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Masks Signal Start of Civil War

August 1, 2020

(Masks are the hallmark of Satanism. Occult means "hidden.")

When healthy people are treated like 
we have a deadly contagion, 
the real message is,
in the eyes of the Illuminati,
we are the deadly disease. 
The civil war is between
the Illuminati/ people 
who go along with this treatment, 
and those who do not.

by Henry Makow PhD

When I arrived at the dentist's office yesterday, the receptionist motioned me over to a table where she ritualistically administered a hand sanitizer. 

Then, a questionnaire where I attested that I was not showing symptoms of a deadly virus; had not been out of province for 14 days, and had not had contact with COVID cases.  

Then, she took my temperature and administered a blood test.

After determining I was not sick, she handed me a facemask to wear in the waiting room.

When I took it off, she insisted I put it back on. 

I refused, saying there is no mandatory mask order in Manitoba. 

She said it was for the safety of the people working there. If I wouldn't wear it, I'd have to leave. 

The absurdity of this situation was mind-boggling. She had just determined that I am healthy yet I still must wear a mask. 

I left. I do not want to engage with people who have zero respect for their clients. 

They didn't mention that face masks are mandatory when they called Thursday to remind me of my appointment. They just assumed they could force one on me.

Obviously this is not about health. This is about control and conformity. A medical hoax has been used to justify a political tyranny.

You quarantine the sick, not the healthy. Why don't more people question this?

When healthy people must act like they have a deadly contagion, the message is clear. In the eyes of the Illuminati, we are the disease. 

("We own the planet. You're being evicted.")

Although these Satanists and perverts own 90% of everything, we are "useless eaters" using up too many of their resources (i.e. "climate change.") They have grown weary with wealth. Now they want power. They want it all and only enough of us left to serve their needs. 


Vaccines are a misnomer. They are pesticides.  Have you had your COVID pesticide yet? 

Bill Gates says we may need a schedule of pesticides to finally eradicate the "disease." This is why vaccine makers are exempt from liability.
I doubt if any other companies receive this protection. The taxpayers are on the hook. US taxpayers have paid 16,000 vaccine victims $3b since 1988.

So instead of having my teeth fixed, I went to the mall. 

Society is already cleaving in two. Fifty percent of the faces coming toward me were covered and 50% were not. 

The coming civil war will be played out over the issue of vaccines: are they panacea or pesticide? 

Conformists versus non-conformists. The satanic cult that controls the world plans to exclude non-conformists. This is clear from the fact that corporations are rejecting half their potential customers and passively accepted a pandemic hoax that has destroyed many sectors of the economy. 

Are they starting a cull? Come flue season, are they going to unleash a stronger second wave? 


The world is controlled by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, based on Jewish Cabalism. Other monikers include Communism and Freemasonry. This control is exercised through the banking system. (See "The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism."

A satanic cult exploits and controls its members by making them sick. 

People who refuse to conform will be ostracized and persecuted. Already, I am denied dentistry because I refuse to act like I am a disease.  

The #covidscam is the means by which the Illuminati are upping the ante -inducting the human race into Satanism. First the mask, then the vaccine, then the passport. Non-conformists will be excluded in the same way as they are in China. 


Masks are the hallmark of Satanism. "Masking is a Satanic ritual," say protesters in Seattle, and they are right.  

Satanism dehumanizes us by destroying our family, race, national and religious identity. Now they are MAKING US COVER OUR FACES for no good reason. How degrading is that? 

There is talk that pesticides, apart from killing us, will contain nanochips that will turn us into automatons. 

They are even selling masks with satanic themes.

The Satanic agenda is clear.  The common flu is treated as a pandemic. Statistics are fudged. Treatments are suppressed. BLM protests, abortionists, and strip parlors stay open. Churches are closed. A security guard is fired for helping a priest administer last rites to a dying patient.  The cost of the lockdown is a million times worse than the flu because a political, economic, and occult agenda is behind it.

In conclusion, a civil war is starting between conformists and non-conformists, Satanists and believers in God's Purpose for man, and between Communists (Antifa), and anti-Communists. 

This ancient conflict is coming to a climax in our time. Satan is showing his face. 

