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Communist Terror Coming for You

October 4, 2020

Within a year of seizing power in Russia in 1917, the Bolsheviks, Lenin established the Cheka, the "political police" of the new communist government. The Cheka was in charge of administering The Red Terror--the unbelievably brutal policy of state-sanctioned murder--terror as a policy goal--by which tens of millions of innocent Russians lost their lives. Here are a baker's dozen verifiable facts to give you an idea of what it was like in Russia while the Bolsheviks held power:

Source:  Bolshevism: Kill or Be Killed

A dozen facts about the Bolsheviks everyone should know, but no one does 


1. Under Bolshevik law, anyone caught putting up a flyer was executed on the spot.

2. One of the Bolsheviks' first laws made anti-Semitism a capital offense.

3. The Bolsheviks were explicitly dysgenic, selecting entire professions--the ones deemed to comprise the most intelligent Russians--for liquidation. Russian engineers, Russian university professors, Russian college students, Russian writers, Russian artists, Russian engineers, Russian doctors, Russian lawyers, and, especially, the Christian clergy, were all targeted.

Their children were executed, too. Sometimes, the Bolsheviks executed the children in front of the parents before executing the parents, and sometimes the parents in front of the children before executing the children.

4. Thousands of churches were razed, thousands more turned into workshops or livestock enclosures. Synagogues, however, were left alone and even began receiving state funding under the Bolsheviks for Yiddish language schools.

5. The Bolsheviks relied on non-Russians to commit their genocide on the Russian people. Chinese, Koreans, and Latvian Jews carried out the mass executions, administered intra-military punishments, provided the personal security for top-level Bolsheviks, and staffed the Cheka's torture and execution chambers.

6. When the Bolsheviks seized power in October 1917, the Number 2 Bolshevik, Leon Trotsky, was living in New York and writing for a Yiddish-language newspaper on the Lower East Side. Upon news of the revolution, he immediately booked passage on a ship bound for Russia. With him were hundreds of Lower East Side revolutionaries. When they arrived in Russia, they immediately took the levers of the state as mid- to upper-level government functionaries in positions that had already been decided.

7. Ethnically, the Russian nobility was heavily Germanic and Gentiles comprised the Russian bourgeoisie.

Ethnically, the Bolsheviks were heavily Jewish and Jews comprised the Bolshevik power center

8. The nobility and bourgeoisie were targeted explicitly for extermination. The media, which was completely controlled by the Bolsheviks, called for "rivers of blood", advocating the immediate extermination of these "enemies of the people" wherever they could be found.

9. All the land and property of the executed victims became the property of the state, and during the 1920s, street peddlers hawking the wedding rings of Russian housewives were a common sight on the Lower East Side. Armand Hammer, the famous Jewish oil tycoon named for the arm and hammer symbol of the American Communist Party, carried confiscated royal treasures from Russia to the United States.

10. In the wee hours of July 17, 1918, in the basement of a farmhouse and on the orders of a young Jew named Yakov Sverdlov, Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, Jewish assassins murdered the entire royal family--emperor, empress, four young daughters, and a ten-year-old boy--ending three centuries of Romanov Dynasty. Written on the wall in the blood of the emperor were taunting words referencing the regicide story of the "handwriting on the wall" from the Old Testament book of Daniel.

11. During the 1920s, the Bolsheviks were aggressively fomenting a Bolshevik revolution in Germany. While a young Hitler campaigned against "Jewish communism," his Brown Shirts fought in the streets against the Bolshevik allies, Antifa. By the time Hitler became chancellor in 1933, the Bolshevik terror in next-door Russia had already been raging for fifteen years.

12. In the United States, the history of the Bolsheviks and their horrific crimes has always been suppressed and would have remained hidden if the Internet had never happened. There is now a vigorous effort to reign in the free-wheeling, anti-censorship nature with which the inventors of the Internet originally imbued it. Thus, the window of opportunity is fast closing during which people can learn the truth about the Bolsheviks. It should be self-evident why the Bolshevik history must be exposed.

It is up to you to make this information known and to fight political censorship always.
COVID is Communism in sheep's dress.
"The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves.
And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?"

Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 11

-------------------Leather-Jacketed Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police (Cheka) Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles: The Evidence

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Comments for "Communist Terror Coming for You"

Doug said (October 5, 2020):

Jews will not be needed after this revolution because this one is worldwide. Jews can be disposed of after they get rid of us and the oligarchy can have humanity 2.0 in place. Jews needed to be preserved after the Bolshevik revolution to spread their sickness around the world. Everyone is a useful idiot, I'm sure they have humanity 2.0 hidden somewhere.

Brett said (October 4, 2020):

Thank you for your efforts to keep the oasis well supplied and unpolluted.

Further to your post about "Communist Terror Coming for You" from Oct 4th, 2020 there is a recently published book that not only reinforces the premise of the post but outlines some responses that our forbears found useful—"Live not by Lies" by Rod Dreher. Your astute readers will recognize the title from Solzhenitsyn's final article prior to his arrest: and yes, this is deliberate.

There is a book review at the following link and it is available at reputable book stores.

Perhaps this book may serve to reinforce your efforts to the benefit of those seeking some relief from the parching infection of leftists.

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