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September 12, 2020

"I sincerely hope enough people have grown wiser now, 
but can't shake visions of online Christmas parties by ZOOM, 
festive masks, and more "we're all in this together" claptrap."

An anonymous poster on Facebook expresses
the exasperation many of us are feeling 


OPEN YOUR EYES! It is clear that the Governments across the earth are gearing up for a second winter lockdown within the coming weeks. 

There was always going to be a succession of national/local lockdowns - and 'new normal' nonsense - until the public is inconvenienced and pissed off enough to accept any dubious way out/cure presented. 

And even then, we're now told much of this charade is permanent. Aggravating social media junkies like me told you this from day one. 

While most people were banging on about a curve that needed flattening, labeling people like me as granny killers or clapping like performing seals. 

Are people listening now? I'm not sure. I get fired up seeing so many speaking out online....then I head out to the local shops and it's like bloody mask-a-geddon! 

I feel like a stranger on this planet at times. Please stop getting tested voluntarily. More tests = more cases. More cases = more excuses for lockdown. 

More lockdown = more deadly isolation for the elderly, more cancer appointments scrapped, more livelihoods destroyed, more suicides, more tyrannical police powers, more economic damage, more new normal insanity. 

How did people like me predict what is occurring so accurately? Not because we are particularly clever, or because we are different from anyone else. We simply opened our minds to research the so-called 'new world order' for many years and we were expecting this sorry state of affairs. 

But you don't even to accommodate such 'fanciful' notions to know something is very wrong about all of this. So what will it be? Where do you stand? Are you willing to go through all this again? How many people do you personally know who you are absolutely certain died of Covid-19? 

On the flip side. How many more people do you know whose lives have been turned upside down by all of this? 

Would you even think there was anything more than a bad case of flu going around if the media hadn't told us we were in a pandemic? 

What are you going to do when you are commanded to stay indoors again? 

Are you going to cower away and submit to whatever direction is given? Our representatives have been caught out lying, manipulating statistics, putting those they claim to be protecting in mortal danger, and not following their own rules...on numerous occasions. And yet we are supposed to continue to believe them without question? To trust whatever 'science' they throw at us? Are you going to allow these bastards to scare you so much of death that you forget how to live?

 Are you going to allow a geeky trillionaire with zero medical qualifications tell your family that you don't get to live your lives again until you have all taken some dodgy, DNA tampering vaccine that we are told has been developed at record speed? 

Did you know that the US Government has paid out over $4 Billion dollars to people damaged by jabs that were developed within 'normal' timescales? Or are you going to shake off your shackles, lose the fear, throw caution to the wind and join the exponentially growing global resistance movement? 

All of this gets a LOT worse if we allow it to continue. I would suggest that the spider web of connecting globalist institutions behind this unprecedented psychological operation is also behind the devastating Middle East wars. They are behind a multitude of false flag attacks, including 911. These are wicked and entitled people who have killed millions and talk about their desire to depopulate the planet...with the next breath suggesting they want to save all of our lives with a vaccine. 

The deep spell humanity is under took many years to cast but loses its grip if enough of us reject the tyranny and engage in mass non-compliance and start learning and practicing our remaining legal rights. I don't even have children. But I wouldn't be able to look yours in the eyes if I didn't try to do something to help to avert the more wicked of the long-held plans for humanity. Which side of history are you going to stand? 

In support of a small group of 'elite' megalomaniacs whose net worth escalates with every day this continues? Or are you going to stand with the 99%? To do what you can in the coming months to ensure that the freedoms of future generations are not extinguished before they are even born? 

We all want to believe people who say they want the best for us. There is no shame in being fooled once by an incredibly well-oiled, funded and all-encompassing propaganda machine. I sincerely hope enough people have grown wiser now, but can't shake visions of online Christmas parties by ZOOM, festive masks, and more "we're all in this together" claptrap.

 I must remain positive that enough people all over the world have become suspicious and sick enough of this crap. Enough to create real problems for the powers that be as we are led towards this critical crossroads in human history.

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Comments for "Mask-a-geddon"

JG said (September 13, 2020):

There will not be another full-blown lockdown like the last one. Antifa won't put up with it and just like the last time when the Democratic Governors explain to their citizens that the rules don't apply to Antifa, the lockdown orders will fall apart once more.

Besides, I don't think they need another lockdown to convince the public once more that a vaccine is a necessity for the entire population of the whole world, they've already seen that movie. I also don't think the bankers really want to sponsor the cost of another lockdown either.

The last global lockdown was one of the biggest wastes in the history of the civilized world. I really don't know where the banker's heads were on this one. Don't get me wrong if I was a young man knocking down $12,000 every 4 months in unemployment with free weed I might be telling you that this was a great idea.

Oh well, so goes COVID world.

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