided respect. Christians, from the beginning of their religion, often genuflect to their God, knowing He is their creator with all power to do what He wishes, as do most other religions I assume. It would be a sign of supreme ignorance or brainless rebellion against a power that can turn you into nothing instantly not to, Darwin and his masonic lies about "origins" notwithstanding.

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