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Memoirs of an Illuminati Girlfriend

October 30, 2020


(Kirsten Dunst, not Gretchen) 

"Deep State Insider Revelations on Presidential Grooming & Donald Trump"

This memoir was sent to me anonymously.

I think it is genuine but the "revelations" are underwhelming and decidedly pro-Trump. 

The idea that he wasn't into underage girls is BS. 

Nonetheless, it does provide some valuable insights into the workings and plans of the "Deep State." The assertion that "China is the Future" certainly rings true. So do references to the Mossad and a  grooming program for future US Presidents.

Gretchen- "Shout-Out to Christians, Rick Wiles, John Piper, Chuck Baldwin, and Dr. Charlie Ward"

By Gretchen


In 1992, in my late teens, I was a beautiful girl modeling in NYC, when I met and fell in love with a mysterious "Illuminati" man, who swept me into the world of the Deep State. 

Over the next several years, we traveled the world to palatial mansion parties, dinners with VIPs at five-star restaurants, and private clubs like the Bohemian Grove and yes, members bring in women. 

At the Grove, I met Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, presidents of banks and corporations, judges, and other power players, who work behind the scenes, and many of these same people are also members of The Council on Foreign Relations. 

This world appears to have a power structure in rings of ascending power or a hierarchical pyramid, with a top cabal of elites. The men discussed business deals, political strategies and joked, while I intuitively knew to keep quiet.

At the Grove, I also met young men, often first-born, who were made to feel special for being recruited into a secret CIA U.S. presidential grooming military program ("groomies"). I learned about this from overhearing various conversations because I believe my mystery man was somehow involved as a handler of these potential future U.S. Presidents. 

They recruited them from within the CIA, military, and high level (33 degrees and above) Masonic families. I remember in the beginning these men were passionate, patriotic, and nationalistic; one was waving a small US flag. These men were a mix of Republicans and Democrats with opinions and ideas about what they wanted to do to make a better America.

However, each man soon realized, like any soldier, that they had to follow the orders of their commanders, this cabal of elites, who control both sides and makes all the decisions. Thus, their individual ideas were dropped, and instead the elites' "big ideas" were adopted. Occasionally, there were moments where I made small talk.

 I remember once speaking with a groomie, it was an election year and I asked him, whom he was voting for. He replied, "You know, I'm being groomed for president." 

I nodded, "Ya, I know," 

He continued, "Well, They have not decided which side They are going to put me on, so I'm not allowed to say which side I voted for."

The elite cabal used occult practices to systematically brainwash or mind control these men over time. I witnessed them change from being confident and caring about America into being cool, globalists, where even the Fourth of July celebrations were distained. 

Thus any creativity was crushed and they somehow became dumbed down, as they fell into mimicking lockstep. The grooming program included learning how to be expert liars, and to live in two worlds, with a split Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide personality. Each groomie spent time with former U. S. Presidents at their secret grand estates, which are in foreign countries with armed security, (so don't be fooled that Jimmy Carter "shuns riches, lives modestly").

Further, these groomies were studying how to speak Chinese and if they were not already married they were encouraged to marry non-American women and in particular Chinese women. I remember asking my mystery man, why the focus on China and he said, "China is the future," like an affirmation.

I noticed, the groomies lost their inner joy and it was replaced with phony happiness and a veiled paranoia. I remember another time, I slipped off and wondered around and I came upon one of the groomies weeping with such great sadness. I softly approached him and tried to say something comforting. 

Broken, he cried, "They lied, They lied, I can't trust anyone." They are the cabal of elites. My mystery man mentioned that crying and insomnia was a phase; he admitted that he cried for days until he got over it. I now realize the "crying phase" was after members unwittingly chose to sign a contract with the devil, their souls were literally sucked out and replaced with legions of demons and their consciousness was seared with a hot iron making them hopelessly reprobate. My love kept me trapped like Gretchen with Faust to my mystery man.

