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Mike Stone: Are You Ready for Civil War?

October 10, 2020



Election Day is Coming: Are You Ready?

by Mike Stone

Election Day in the United States is less than three weeks away. Are you ready for what promises to be possibly the darkest day in our nation's history?

If you're wondering what's going to occur, I'll tell you right now. Donald Trump is going to win on Election Day, but Joe Biden - or more rightly, Kamala Harris, the real head of the Democrat ticket - is not going to concede. Biden and Harris will be supported by every Democrat politician across the country, as well as the entire mainstream media, large swaths of the alternative media, and the usual assortment of turncoat Republicans (Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, etc.) They will attempt to drag the proceedings out for weeks, while hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots begin to show up and be counted. In the meantime, they will encourage massive - and I mean massive - civil unrest. You're going to see rioting, looting, and burning on a scale you've never seen before.

Are you ready for all of that? If not, you may want to start preparing. My advice is to spend a few hours on the weekend prior to the election stocking up on food and essentials (maybe some ammo too). Then on the day itself, to wake up as early as possible, vote as early as possible, and go straight home.

Don't go to work that day. Don't send your kids to school that day. Hunker down and prepare to defend your life and your property, if necessary. I wouldn't go to work the day after the election either. 

The day after the 2016 election I was confronted in an elevator by six angry individuals. I didn't say a word to any of them, but one looked me over and said, "You look like you're gonna make America great again." 

Then another one asked if I voted for Trump. "Yes, I did," I replied. I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of there.

Don't be complacent or think you're safe because you live in the suburbs. The mobs are already organizing to march through suburban neighborhoods all over the country, throwing rocks through windows and destroying property. Yours could be next. If you live in a state with a Democrat governor, it's really going to get worse, because they will encourage the rioting and violence.


Am I being an alarmist about all this? Maybe. But what have we witnessed for the last nine months, not to mention the last four years? 

What did we see last week, but concrete proof and evidence that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, and others, with the support of the entire mainstream media apparatus, conspired to overthrow the government of the United States? You don't think they have something massive planned for this election? You don't think they're going to pull out all stops this time around?

Of course, they are, and they've already tipped their hand. Hillary has already told Creepy Joe not to concede under any circumstances. The Fake News media has run story after story preparing the public for massive resistance and insurrection following the vote that day. Every television network in the country is running stories on the need to postpone the results until the fake mail-in ballots are counted. Now Nancy Pelosi is talking about some kind of 25th Amendment chicanery to unseat Trump if he wins.

All of the above could be stopped very easily if Attorney General William Barr would arrest and prosecute the coup planners. They are committing treason, after all. But he's not going to do that. In fact, he's not going to arrest or charge anyone involved in the upcoming riots either. He's tipped his hand. He's part of the Deep State too.

You know who will get arrested and charged though? Honest, hard-working Americans who attempt to defend their life or the lives of their family members. They will get prosecuted. Look at the McCluskey's of St. Louis, or Kyle Rittenhouse, or that bar owner who tried to defend his property.

So get ready for what's coming. Stock up on supplies. Vote early. Go home and stay home. And pray for divine intervention.
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon. 

Makow Comment- I beg to differ with these dire predictions. The Left is funded by Soros. They have no skin in the game and will not shed blood for Soros.

First Comment from Ken Adachi:

Mike Stone and James Perloff (below) are always reasonable and logical in their assessments and much of what they say rings true. However, the United States is a much bigger place than even citizens fully realize. If you review the locations and frequency of incidents where Soros-sponsored rioting and property damage took place this past Summer, the reports weren't pouring if from every major city in every state of the Union; far from it. There were only a FEW states with Commissar Governors and a few big cities with Marxist Demonrat Mayors where most of the rioting. looting, assaults, and property damage news was being reported from; even though MSM Propaganda Peddlers would routinely allude to 'widespread' rioting "across the nation," etc., in their reports, it wasn't actually the case. They were just delivering the Party Line that their news directors wanted them to deliver.

The police, in those cities and those Commissar states, were often cooperating with and accommodating the rioters to unleash as much damage as possible (including unattended police cars made conveniently available to the rioters to vandalize). Remember the Jewish cop dressed up in his Ninja suit with the purple respirator mask who was videotaped smashing the AutoZone plate glass windows with the hammer he had concealed under that black umbrella back in April or May?

Of course, when Soros-paid Street Monkeys drove their cars or were bused into some suburban towns in California, for example, things didn't go exactly as planned. No mall stores were vandalized and no looting or rioting or assaults took place because the local residents were out in force and simply BRISTLING with armament - as a sort of 'welcoming committee' - and the SJW's usually left as fast as they came in.

And yes, Mike's right: Trump will win in November and yes, the Marxists won't concede and yes, they will try their mail-in ballot fraud attempt, but it won't work and their fraudulent ballots will be denied. Yes, that idiot Pelosi will try her 25th amendment nonsense, but it will go absolutely nowhere, and very quickly dissolve into nothing.

So I don't see a Civil War arising from the election because 1. There simply aren't enough Soros Monkeys, whether black, brown or wealthy Leftist white kids who are willing & able to be bused to thousands and thousands of cities & suburban towns all across America and take a chance on losing their life, in the burbs at least, for the sake of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book or Comrade Soros' money, and 2. without the Soros Monkeys, there IS NO home-grown, Red Guard in America - as it existed in China in the late 1960s -  of dedicated, youthful, true-believer zealots ready to give their All to carry out every utterance of 'cleansing' required to satisfy the Great Leader's wishes.

