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Melbourne is "Falling Apart"

August 23, 2020

(left, no shortage of kapos in the NWO concentration camp) 

Gnawed by Satanist termites for decades, western societies are
disintegrating. Melbourne, a sophisticated metropolis of five million, has
become a dystopian nightmare. The only consolation is that its
Leftist population is getting its comeuppance. 

You can't leave! "Army deployed at stops outside of Melbourne to prevent anyone from getting out or in. Heavy police and army presence on foot in the streets and on the roads and in the skies."

Reddit Conspiracy

My state is in absolute disarray. I don't even know where to begin but I think by now if you are reading this you know about the draconian measures currently enforced in Victoria, Australia, particularly Melbourne. ... What's worse is that the tone around here is generally apathetic or support for these measures. Particularly on the hard left, who were protesting to dismantle cops mere months ago as part of BLM. It's pure cognitive dissonance.

Thankfully I don't live in Melbourne, I moved away to regional Victoria just in time in 2018. But many of my friends are still there. Here are some of the measures enforced and stories I've gathered, for Melbourne and Victoria:

Strict curfew 8pm-5am. (76 people were fined for breaching curfew within the first 24 hours, including a man fined $1652 for getting a burger on the way home from work)

Mandatory masks in all of Victoria (even where I live, 90 minutes from Melbourne in a town where the nearest COVID case was 40 minutes away, and that was months ago. No reported COVID death within a 150km radius of where I live but I still am made to feel like I need to wear a mask and avoid all human contact.)

No travel except for "essential activities".

Army deployed at stops outside of Melbourne to prevent anyone from getting out or in. Heavy police and army presence on foot in the streets and on the roads and in the skies.

Police can enter your home without a warrant and there are reports of police breaking car windows to force people to hand over details.

The media and government have started talking about forced vaccinations this week.

Warnings on YouTube and Google regarding new censorship legislations

All of this and much more with 458 deaths. Our annual influenza death rate sits at about 500-800, and they're saying influenza has completely disappeared in Australia this year. Nearly all deaths are in nursing homes. For perspective, our annual suicide rate is about 3000 annually, but I've read reports that we've already far surpassed that number in 2020. The majority of suicides occur in people under 44. This boggles my mind the most, especially since I was hospitalized for an attempt in November and have been treated like absolute crap by the mental health system since. COVID concerns or symptoms are treated with the utmost importance and there are specialist testing tents set up in nearly every large regional town near where I live and everywhere in the city and they're often empty.

There is a great Facebook group called Millions Rise for Australia which is absolutely flooded with real-world stories of Australians like me enduring absolute hell at the moment. I'd recommend everyone who cares jump in and join the group for support and to witness the insanity we are living via personal accounts. I've read lots of conspiratorial reports in that group of people in Melbourne hearing helicopters and planes flying overhead during the curfew spraying, odd sulfur smells during the curfew, waking up with yellow powder over the streets, birds waking and chirping hours early at 11pm-2am, explosions (I've experienced this where I live too), rumors of child trafficking rescue missions.

Something is definitely going on here and my mind is absolutely spinning with the myriad conspiracies on my own fucking doorstep. I've never posted in this group (I've been a lurker for years), but I check daily for Melbourne updates and felt I'd share my brain dump. I may share more stories as I see them arise but all of this just makes me feel so sick mentally. They're making anyone who questions the narrative feel psychotic and for me, that's what's destroying me the most, emotions exasperated by my pre-existing mental illness (BPD with delusional episodes).

I don't know what this post is besides a rant and awareness-raising for my fellow empathetic humans overseas. Please just spare a thought for us here, join the FB group to help show our government the world won't stand for this, and if your time comes, just don't buckle under government pressure like we have. I do believe we are a testing ground for either a new world order or some kind of communist/China takeover (the later is especially interesting given Victoria's relationship to China.) As a society, Victorians are notoriously apathetic, easy-going, and progressively people-centric.

To me, it feels like Victoria and NZ could be a testing ground for forced vax and/or majorly increased censorship and/or new world order/China dictatorship.

Thank you. I really thought this was a lucky country. I like Australians as people, particularly the cool kids in Melbourne as that was my home for nearly 10 years, but this whole situation has me questioning the critical thinking and brain processing power of even some of my closest and oldest friends, and basically this entire state. It's truly bizarre but I'm glad I'm not alone; there is definitely an uprising in people seeking truth.

Oh and a few more important restrictions I realize I should have added:

8. People in Melbourne are only allowed to travel within a 5km radius, and;

9. People in Melbourne are only allowed to leave the house for one hour of exercise per day

 10. They're deploying drones in the city to ensure people are adhering to these measures


Here in Norway, on the other side of the globe, we have a population of 5 million, and 13 (thirteen) people are currently (as of yesterday) hospitalized with covid-19. Zero of these are on ventilators. You can count our summer covid deaths on one hand, and those are elderly people who would've died by the flu anyway. Our average covid death age is higher than the general age of death.

Despite this, our government and our MSM are threatening to close down the country once more. Several schools are currently closed and under quarantine, due to "local outbreaks". There are severe restrictions on the size of social gatherings (except BLM protests), and small businesses are going bankrupt by the hour, while unemployment is rising exponentially.

Hospitals are empty (my SO works as a nurse on a covid ward), and regular diseases aren't treated anymore, at least not by our public healthcare system. --
I live in Melbourne and it is definitely affecting me. I'm a lonely person who has almost zero interaction outside work but what helps keep myself occupied and feel better is spending time outdoors and in the gym.