They discussed a potential problem when a whole crop of potential groomies died, lost their minds or disappeared. If you research deaths of first-born males from prominent wealthy American families, like Fred C. Trump Jr., Davis H. Murdock II of Dole Food Co. and many others you will find a pattern of drug and alcohol abuse and death. 

My understanding was that the grooming programmer was too sadistic on them and/or that the process was rushed such that they were not ready and they freaked out and ultimately killed themselves. I remember a story about a son of Rothschild, who went to some ritual initiation meeting and freaked out from some experience (possibly satanic ritual child sacrifice)? This Rothschild changed his name, left everything behind and went into hiding until his death a few years ago in his mid-sixties.


They also had a parallel program developing an elite international group of "one world leaders" of teenage boys and girls, who went to a special traveling school, where classes were being held for three months at a time in various countries. Both programs had lots of problems, setbacks and the Deep State was behind their scheduled timelines to move into position the one-world government. 

So when Dr. Charlie Ward wonders why Americans don't have younger presidential candidates in their 50s, and 60s, it's because They messed up, miscalculated and lost them.

I remember once, soundly sleeping next to my mystery man, when his special red phone rang, waking us up in the middle of night; he was given instructions to avoid certain areas and he told me to avoid these too, later, the news reported this area was bombed.

Also, everyone was encouraged to stop eating meat and become vegetarians.

There was this strange secrecy and I saw him intermittently, which led me to wonder if my mystery man was cheating on me. I became very jealous, so I began snooping through his things, looking for photos of another girl.

 In locked desks and closets (which I picked) I found useless sealed top-secret files, which I opened containing CIA employment agreements, bioweapon government contracts, an Israeli human cloning factory document, multiple passports, including an Israeli passport and instructions on who and how much money to send to various nonprofit organizations. 

I briefly glazed over these things in which I had no interest because I was looking for photos or evidence of another woman. Today, I realize those documents were very important. 

What I came to understand was that these elites functioned like one big mafia family in which they worked together to create great wealth and to move their one world order agenda forward. So even though some CEO may appear to have created a company on their own, they did not. The elites behind the scenes put them into position and made the success happen via networking, technology, or patent rights, seed funding and their controlled media outlets that publish /promote whatever they want. Therefore, since their company's "success" was a joint effort, profits are shared via donations or other deals or investments that they were instructed to do.


After seven years, I was dumped at 24 years old and was never invited back to the Grove. My mystery man never loved me it was all lies and I was heartbroken.

Simultaneously, while I was non-exclusively dating my mystery man and during periods of breakups, I dated other men. My youth and beauty, like a billion dollars in the bank, garnered me invites into what I would describe as second or third tier world power players, down from the top Deep State Bohemian Grove. This is where I separately met Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump.

I was presented to Donald Trump to date. Donald was very cordial, but I was not his type, because, I was not tall and I had a svelte teenager's body. Donald liked tall mature women with curves. He had no interest in underage girls. Around Christmas time 1992, I remember some gossip where people were trying to convince Donald Trump to get Marla Maples to have an abortion. woman, who was also friends with Jeffery Epstein, seemed upset that Donald would not just have Marla get an abortion. Donald was completely adamant that he was going to marry Marla because he did not believe in abortion nor did he want a bastard child. I always respected Donald for this.

I met Jeffrey Epstein at the Stuart Pivar parties. Mr. Pivar was a very kind, caring man, a visionary, who had a passion for all things artistic. When the Jeffery Epstein story broke, I was afraid my name was going to show up in his black book--luckily it did not. I knew Jeffery Epstein was a phony because of the things I had seen and heard. Jeffery was not real power. So when Jeffery asked me to massage his feet with a dildo, I rolled my eyes and just laughed, "No!" He knew I knew. 

Yet, Jeffrey was some type of player, I didn't know what his game was, but I knew he had many faces, that he knew how to compartmentalize and only show a certain face to certain people. Stuart Pivar had no idea who the real Jeffrey Epstein was. Epstein preyed on people like Pivar, who unwittingly gave Epstein legitimacy and cover through his New York Academy of Art.

