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Communists Trying to Steal US Election

November 4, 2020

Trump, via tweet, which was then censored by Twitter.

"We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!"

Mail-in ballot delays are hitting now: WI (no way we're announcing tonight),
MI (Friday), PA (no count anytime soon) and GA (biggest Dem county stopped counting, Trump leading by 300k).

MI, PA, NC, WI, GA ---- Trump leads in every one of these states. So the Dems have stopped counting votes here. -- Call these states for trump and he wins. 

by Henry Makow PhD

This is the most important US election in history and the Communist Deep State is trying to steal it. 

Literally, our freedom is at stake.  Our future, and that of our families, is at stake. 

Communists don't play by the rules. They believe the "end justifies the means." 

They stoop to censoring, intimidating, or even killing anyone who stands in their way. 

They are quite capable of rigging this vote. 75% of my readers agree (see Twitter poll.) 

When you count the vote, you could run a mule as your candidate, and be assured of victory. Hunter Biden's laptop has shown that his father is a Chinese agent, but the Communist MSM suppressed this information.  The "big guy" is a gangster, a traitor, and an unrepentant pedophile. He is also senile, bordering on demented.  But, when you count the vote...

I just can't believe that nearly 70 million Americans voted for a man affiliated with Antifa and BLM who rioted, looted, and turned their downtowns into war zones. A man who was taking kickbacks from the Chinese. 

Only someone who planned to rig the vote would run this sorry excuse for a human being. He is a raised middle finger to America and all it stands for. He exemplifies the contempt that Satanists have for Americans. Biden even boasted of having the "most extensive voter fraud organization in history." 

A well-connected contact sent this yesterday afternoon. I ignored it because I was confident Trump would win a landslide victory. 

Demonrats/Globalists have hacked & hijacked the voting system and the Military "white hats" are trying to get it back.  Within the Military are Globalists, who are working for the Biden/Commie/Globalist team The hacked/hijacked voting system will make it look like Biden won by 3 points.

The Military "white hats" are very concerned --my contact said, "This was not supposed to happen, the Trump Military "white hats" thought they had this loophole secured, however, they do not, they lost the server  --it was stolen -removed by the Globalists and the Military "white hats" are looking for it. The stolen server will just say that Biden won.

Does this sound insane?     Yesterday my contact was very calm --he told me, Trump has the votes and can win this fair and square and they are prepared for the Globalists corruption --But today he is totally panicked --he is a high up person that will be put on a death list if the Globalists get in, so he may have to flee the country-- just like Trump said he would do if the Globalists get in!


We cannot allow tyranny to be imposed by subterfuge. We have to draw the line. This election is that line. 

Whatever his shortcomings, Donald Trump is a major obstacle to globalist plans. He must emerge victorious or we are doomed.

(left- Denver airport mural is a reminder of what the Satanists have planned for us.)

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"I stand by this prediction. If people do not resist WITH FORCE after they steal this election, IT ABSOLUTELY WILL HAPPEN."  - Jim Stone 

First Comment from Tony B

Why is it that one must repeat, repeat, and repeat again that no longer do actual votes matter?  The cabal, owner of all major political parties (and numerous minor ones) and therefore almost all government, owner of all major media, owner of the censors of truth-tellers, owner of almost all mainstream miseducation, owner of much of the religious world, among other groups, all through their ownership of bogus mediums of exchange worldwide which amount to enslaving debt at usury forced on almost the whole world - this satanically led cabal furnishes the script for elections and its legion of well-paid myrmidons simply execute the play (via very poor acting) while the ignorant, willful and not, citizens accept whatever is placed before them as gospel.

One observation - Trump would have been considered untouchable,. even by the cabal, had he done one single thing.  All he needed to do was dump the phony pandemic and tell all government to drop the lie and stop the nationwide home imprisonment of its citizens stupidly accepting false fear, wearing useless masks, allowing their businesses to be gutted by the cabal and their present and future lives to be totally ruined by an easily exploded lie.  He could and should have called for the arrest and imprisonment as traitors all media, governmental, medical, educational, etc., persons promoting this satanic lie of a pretended pandemic.  Ask yourself why he did not.


SS writes:

Everything you wrote here is true.  During the first Presidential debate, it was clear to me that the democrats were trying to steal the Presidency via mail-in ballots as Trump claimed.  By the second debate I had let my guard down and I thought Trump would win by a landslide.  He did but the Communist-controlled media won't call it and are stalling as Globalists run interference.  Average Americans don't have the attention span of a fly.  

If election results "hang in the balance" too long Americans will get sick of it and will just want a winner declared, regardless of which candidate is pronounced the winner.  Globalists are counting on this and they know Americans will roll over and play dead on this election because they already have with Covid and the tanking of the economy for nearly 8 months now.  Covid and the economy were a test run for election fraud and timed by design in the run-up to the election.  They did not win our consent to their plans by our votes but they will if we sit back and let them tamper with the results.  

