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Michael Cohen Wins a Convert

September 13, 2020

Eileen, a longtime reader read Michael Cohen's book and was convinced!

"Michael took the fall for the president, for he lied to Congress FOR THE PRESIDENT! He was thrown under the bus by the President, too!  MC says that Trump could be jailed, after office, if the truth becomes known about his dealings.  His book is an effort to get those who have also been ensnared in the Trump aura/enigma to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE."

Disclaimer- This is not the view of this website which clings to Trump as the last bulwark against the Commie hordes.

by Eileen

Please, Friends, take the time to read Michael Cohen's new book Disloyal which was released last week and is available on Amazon.

MC was a loyal defender, and as he himself best describes it, pit-bull protector of Donald Trump and his efforts, despite the fact that his wife and family, with far keener insight, begged him for years to leave the man's employ.  Some strange attraction kept him there; perhaps the fact that he considered it a source or center of earthly power, where things were always moving and shaking; and he wanted to be a part of that action.  

Michael even managed to find the pros to infiltrate national polls and move Trump's name to nearer the top, from lower ratings.  He knew how to work the system, and did, for Trump's benefit, though he came to learn he was defending a very guilty and dishonest man who publicly abused and humiliated his own children if they failed to make him look good, and routinely stiffed business associates, thinking that, no doubt, the true art of the deal. We learn again in this book that after decades of Trump's failures and mismanagement, banks in this country would no longer loan him money, which caused him then to go to foreign sources.

This is the CEO in charge of our country now?

In this book, we read that Don, Jr. was singled out for a lot of public, verbal abuse, for nothing is or ever was Donald, Sr.'s fault.  

That Trump is a pitiable narcissist is made plain.  He, as yet, doesn't seem to be a particularly dangerous one, on the order of other leaders the world has known, but Trump admires these other men.  

He admires Putin for the unlimited wealth and power at his command.  The only connection the Trump organization had with Russia running up to the election was its attempt to build a huge hotel in the Kremlin, and MC was deceitful in his responses to Congress about this effort, which should have stopped when Trump assumed the presidency, and which did not stop.  Trump kept trying to curry favor with Putin for the project.  Putin called Trump "colorful" and kept his distance.

Michael took the fall for the president, for he lied to Congress FOR THE PRESIDENT! He was thrown under the bus by the President, too!  MC says that Trump could be jailed, after office, if the truth becomes known about his dealings.  His book is an effort to get those who have also been ensnared in the Trump aura/enigma to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

Cohen also suggests that Fox News is in a sycophant relationship with the president, as was he and so many others in the Trump organization.

One of the worst things Trump conspired to do was discredit Ted Cruz, when he was the front runner with the evangelicals.  He put out disinformation that Ted Cruz' father knew Oswald and was in on the coup that killed Kennedy, purportedly even showing a picture of Cruz' father and Oswald together.  I think Ted Cruz' father is actually a pastor, but this information took the campaign by storm and Cruz was forced out of the race.  It was all a fabrication.  I remember telling some evangelical Republican friends this info, after I'd first heard it.  They bought it, too.

After reading this book, I have no doubt that the books recently written about Trump by his relatives are also goldmines of truth.  Like them, this book was written to warn and inform the public. Michael Cohen deserves our thanks, our concern, and our support, for telling us the truth of his experiences with Donald Trump and for exposing that man as what he truly is. The feds who broke into his house for his files one morning in a surprise visit also threatened to jail his wife on the spot; she had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  That is why he caved.  He probably could have fought every charge they brought against him, but he could not bear to see her hurt.

This is one of the main reasons I admire this man so much.  He is of that late, great and diminishing order of men who love their wives and children.

Cohen didn't dwell on Trump's sexual escapades; said that he and Melania both knew that he was lying when he tried to assure her that Trump was on the level and that women were just throwing themselves at him for the money.  

Yes, when Cohen's daughter Sami was leaving the tennis courts one day, Trump made a remark about her, not knowing she was Michael's daughter, and then asked for a kiss when she came up and kissed her father.  I think she reluctantly kissed Trump on the cheek.  She was never a fan. Nor was her brother Jake or mom Laura.  

MC did not write a salacious book, although he no doubt could have.  He kept it on the level that mattered:  truth.  The truth is wild and concerning enough! 

One doesn't get the impression that this book was written with malice, ill will, spite or to do damage.  It is simply an account of the Trump organization, Trump's behaviors, and Michael's experiences working for him.  It had to be written to set the record straight.  He said he would take a bullet for Trump, but not from him.

I am glad he set the record straight.

Is Trump bankrupting this country to the absolute max, which seems to be his forte and MO?  He's got Mnuchin in the treasury calling a lot of shots!  There is no way there is any actual money to back that which is flowing out of DC now, to anyone and everyone with a handout.

If we were broke before, and billions and trillions of dollars in debt, what are we now?

This is what I mean about a pincer movement between Trump and the socialists.  It's all communism and they are all in it together.  It's just one system......right?  And, it always has been, once one kills off all the populists...


First Comment by Jim Fetzer-

Not only was Rafael Cruz with Lee Oswald in New Orleans but he was on Main Street in Dallas when the Kennedy motorcade passed by. His face is on the front cover of ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998). Gary King, Larry Rivera, and I did several shows about this. He was on the fringe of the plot to assassinate JFK. So Whitehead got it wrong. Seriously wrong. Trump was right (again and again).

Brabantian writes-

Retired ADL chief Abe Foxman's recent emotional denunciation of Trump, and Trump's enemies in general, make for a fairly strong recommendation of him.
What Trump was or wasn't able to accomplish, is now somewhat beyond the point, and not only because the Democrats are so Bolshevik-extreme.
There is a great desire to censor people who merely even say certain things, such as Trump's talk about:

- draining the swamp
- major news media is fake
- it is okay to oppose globalists and protect your own working class
- it is okay to oppose mass migration and preserve your own culture
- it is wrong to call white people 'racist' just because they are white
Having said those things, as Trump did, is now unforgivable to the establishment ... no service that Trump provides to the oligarchy or the establishment or to Israel, compensates ... the hidden powers are desperately seeking to ensure no leader can ever say such things again.
And it is not unreasonable to see Trump as blackmailed, too, from his very first days in office. 5 of the last 11 US presidents were attacked in office - 2 were shot, 3 had impeachment proceedings; they are all under the gun.

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