Although I was right there, I did not know Jeffrey was abusing women and underage girls. Note: in most European countries age 16 was age of consent. Although that is not the age of consent in America, most of these international elites were operating on the European age code. Back then I had no idea or knowledge of the existence of child sex trafficking or sacrifice or orgy sex and drug parties. Although I was invited to these parties, I did not see it nor could I imagine that it was going on. 

Further, I know from my conversations with Donald Trump and Stuart Pivar, they had no idea that child sexual abuse or sex trafficking that was going on either.

I remember a nun from a Catholic school told me how sick she was to learn years later that right under her nose, the priests were abusing children in her parochial school.

Years later, I discovered some of those same parties were compartmentalized. Where the uninitiated, such as Donald Trump, Stuart Pivar and myself were signaled the party was over or was moving to another place around midnight, so we left. Years later, another model told me, after certain people left, the drugs came out, the clothes came off and these parties turned into orgies and underage girls were brought in.

People ask me, but what about Donald Trump's comment: "Grab 'em by the pussy." Put into context, what every rock star knows and what Donald Trump shockingly discovered, after he became a TV celebrity from The Apprentice, is the realization that there are these slutty women, who relentlessly throw themselves at famous celebrity men begging and demanding sex. 

Unless a man becomes a celebrity, he would have no idea that this segment of the female population actually exists, unless they experienced it. Donald had no idea how low and brazen some of the female population can act and he was commenting on that sub-section. But no one wants to acknowledge, that there are these slutty man-eating women. Donald simply called it as it is.

In 2016, I contacted my mystery man to ask him about the Trump-Clinton election, expecting to hear that Donald Trump was another one of their left/right controlled puppets. But to my surprise, he said, "Donald Trump is not with us." Which actually made sense because groomies were very controlled and on guard all the times. Also, my guess is that if Donald Trump became a Mason, he is only a first or second degree and hopefully he renounced that.

Finally, people want to know: Why Donald Trump has not arrested Hillary Clinton and all the other swamp criminals. Answer: Because Hillary and all the rest are not US Citizens. Hillary and the gang are State Nationals. Our U.S. admiralty courts and department of justice are only set-ups to convict Federal US citizens. The entire underpinning of the US government along with the US presidential position was stripped from the original and is not legally based--it does not actually exist and insiders like Hillary know the legal maneuvers to make themselves exempt and immune. They can only be brought to justice through the military courts or common law courts.

To understand this every American needs to read Anna Von Reitz's Some Assembly Required 

Watch American hero: Russell-Jay: Gould. War Castles series and The Last Flag Standing 

I pray Americans work together. Realize that this county was founded when 56 leaders of their communities signed the Declaration of Independence putting their life on the line for Freedom. Please stop any infighting and let's work together to save humanity from this Satanic New World Order and Dark Brotherhood, in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.

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Comments for "Memoirs of an Illuminati Girlfriend "

Chad said (November 1, 2020):

In that article, I thought this was going to be mentioned:

Kay Griggs Interview (1998)

7 3/4 hours of pure gold.

In case you haven’t watched, it’s right along the same lines. Kay was married to a U.S. Marine officer who was likely one of these groomies. It’s her letting all the cats out of the bag.

I’m surprised it’s still on YouTube.

Ruth said (November 1, 2020):

Cathy O'Brien was told the same thing about Trump back in the '80s. She was told by Alex Houston that he is "not one of us and to keep her distance"

Chris G said (November 1, 2020):

