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Becoming Pod People

September 29, 2020


Give each of these people a smartphone and this
image from the movie Coma describes our destiny: 

To be socially isolated except for our internet connection
until finally, they pull the plug on our feeding tubes.

Extrapolating from the current trend.

by Henry Makow PhD

Clearly, the COVID "pandemic" is not intended to be a passing emergency but a ruse to impose a "new normal" corresponding to the UN's Agenda 30. 

The dystopian future is taking shape. Mass gatherings have been canceled.  We must experience the world on a TV screen. The NFL plays in front of a cardboard crowd to sound effects. 

Millions are stuck at home, working "remotely," or paid to do nothing. (Will they ever agree to work again?)

Restaurants and other businesses in urban centers are going bust. 

Students are deprived of the society of their peers, forced to take their courses online. Many are confined to their dorms without proper provisions.

Everyone is required to wear filthy masks.

Locally, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet canceled their annual Nutcracker ballet, scheduled for Christmas. Imagine hundreds of artists out of jobs.

There is talk that Christmas gatherings may be canceled. Every source of solace or happiness is being shut down.

At the local Safeway, the lounge where old folk enjoyed their Timbits and coffee has been closed. They have nowhere to go.

Montreal residents won't be allowed to visit friends or family at home for most of October or eat out at their favorite restaurant as the provincial government struggles to slow the surge of new coronavirus cases. All bars, casinos, and restaurants are closed (takeout only). Libraries, museums, cinemas, and theatres will also be closed. Being less than two meters apart will be prohibited. Masks will be mandatory during demonstrations. Houses of worship and venues for events, such as funerals and weddings, will have a 25-person limit. Hair salons, hotels, and other such businesses will stay open. Schools will remain open."

For 16 million people in Northeast England, pubs and restaurants can stay open, but it will be illegal to go for a drink with a member of another household or visit them at their home from Wednesday.

Roughly 100 students at the University of Western Ontario were referred for investigation under the school's code of conduct after campus police broke up parties in university residences on the weekend.

"At the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, with at least 1,889 virus cases since mid-August, and at the University of Notre Dame, with about 550 cases, students have reported their classmates for violating quarantine and wandering outside." 

Our social lives have moved to Facebook. 

We're being reengineered. 

The economy is tilting to cabin fever.  Home exercise programs and food delivery are thriving. Amazon stock is soaring. 
Meanwhile, Main Street is boarded up. 
"The housebound are nimbly pivoting to virtual social gatherings," The New York Times reports. "They're holding birthday parties and bar mitzvahs over video chat, broadcasting D.J. sets and streaming concerts (some from the luxurious confines of celebrity homes), and establishing quarantine movie nights on Twitter for "virtual companionship."


A lot of communal events are taking place on Zoom, a videoconferencing app now being used by many classrooms and businesses (thus transforming it into one of the few companies doing well on the stock market). But it's not just Zoom.

There are, for example, a small but highly vocal number of people gathering in the digital plazas, pet stores, and pizza shops of Club Penguin Online. There are happy hours being held on Google Hangout, and poker games taking place over FaceTime. There are flute meditation sessions on Instagram and thousands of people participating in dance raves that are broadcast on Twitch.

It's a lot for the internet. On Monday, Discord, the chat app popular with gamers, announced that it would increase its capacity by 20 percent to keep up with demand; it crashed shortly thereafter."


The plan is to dehumanize us in advance of full-blown tyranny. The scary part is that the masses still think the "authorities" have their best interests at heart. The medical profession, media, and politicians are all taking their orders from the Rockefellers. This psyop is an egregious betrayal of trust from which society will not recover unless the traitors are all sent packing. 

All we can do is refuse to become "pod people." 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Becoming Pod People "

LK said (September 30, 2020):

Yes, Henry, this has been a long time coming ( frog in the warm water) 9-11 was a big turning point, where the people started succumb the propaganda” war on terror “ & war on people mind by the media & occasional falls flag attacks, homosexuality & other de-stabilization of the human mind, like constant changes etc. !!! No wonder majority of people are mentally undermined & unable to think critically & straight !! So too bad, I have to say, that we are losing the battle since the resistance to this dystopia /draconian measures is minimal !! The FEAR rules & the divide & rule are pushed by the authorities !!! Even under the communist government in the 60’s there was not this much snitching & animosity in the population, as now in the “ FREE” society in Canada. Unless the people wake up en mass & say STOP & go back to normal life !!

The game is over !! Not the 1st civilization demise in the history of MAN !!

IN said (September 30, 2020):

The technocrats will be using technology for surveillance. They admire China. In a test performed in China, it took 7 minutes for the authorities to find a foreigner who just landed on their soil...yup that quick. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Some more advances in technology which will be rolled out soon as explained below. Although done from a Christian prophecy perspective it is still informative for anyone:

Remember the quantum tattoo put into the vaccine also.

JR said (September 30, 2020):

it's quite amazing they have managed to dismantle and collapse
society in a matter of a few months. de-evolution and all based on lies.

as usual I am bored to death and bored to life with all the bullshit and
now is a perfect opportunity to manufacture my own reality.

for a while now I wonder... "hmmm why are they so desperate to get everybody indoors?"
the technology has been developed for years and years for exactly that.

maybe the real owners of Earth want their planet back now?... the alien? custodians from
ancient times... from beneath us or from above us they will arrive soon?

cover your faces these suckers are very sensitive to human expression and will kill you
on sight!

I don't care if it sounds dumb

like I said I'm so bored with the situation

all humans are stupid
I am stupid
thankfully the most of us have a good heart

Sandra said (September 29, 2020):

I like articles about local happenings in particular (i.e., Wpg., MB)

You said, "The scary part is that the masses still think the "authorities" have their best interests at heart."

Yes, indeed. And that is why, after 6 months, I am getting contemptuous of the general public here, who have had six *!^&? months to observe the tightening of the noose - yet so many of them are happy as pigs to obey all the instructions. First of all (last March) it was just "don't shake hands" and be sure to sanitize and it'll all be over in 14 days; and it's morphed into where we are today. (Have sex, but wear a mask when you're doing it.) It's as if a large portion of the population is feeling important; maybe for once in their lives, they think they are part of something great. Wouldn't want to miss out!

Only about 200 people showed up for a protest march down Osborne St. last Saturday (Sept. 26th). There should have been 100 times that number, as you see in some European cities (and Montreal). This is a town of 'tards.

I see this entire Corona 19 rumpus as a kind of intelligence test (not IQ-type but wisdom/common sense-type). But by the time most folks catch on, it will be too late. So, with the new mask rule (starting yesterday), I don't want to make a fuss (when I go to the laundromat) which could end up with me tussling with the police, so I knitted myself a mask (something I can breathe through). Just a matter of time before they will inspect all seemingly non-conforming/homemade masks, though. Carbon Dioxide is Good For You - get with the program.

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