Now, I'm bored to death and there's absolutely nothing to do. I've already gotten sick of binge-watching movies/series and grinding levels in my card box in the last 4 months and it's driving me nuts knowing I can't do anything about it.

I gained from 60kg to 76kg due to binge eating trash thanks to our dictator wannabe state government that severely restricted our movement.

I have to carry work permits all the time like everyone and worry about getting stopped at checkpoints outside work hours.

Go look how almost everyone is a hellbent pro lockdown in r/Melbourne sticky COVID thread and those who are against it gets downvoted into oblivion, we're so fucked.

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From a longtime Melbourne reader-

Melbourne is a basket-case. Docile and pathetic! Also, it has a left-wing population that is fine with left-wing tyranny, Our premier Daniel Andrews is a left-wing tyrant that makes announcements in front of the newspeak doublethink slogan of 'Staying Apart Keeps Us Together'. He has created a Soviet police state all around us and anyone pointing out the obvious is labeled a 'conspiracy theorist' by the media. The whole world can see Melbourne is under tyranny, why can't our media or the general population? 

Why aren't the business owners and effected workers at least screaming from the rooftops against the lockdown? The lockdown 4 night-time curfew which they've imposed is clandestine and nefarious. Up until the time of the announcement of the curfew the streets and shops in the evening were quiet - so why impose a curfew? Whilst most of us aren't allowed out after 8 pm. I hear planes coming in for a landing, and choppers buzzing around at any hour. Recently I observed at 2 am a plane that flew along a circular route over my area about a dozen times. Why? Melbourne is a very big city in the area and my movement is restricted so I have very little idea what's happening, but I know something is.

Lastly, I was stopped by the police the other day. Even though I don't believe in any of this rubbish, I left my house wearing a cloth around my face. Two minutes walk up my very quiet street, the cops swerved up alongside me in their unmarked commercial vehicle (and on the wrong side of the road) to question me. They asked where I was going, what I was doing, and for my license. This is just ridiculous and dehumanizing. Even if you try and go along with the system you are treated like dirt. My nearest supermarket is 25 minutes' walk away (there is only one-hour maximum in a day you are meant to go out.) It is virtually impossible to keep all these regulations. There needs to be mass resistance here like in Germany for change to be remotely possible, but it won't happen. There have been several anti-lockdown protests (which are "illegal"), and the numbers there have been modest at best. The only viable challenge from here against the system that I'm aware of is AdvocateMe  

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Comments for "Melbourne is "Falling Apart""

Ashley said (August 24, 2020):

he author stated - "Nearly all deaths are in nursing homes." I understand that such aged care facilities are receiving twenty-five to thirty thousand dollars per listed COVID death. I've seen 2018 media reports stating that one particular billionaire, Kerry Stokes (owner of a major TV network), bought into Aged Care, most specifically one particular 'hot-spot' facility (Estia) which reported case numbers far higher than the total of actual residents and staff at the facility. I've heard of a case elsewhere where a cancer patient was transferred from Hospital to die a couple of days later in an Aged Care home and it also appears to be the case that such facilities have offered families $9,000 in exchange for allowing them to list COVID as the cause of death.

(100km from Melbourne)

GS said (August 24, 2020):

I'm a long-time reader of your site and can reaffirm that Melbourne is currently a horror-show. I've been living here for 10 years and am completely separated from my family who live overseas. The plane and helicopter activity at night has been prolific. Our MSM news channels couldn't wait to brag about the state-of-the-art drones they're deploying around the city "for our safety".

The people are largely eating up the mainstream narrative, as expected. I go for my run every morning and see other joggers and cyclists out and about wearing their masks (sometimes even doubling up).

It is not compulsory for runners and cyclists to wear masks (yet), however, these individuals are nobly doing their part "for our safety". Just this morning, I was verbally abused by a fellow citizen who took objection to me running without a face diaper.

Some incoherent monologue loudly ensued about me "spreading covid" with an added oil spill of obscenities to boot. I don't see how any person who's supposedly unwell could run for kilometres in the freezing cold and still manage to smile at passersby. Aggression and anger are constantly being channelled, unbridled, against fellow humans who question the narrative.

Critical thinking is almost non-existent and the lack of resistance speaks volumes. As for the coming mandatory vaccinations, I don't think there will be much opposition but I pray that I'm wrong. These draconian measures are embraced by the people of Melbourne and the few who are standing up in truth and defiance are mocked and made to look psychologically unstable in every medium through to viral memes. I don't believe there's any reversing this. Most will happily amble up the loading ramp into trucks routed to the abattoir if it was deemed to be "for our safety".

Skip said (August 23, 2020):

Man up, doing nothing to improve your situation and that of others is only going to get worse, and soon you will not have an opportunity to
do anything. If you have to die doing what has to be done then so be it, you will die a man. There are many ways to get your hands on the tools and or weapons required to put up a fight now, and the longer you hesitate the less chance in the future you have of taking advantage of these tools and weapons, along with your being weakened in many other ways. You gave up your guns, but that does not mean you gave up your manhood and or your will to fight.

If your will is greater than those enforcing this evil you will and can prevail, for the will of your enemy is weak when it is done by them for money and or power. When you kill them they give you many gifts to fight harder, better and supply your guerrilla army. A great quote from Edmund Burke applies here, “evil prevails when good men do nothing” Set and lead the world by example as this will happen in all nations very soon, including mine, your doing this will give hope to those in these nations. I wish you and yours good fortune in this endeavor, I don’t believe in luck, good things are accomplished by sacrifice and hard work not luck.

Robert K said (August 23, 2020):

Melbourne is getting obedience training. Soon the people will be staying, sitting, and begging better than their dogs.

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