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"We were treated like we had the plague" on a voyage in search of normal

First Comment from AA-

Well, after reading your latest article, I just felt compelled to write and share my experiences over here in good ole merry England. 

I don't wear the mask, Henry!!! I refuse too!!!. Thank God for some half-decent food supermarkets. They went public stating that they would not police customers who refused to wear the mask whilst doing their shopping!!! Bravo, you guys👏. I normally shop in these large brand food stores but I have made it a promise to shop there all the time. I never wear a mask - no staff member, any security guard, and no customer has given me the slightest bit of provocation. Thank you, Lord. 

Sometimes, I feel guilty and will just try it on for the sake of it, but literally, after just a few minutes, I feel like I am choking myself to death with the wretched mask. My glasses get steamed up when the hot exhaled CO2 remains trapped in my mask, I can never read the flamin instructions on the food labels!! Yet over here, Henry, I am tragically part of an insignificant minority. Everyone and I mean 98% of people are donning these abominations on their faces!!!!. Just from a practical viewpoint, how do they manage to keep it on for so long??? 

I'm on a social neighborhood app and members chat all things community, so I took a shot at the idiocy of wearing masks - I was told to stop being a crybaby!!!!! I didn't bother chatting any further. 

Everyone is believing the government here, my friends, family, work colleagues - wear the mask, you irresponsible selfish git!!!! I'm left dumbfounded. But at least Henry I can always take solace in the fact that when I go to get my eggs and bread, I can breathe the fresh air and smile at everyone whilst they choose to cover their faces with that wretched thing called a mask. 

South African (appeared first on wrote:

This is a brilliant article and Henry is quite right! BUT....I live in South Africa, and we are still under one of the heaviest lockdowns on earth! The sale of alcohol and tobacco products has been banned since March. We can not use public transport, enter any public space ( Malls, supermarkets, doctor's rooms, any kind of shop) without wearing a mask. Many of us are against it...but if I don't wear my mask while doing our necessary shopping, I won't be allowed into the stores. 

And if you want to see a dentist... you have to have a "plague" test and be negative. And the dentist wears a full biohazard hazmat suit when working on a patient. The same holds true for any kind of hospital admission.

 One is left in ER until your test is negative. This whole scamdemic is driving us all nuts with many legal battles from the Tobacco Industry and Alcohol Industries trying to get the bans declared unconstitutional.

But it's an unwinnable battle. So for us it is wearing the mask or starve. We seem to be the world's test laboratory to see how much TPTB can get away with. I'm so tired of sanitizer at every turn I now wear gloves so the crap stays on the gloves.

When this "pesticide" is ready I suppose I'm done for because I will refuse to have it. I will go to the grave victorious over the NWO.

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Comments for "Masks Signal Start of Civil War "

Chris said (August 3, 2020):

I had a similar experience at the dentist last week Tuesday. I asked them how are they going to fix my teeth through a mask? They just laughed but it was a serious question. I said ok and put it on then complained it's hard to breathe through it and the zombies in the office just ignored me so I pulled it down over my mouth exposing my nose then could breathe fine. Plus they pointed that gizmo at my head to take my temperature (a couple of days ago a Polish lady who's grandmother was an underground fighter in WWII, told me it's to train us to take bullets in the head; They can take your temperature perfectly fine with your wrist).

When I walk in a room with a bunch of people being serviced like cars in a shop they tell me to take it off. It's not alright to infect people at the front desk with a fake virus but it's perfectly fine once you walk past the front desk and go further inside.

Today before getting on a hotel elevator, a married couple inside without masks frantically shook their hands out at my wife and I, chanting "DISTANCE, NO!!!" like we were dogs as soon as the door opened. I just walked in and told my wife to come on in. I told the couple they were idiots that watch too much television. The woman inside told me she was a Trump supporter like that was supposed to hurt my feelings. I told her good for you then said "I'm a Yeshua supporter".

Doug P said (August 3, 2020):

We know that professionals are well-trained people and can work on our teeth competently. I think, and most of us do think, that we can basically trust almost any dentist that we may need. We transfer this trust over to matters of morality. Many do not know that professionals are also trained nihilists, this essentially means that they operate at stage one of Kohlberg's stages of moral development. They have the moral compass of a ten-year-old boy. They go along to get along. This is the essential problem we face with the NWO, professionals who are basically moral retards. This is the argument of my book "Assholes and Bullshit".