And while the election results will not bring on civil war, in my opinion, a compulsory COVID vaccination attempt WILL -- and justly so.  That DNA-altering, AI-connecting, fertility-destroying, tracking-tracing, Lucifer Witches brew will mean the end of any semblance of normal human life, of freedom, of longevity, health, and the end of Free Will itself. We MUST convince Trump  - before it comes down to bullets - that the American People are NOT going to take that damn vaccine and we're going to do WHATEVER it takes to stop them - So Help Us, God.

James Perloff writes:

I think Mike Stone probably has it right here. Every day--without exception--the liberal mainstream media carries headlines hurling accusations at Trump. There is not the slightest attempt to even look impartial. The initial impression one can get from this is that the media is trying to swing the election for Biden. However, a likelier interpretation is that they are building up furor which will be unleashed in the form of more rioting and looting post-election.

The violence is not at all unrelated to the COVID crisis, on which I have a new book out.   On May 22, the CDC had reduced its COVID death rate to just 0.26%, and mainstream media had its back to the wall, trying to justify continuing the lockdowns. The George Floyd incident of May 25 rescued them from this dilemma, as for two weeks COVID was forgotten.

The looting and rioting actually worked hand-in-hand with the lockdowns, extending the damage already done to American small businesses, in a "one-two" punch. And when the rioting died down, Gates, Fauci, and their cronies emerged from their drawing board with a new COVID paradigm--it was no longer about deaths, it was now about "cases," mostly meaning NOT people who were sick, but healthy people who had simply tested positive on the dubious PCR test.

This new paradigm of "cases" enabled governors to continue destroying the U.S. economy (in preparation for the 2021 "Great Reset") by extending the lockdowns. Right now, however, the governors and media have their backs to the wall once again, as more and more doctors are exposing the fake "pandemic of cases."

How long will they keep up the "cases" charade? Probably just until November 3. Then, as with the Floyd incident, the nation will again temporarily forget about COVID as it becomes consumed with massive post-election violence.

When will the violence stop? As the winter weather arrives, we can probably expect two things: (1) the Antifa/BLM rioters will retreat indoors; (2) with the advent of "flu season," it will be proclaimed that COVID is now in its "second wave."  Governors will double down on their lockdowns, and Bill Gates will announce his COVID vaccine is ready. And perhaps troops deployed to quell the rioting will then be reorganized to deploy the vaccine.

At least, this seems to me a plausible scenario.

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Comments for "Mike Stone: Are You Ready for Civil War?"

Mike said (October 11, 2020):

What I heard from all the gun owners: people, men, women and conservative Black men too, stocking up on weapons and ammo, for post-election trouble and no police help!

Vincent said (October 11, 2020):

Henry, tens of millions around the world, many including credible people, scientists, demolition experts and various other experts in their fields are all aware of the false flag that was 9/11. Documentaries have proven it was a false flag inside job.Yet coming on twenty years since that event nothing has changed. The official narrative remains and those who question are today's many conspiracy theorists.

The coming vaccines with RFID chips no doubt will all roll out as planned also. The chabad moshiach is soon to arrive on the scene. Everything else going on is a sideshow and a distraction. If you want to be immune from an so called coronavirus just put on a police uniform. Those enforcing the lockdowns are immune to this plandemic as they arrest and fine those not in compliance.

Its admirable many are blowing the trumpet and trying to hold back the tide by informing others, but one by one they are silenced.
My great disappointment in this hour is the silence of so called Christians. Yes, denominations were long infiltrated. Are their any prophets like a David Wilkerson on the earth at this time? I'm not aware of any.

You do well brother to inform, but even among those with knowledge and understanding, they often only squabble among themselves.
While the masses get involved in political theatre, race wars, defunding police, and all the other things to divide.......the agenda rolls on unabated. This is the coming enslavement of mankind and mass depopulation.

While they cheered Jesus on Palm Sunday, they crucified him soon after. The mob is fickle.

JG said (October 10, 2020):

What's bizzare about this election is the MSM's fantasy poll numbers. They have Joe Biden up 16% over President Trump which is laughable. I think the Democrats figure that all the millions of mail in ballots will have Joe Biden's name on it.
The Democrats lost their attempt to smear Vladimir Putin and Russia by accusing them of meddling in the last presidential election. This was proven NOT to be true at all.

I think the MSM and Democrat's plan to fabricate these poll numbers might be to make appear unbelievable and illegit if President Trump wins. And if this is the case Biden might not concede and they can accuse Putin and Russia all over again.

Mick said (October 10, 2020):

As scary as it sounds, with each passing day Mike’s forecast seems to be more and more realistic.

The USA political/legislative system is completely sick, and any attempt to “cure” it with elections in this day and age is like trying to cure terminal cancer with anti-biotics.

I am not sure about Bill Barr being part of the Deep State, but the whole hesitancy with regards to arresting some open promoters of this 3.5-year ongoing coup d’Etat is baffling. This is a clear case of treason and it should be dealt with accordingly. Whether Trump and Barr don’t wanna do it or they simply can’t…that’s a question that remains to be answered.


Thanks Mick

Remember that Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a girl's school- Dalton


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