Trump is not perfect but he is the best we have to oppose wholesale tyranny.  He is not a Globalist player.  Globalists would not be so hell bent on ousting him if he was playing by their rules.  God help him and us.  During the first debate, Biden claimed over 200,000 dead during the Covid segment.  Then he laughed maniacally and smiled with delight.  He said clearly what he wants to do with America.  He wants to keep us locked down until January (inauguration time) or Spring until the Covid vaccine gets rolled out.  Now, imagine we get the "Covid" vaccine delivered to us from inside a FEMA Camp.  COVID is a hoax.  The vaccine is a death sentence delivered for voting in our wholesale destruction.  America is fast becoming host to the Fourth Reich.  We need Godly intervention on this one.

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Comments for "Communists Trying to Steal US Election "

AC said (November 5, 2020):

In 2016, Obviously, The Globalist/Communist Cabal went into complete meltdown over Donald Trump win, which was expected by the way, even though Mainstream predicted a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Now, The Globalist/Communist Cabal has doubled down and committed Electoral Fraud. Now it looks like a Biden Presidency. It's Trump 214. Biden 264 as I write this. This is nothing but Globalism Rebooted.

They gave too many states to Biden, too quickly, The West Coast and Arizona.

You have conservative media like Fox saying, don't worry, if Biden is President, don't worry, The U.S Senate will have your back. Yeah right. They will all turn RINO, Globalist in 6 months and then we get Kamala Harris.

JS said (November 4, 2020):

I think Trump will prevail, although I never thought he was intended to win by a landslide.

Consider that all (s)elections are orchestrated events.

The Bolsheviks real goal is to do a scorched earth of America.

What better way to mobilize the militant Bolsheviks, than to make them believe they won, only to have it taken away from them.

With that, they'll feel fully justified to go absolutely berserk and inflict maximum damage.

JS said (November 4, 2020):

I think Trump will prevail, although I never thought he was intended to win by a landslide.

Consider that all (s)elections are orchestrated events.

The Bolsheviks real goal is to do a scorched earth of America.

What better way to mobilize the militant Bolsheviks, than to make them believe they won, only to have it taken away from them.

With that, they'll feel fully justified to go absolutely berserk and inflict maximum damage.

SR said (November 4, 2020):

I agree with Tony B

Trump owns Operation Warp Speed, so he sure isn't on my side. Whether Trump wins or not, Operation Warp Speed will continue. The Covid19 Hoax Scamdemic was the purposeful tool to keep the Swing States run by Communists in perpetual Lockdown so that at least half the voters would not vote in person. Those are the ballots now being used for this Street Theater. No matter who ultimately "wins", nothing good will come of it for We the People, the ones who want their constitutional republic as a sovereign free nation. That Ship has sailed. Only the most craven will want what is coming next. Control over everything by the Satanist Sellouts. This has to be done voluntarily for these Demoniacs to claim victory over our souls. Trump admitted it's not him they are after, but US.

Bruce said (November 4, 2020):

Just my personal thoughts on the election and the state of American affairs in general.

You posted earlier on your site " you could not believe that Oregon, Minnesota voted Demonrat even after their cities were looted and burned almost to the ground".

There was a time when I used to say, there was no difference between the two political factions/parties in the U.S. It appears the Demonrat party has me rethinking that statement, but overall I still stick with it. Let's look at the two candidates: first, we have the incumbent, Donald Trump. Trump is in the pocket of Israel, lock, stock, and barrel. In fact, he literally creams his jeans over that little piece of sand dune over in the Middle East. He is also known to have shady real estate deals that have gone belly up. Then there is his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, etc. Personality-wise, he is a windbag, loud, obnoxious, and arrogant. He has the typical New York gangster type persona; akin to John Gotti.

Let's look at Joe Biden: Pervert extraordinaire; touchy-feely with the ladies and with children. His family are just as perverted as he is; Hunter Biden is a sexual sleaze from hell. Like Trump, he is in bed with a foreign entity: Mainland communist China. Of course, he is not the first politician in that boat. The Clintons and "Tricky Dickey" Nixon come to mind.

The problem is not so much with the political opponents as it is with the Americans in general. The average American is very politically ignorant. The average American knows more about their favorite celebrity/entertainer, sports athlete than they do their favorite politician. The American populace has been dumbed to the level of the beast of the field. No apologies were given.

In closing I do sense that in 2021 we will see the eventual breakup of the U.S. into different political, racial, and maybe even religious lines. There was a book put out some years back by a man named Thomas Chittum about this scenario I just put forth. Will his prediction come true? Who knows. America now stands at the bottom rung of the proverbial ladder to hell. Below that last rung is the Lake of Fire. Will she (the U.S.) be able to climb back up to avoid such a calamity? Only time will tell. God help us all.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at