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Illuminati "Will Leave No Aspect of Global Society Untouched."

July 12, 2020

Democracy is a ruse - Our "leaders" have all betrayed us 

"Taken together, the United Nation's Agenda 2030,
 the Paris Climate Agreement, 
the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
and the Bank for International Settlement's 'Innovation BIS 2025' 
offer an insight into how elites want to turn the lives of every man, woman, and child inside out over the course of the next decade...
Every major industry in the world, be it banking, agriculture, healthcare, media, retail, travel, and tourism, is directly connected to the World Economic Forum through corporate membership..." 
The WEF "unites business, government, and civil society."

by Steven Guinness
(abridged by 

Details of 'The Great Reset' come as nations began to reopen their economies following a global lockdown. 

The extent to which Covid-19 has dominated every facet of existence - largely because of unrepentant media coverage - has encouraged people to focus exclusively on what life will be like after the virus.

 For many, what came before now seems inconsequential. It is anything but. For example, three months before Covid-19 took hold, a global pandemic exercise - 'Event 201' - was held in New York City which simulated the outbreak of a coronavirus that originated in Brazil. 

The scenario focused on a novel zoonotic virus that 'transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.' Whilst initially some countries managed to control the outbreak, it ended up spreading, and 'eventually no country can maintain control'.

The simulation culminated at the eighteen-month mark with 65 million people having died and severe economic and societal repercussions. But that was not the end of it. As the scenario explained, 'the pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.'

Event 201 also used the exercise as an opportunity to warn that 'the next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering.'

That pandemic arrived in the shape of Covid-19, just weeks after the conclusion of Event 201.

On examining the makeup of Event 201, we find that the three institutions at the forefront of the simulation were the World Economic Forum, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is through the WEF that 'The Great Reset' was launched, in what the group said was in response to Covid-19. Johns Hopkins has been the go-to source for the number of global infections and deaths thanks to their newly established 'Coronavirus Resource Center'. And then you have The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has been a driving force behind efforts for a vaccination to be found and disseminated worldwide.

Event 201 consisted of fifteen 'players' that represented, amongst others, airlines and medical corporations. Out of these fifteen, six are direct partners of the World Economic Forum. One is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the other five being Marriott International (hospitality), Henry Schein (medical distribution), Edelman (communications), NBCUniversal Media and Johnson & Johnson.

To be clear, these organizations do not all operate at the same level within the WEF. For instance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Johnson and Johnson are 'Strategic Partners', the highest stage for a participant. Only 100 global companies are Strategic Partners, and to qualify for an invitation they must all have 'alignment with forum values'. Not only that, but Strategic Partners 'shape the future through extensive contribution to developing and implementing Forum projects and championing public-private dialogue.'

Beneath the Strategic Partners are the 'Strategic Partner Associates', which is the category that NBCUniversal Media fall under. Strategic Partner Associates include some of the largest businesses in the world, who are 'actively involved in shaping the future of industries, regions and systemic issues'. According to the WEF, associates also believe in 'corporate global citizenship'.

Next come the 'Partners' which comprise of Marriott International, Henry Schein, and Edelman. Partners are described by the WEF as 'world class companies' who possess a 'strong interest in developing systemic solutions to key challenges'.

Finally, there are the 'Associate Partners'. Whilst they participate in 'forum communities' and have a 'strong interest in addressing challenges affecting operations and society at large', none were present at Event 201.

Every major industry in the world, be it banking, agriculture, healthcare, media, retail, travel and tourism, is directly connected to the World Economic Forum through corporate membership...


The platform is 'co-curated with leading topic experts from academia, think tanks, and international organizations'...

Who are the co-curators? At present, they include Harvard university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Oxford University, Yale, and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

It was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that in March published an article titled, 'We're not going back to normal', just as Covid-19 lockdowns were being implemented worldwide. Citing a report by fellow co-curator Imperial College London that endorsed the imposition of tougher social distancing measures if hospital admissions begin to spike, MIT proclaimed that 'social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.'...


Getting into specifics, the way Strategic Intelligence is structured means that the higher your position in the corporate fold, the more 'platforms' you can be part of. Whereas Strategic Partners must be part of a minimum of five platforms, Associate Partners only have access to a single platform of their choice.

Here is a list of some of the platforms hosted by the World Economic Forum:

COVID Action Platform

Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society

Shaping the Future of Consumption

Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation

Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems

Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Shaping the Future of Trade and Global Economic Interdependence

Shaping the Future of Cities, Infrastructure and Urban Services

Shaping the Future of Energy and Materials

Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment, and Culture

As we will look at in a follow-up article, 'The Great Reset' is made up of over 50 areas of interest that are formed of both 'Global Issues' and 'Industries', which in turn are all part of the WEF's Strategic Intelligence platform.

Corporate membership is essential for the World Economic Forum to spread its influence, but in the end, every single member is in compliance with the agenda, objectives, projects and values of the WEF. These take precedent over all else.

Also in concurrence with the WEF are the organization's Board of Trustees. Three of these include the current Managing Director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and former Bank of England governor Mark Carney. The Trilateral Commission is also represented amongst the trustees through Larry Fink and David Rubenstein...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) narrative was developed out of the World Economic Forum back in 2016. The WEF has confidently asserted that because of 4IR, 'over the next decade, we will witness changes tearing through the global economy with unprecedented speed, scale and force. They will transform entire systems of production, distribution, and consumption'.

Not only that, but the world is on the verge of witnessing 'more technological change over the next decade than we have seen in the past 50 years.'

The group now plans to use 'The Great Reset' as their theme for the 2021 annual meeting in Davos as a vehicle for advancing the 4IR agenda. 4IR is marketed as a technological revolution, where advancement in all the sciences 'will leave no aspect of global society untouched.'...

RelatedIn a recent article I briefly examined a number of advances that global planners made prior to the World Economic Forum's announcement in June of a new initiative dubbed 'The Great Reset'. 

For my next article we will look into the specifics of 'The Great Reset' agenda as well as what global planners are seeking to achieve out of Covid-19.

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Comments for "Illuminati "Will Leave No Aspect of Global Society Untouched.""

JG said (July 14, 2020):

The COVID CARTEL has bypassed the constitutions of all the nation-states worldwide with the unauthorized shutdowns of their economies and suspensions of personal liberties.
As usual, it's the same culprits that are behind this mess and it didn't evolve on its own. The COVID 19 scamdemic is being used as the vehicle to collapse the existing civilized order of the world. The CDC and WHO control the numbers and the MSM does the fear-mongering and the hype. This will never go away until their global agenda is achieved. And, by then you will have lost the world you once knew.

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