In Belleville Ontario, I am the only one without a mask. I hear the whispers, get fingers pointed at me. I will be the one the city blames for the next pandemic. I want to be a man and stand against evil anyways. I have too many breathing problems to wear one anyway.

YP said (August 3, 2020):

I am sorry for the experience you had at the dentist this week, but you are not alone as I had a similar experience at my hair salon. I too am healthy and passed their "health check". I agreed to mask as it is mandatory in my city, Calgary. It was not enough I had the mask on but I had to keep it over my nose. I had 4 people in the space of 15 minutes insist on it even though I cannot breathe with the mask like that. I work part-time at an organic grocery store and even my work does not insist on the mask over the nose. Finally, I took the mask off, stuffed it in my purse and asked them to take the hairdressing paraphernalia off so I could leave.

They all gasped, and all eyes in the salon turned and stared at me as I quietly explained that I cannot breathe with the mask over the nose, got out of my chair, high heels clicking on the tile floor as I walked out. I have been a client there for years. Like you, as I walked out into the sunshine and fresh air, I realized I was viewed as a threat and biohazard, and I felt sorry for those folks in the salon who are obviously drinking the kool-aid and are so frightened and have no respect for me, their client.

Masking is now mandatory in Calgary with some caveats, but this is a sign of more things to come.

I think you're right about the civil war...

Once again, thank you for your website. It means a lot to me as it's been instrumental in my own waking up to reality, which started about 6 years ago. I have read and learned a great deal from you and others. It is very important work...God bless you.

And may God have mercy on us all...

Dr. Jim said (August 2, 2020):

Once again you expose the absurdity of those who think they are smart and "correct."

Almost all dentists will follow the "leader." They're programmed in dental school

to do what they are taught to do, follow the leader. Believe what they are taught,

much if it is just theories, don't question them, and by all means never think, just

do what you were told. They are just a bunch lemmings. So, you
experienced the result. Sorry.

I hope you find a new dentist somewhere in Manitoba that hasn't "drank
the Kool-Aid."

Be safe. Never quit exposing the lies.

Dr. Jim (A maverick dentist/University of Minnesota Dental School 1964)

Susan said (August 2, 2020):

This past week myself and two friends stood in central Cambridge and asked passers-by
to answer a few questions.

Very few people indeed believed the government's official line on the Covid story
possibly 7% did believe.

Most people did not want to wear masks, this was almost unanimous.

But surprisingly the majority did think the government would spread disease if it served their purposes.

All 3 of us who asks the questions were treated with politeness and courtesy, a similar study done in east London 2 weeks ago got abuse from several black people who said it was a ” white man's disease”

Moshe S said (August 2, 2020):

Even if the Globalists control the mass media, government, banks, and military, yet they'll fall before the power of the enraged collectivity seeking justice and revenge. The elites thrive on ignorance, cruelty, and fear-mongering. These days many if not most people know that the MSM peddles fake news. People, in very large numbers, are switching to alt media to get the facts. Of course, many alt-media sources are disinfo fronts of the Globalists. So, be alert. But, in general, the word is getting out about the scamdemic.

The Globalists have introduced atheism to the masses in a big way for decades while ignoring the fact that science knows nothing about consciousness and life and the origins of the universe. Shallow thinkers, including most scientists, have fallen for the atheist word salad by the billions.

Secretly, these very Globalists are deeply involved in sorcery calling on the adverse powers of disembodied consciousnesses (evil spirits) to possess and guide them. And yes consciousness is stuff and not merely an epiphenomenon or an emergence of neuronal activity. There's ample medical evidence on the subject from unbiased studies of OBEs, NDEs etc. What the elites fail to realize is that from a spiritual point of view, the divine is the creator and controller of everything good, evil, and transcendent and that while the divine is immanent in the universe yet the true nature of the divine is ineffable. It's a known fact that the Globalists and their shills worship Baal, Baphomet, and Moloch and are imbued with the adverse powers of these negative spirit entities who they invoke in blood-chilling occult ceremonies.