More of the same b.s. about how great Donald Trump is, but an accurate depiction of life with horrible Satanists and hidden agendas few talks about like human cloning. Birds of a feather flock together. If Donald Trump is hanging around Satanists with MPD like Epstein, that means, Donald Trump is a Satanist with MPD. Republicans and Democrats are both controlled by the Rothschild family so what difference does it make if any deluded morons vote? Moreover, the Rothschilds own the voting machines. Voting and putting hope in satanic men like Trump, instead of Eternal God, is merely a strategy from the enemy to drain all efforts and energies in futile pursuits instead of anything productive.
Did all of you forget how Trump tried to start WWIII and blew up Russians in Syria? Or how about when Trump murdered a righteous patriot defending his homeland like General Qasem Soleimani that was like a rockstar in Iran. Governments of both Iran and USA are all run by satanic crypto-Jew hypocrites that fully support Israel while gas-lighting the public that they don't. The word "hypocrite" comes from the Greek meaning "actor". Christ accused the Jewish priesthood of being actors(Matt 23:1-12). Washington is just Pharisee-wood with uglier faces. Donald Trump deserves an Oscar!

MC said (November 1, 2020):

Wow, on Gretchen's article and your comment heading. Can this make it in your
book IV? I am with you, overall has the ring of truth to it. Faked by someone?
No way to know for sure but lots of other data supports the general picture
given by her and the writer is obviously pretty intelligent and apparently
found Christ along the way, or returned after being a prodigal perhaps.

Kevin Barrett said (November 1, 2020):

probably written by a trump campaign ghostwriter in Tel Aviv

LWL said (November 1, 2020):

I think this pic shows the truth of her story:,450

How does Bush I, Bill Clinton show up in a picture with George Wallace?

Did you know that Trump's brother was the informant that broke up the BCCI scandal? Trump's brother was the government mole. I believe Donald Trump is also a mole into the global elite. He walked among them as one of them--but was not.

His father was a funder of the John Birch Society, a friend of Billy Graham. It was the John Birch Society that picked up the torch from Senator McCarthy in exposing the communists in our society.

Trump's inauguration speech was a John Birch Society speech.

And also Trump's brother in tweets before his death was talking about pedorings that needed to be exposed and destroyed. You notice that there is a lot of news about the recovery of trafficked children. Read the tweet storm from Robert Trump in the above article! And Donald Trump was really, really close to his brother.

Her story makes sense. People are groomed. Barrack Hussein Obama was groomed.

Anonymous said (October 31, 2020):

You are getting more and more insider information exposing the true makeup and operations of real world movers and shakers; current and likely future rulers included. There are some errors, of course, in the details, none of us have the whole truth of their plot, not even those working directly for the devil.

Still, almost all of this is described in the worldly sense, the biggest error of all, because the real motivation behind all the variously exposed motivations comes, as told us 20 centuries ago by St. Paul, from the supernatural world - the work of the devil determined to gain every soul for eternal hell he can fool.

Anyone who believes that man alone has the ability to devise all the described trickery, lies, perfidy, manipulations, etc. is fooling himself.

Obviously there is an overall plot that does not reveal its final intent. Even the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is just a piece of the overall plot, which is other-worldly and therefore overlooked by most of us, including myself until the last several years.

Unless great numbers of people, worldwide, make an honest return to the only God, Creator of all, Who is a God of Love as given the world through the cruel death of His Son, Jesus Christ in payment for our sins against Him, for our eternal benefit, there is no chance whatever of defeating the current ongoing world enslavement culminating in the unbelievable murder of most all of humanity which is the devil's end plot to acquire souls.

God can change all this in less than a second but, bis love for us demands that we conform to His rules or suffer the torments He has warned of through His Son and many others. In recent years, that is largely His mystical daughter/spouse/mother, the Virgin Mary, through whom he directs great graces if we are wise enough to duly change our lives so to accept them.

Andrew said (October 31, 2020):

Gretchen writes well and she believes what she's saying.

She may be Pro-Trump but she's independent and highly credible,

Particularly her insights into the quiet elite and their lifestyle.

You are publishing very interesting stories these days.

David E said (October 31, 2020):

This has the ring of truth about it. The illuminati do make mistakes, free will does come into play during the process, and not all in the system comply. The nuance here is realistic, to me at any rate. My intuition is that the woman is authentic, not least because of her appeal to Jesus Christ. God is ruthless against those who compromise his plan and his name.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at