Judaism teaches that there's never a battle between HaShem (the divine) and HaSatan (Satan, the hinderer) and that Satan and the adverse spirits under him are actually obedient minions of the divine. These adverse powers act as "hinderers"...preventing people from choosing good over evil according to their innate genetic proclivities... in keeping with an inbuilt causal law in existence. G-d (God) can withdraw permission given to the adverse forces to act against humanity causing them to ebb and withdraw. Once the diktat to stop using evil to judge humanity goes forth, Baal, Baphomet and Moloch automatically fall silent as it is in their nature to unquestioningly obey the divine command. Result: the Globalists who are subservient to the adverse entities lose their power and will to act..they have a change of mind. This is exactly what's happening at present or will soon occur restoring peace and harmony in the world. The trend towards withdrawing extreme evil has begun since a month ago causing the Globalists to retreat. It's very visible to the intuitive mind that the elites are losing power and are panicking. Military conflicts are replaced by Cold War. Things should be fine in months as they gradually lose steam.

Tony E said (August 2, 2020):

Rod Serling's Twilight Zone revealed the satanic nature of masks 50+ years ago. Wearing the mask allows the illuminated ones to transform the God persona in us toward Lucifer's will, thus mocking God.

Cruisin said (August 2, 2020):

Great article! Great points derived from an ordinary dentist visit! Had one recently also and the mask was required. Confronting the clinic workers is futile. Look at them. They are often kids, mainly females working to pay rent. What do they know? What can they understand? They just do as they are told.

The sad truth is that (((they))) won in 1945 and since then people have been systematically dumbed down to the point that today the youth are incapable of comprehension.

Every generation since 1945 is dumber than the previous one, by design. So getting upset at those who cannot understand because the brainpower to comprehend anything has been taken away from them is futile. Smile and tolerate them is all we can do. They are not the enemy. Just hope they do a good job on your teeth!

Al Thompson said (August 2, 2020):

Thanks for sharing your story with the dentist. It is almost like these businesses are asking you to never do business with them in the future. I’ve solved this problem with the doctor’s offices; I just don’t go to the doctor any longer because I think they are flakey and worthless in solving physical problems. I do online research to figure out solutions to my problems.

Mask wearing is a nightmare and it is being done by very, very, stupid people.

There is plenty of “scientific” knowledge that shows that the mask has no medical benefit. Wearing a mask is like a person is lying about their own identity. The observer only sees half of the face. It drives me nuts because I like to be able to read the faces of people. A mask is a tool of Lucifer, Satan,
Moloch, Baal, and it’s also Freemasonic.

Will it start a civil war? I’m not sure, but I get incensed when someone asks me to put on the Devil Face. The people in all governments are Satanic shit-stains and they are good for nothing. It would be nice if people stopped working for these governments and just go back to a peaceful life.

I don’t like to shop at these Big Butt stores any longer after this. They’ve lost my business. They have instituted “curb-side” pickup and “contactless” shopping. The whole plan looks completely insane to me. When I first worked in a store, the first thing I learned is that you can’t sell off of an empty shelf. Now, when I go into these Big Butt stores, I see a horrible amount of empty shelves and racks. I don’t even bother to go anymore because shopping isn’t any fun. I’m starting to realize how much stuff I have I don’t need.

Essel said (August 1, 2020):

This text - quite tragic - has a solemn character. It is a date-taking and a brief description of the forces involved.

It is, in a way, the finishing touch to your past publications.

"Alea iacta est", would have been said in the pagan world preceding the Incarnation, and, on human sight, the matter is clearly lost.

But there is a third personage, God. Now, the freedom He grants satan is always limited. Our only hope, therefore, lies in divine intervention,
which could appear in the form of a grain of sand, lamentably curbing the Illuminati's shenanigans.

God's motivation would then be motivated only by mercy, not by any merit on our part.

Anthony Migchels said (August 1, 2020):

Today's shot was great, I loved it, getting evicted, and vaccines being pest control, that's exactly the way it is, everything else is bullshit.

And I follow your threads religiously, it's all I have to do to keep totally on top of things.

Things are quieting a little bit for the summer now, but six weeks from now.................

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at