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Trump Dumped Sidney Powell After She Implicated CIA in Vote Fraud

November 24, 2020

In this interview on Nov 16 with Lou Dobbs, Sidney Powell says the Smartmatic voting system used in the 2020 election was originally developed for Hugo Chavez so he could rig the vote. (This is fitting since Biden will have the same effect on the US.)

The company is owned and run by Communists. The President of Smartmatic, Pete Neffenger, is tied to Homeland Security and on Biden's transition team. She says this has been happening all over the world for years and the CIA must have been complicit. She says many people have raised the alarm but nothing was done.  How could Trump let this happen unless the whole thing is a shitshow? Is the whole drama a charade designed to provoke civil strife? 

Sidney Powell is the only honest broker in the election fraud scandal. Below, she says state officials were bribed to install Smartmatic machines. After she stated the CIA was complicit and Gina Haskell should be fired, the Trump campaign distanced itself from her. 

The question remains. If Smartmatic rigs all elections, did they rig Trump's 2016 victory?

Watch this interview with Powell on November 20. 

Here is the transcript 

Maria Bartiromo:
Sidney Powell, who's part of President Trump's legal team. Sidney before we went to the break, we talked about you said that there may have been kickbacks to some people who accepted the Dominion software. Tell me what you mean.

Sidney Powell:
Well, I mean, we are collecting evidence now from various whistleblowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought the software. We're talking about a hundred million dollar packages for new voting machines suddenly in multiple states, and benefits ranging from financial benefits for family members to sort of what I would call election insurance because they know that they can win the election if they are using that software. It's really an insidious corrupt system. 

I can't tell you how livid I am with our government for not paying attention to complaints, even brought by Democrats, Carolyn Maloney, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar over the last several years in written letters with expert reports, and some documentation of how corrupt the software is, and nobody in our government have paid any attention to it. This makes me wonder how much the CIA has used it for its own benefit in different places and why Gina Haskell is still there, and the CIA is beyond my comprehension. She should be fired immediately.

Maria Bartiromo:

Which governor or which government official accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits for their family as they took on this software?

Sidney Powell:
If I said hundreds of millions of dollars there, I misspoke. I don't know the exact amount of money yet. We are still collecting the evidence on that, but it's more than one.

Maria Bartiromo:
Okay, so you can't say who you believe took kickbacks. What is the CIA's role? Why do you think Gina Haskell should be fired immediately? You're saying that the CIA is behind the Dominion or Smartmatic voting software as well?

Sidney Powell:
Well, the CIA and the FBI, and other government organizations have received multiple reports of wrongdoing and failures and vulnerabilities in this company's product. Their own manual, if you sat down and read it, it would explain how and why no honest person would use this system. It's not just dominion, there are other companies in the voting machine business in this country too, that may very well and are likely using the same software. We've detected voting irregularities that are inexplicable and aligned with these problems in other states that think they have valid systems, but the people who bought the Dominion system for sure knew exactly what they were getting. It should never have been installed anywhere, and we are going to show the public exactly how rotten the entire state is.

Maria Bartiromo:

Now, I have spoken with a few whistleblowers myself this weekend, and one source who is an IT specialist told me that he knows the software and specifically advised people in Texas, officials in Texas not to use it, and yet he was overruled. He said that there was an unusual patch that was put into the software while it was live, and it's highly unusual to put a patch in there. Is that what you're referring to? Tell me how it's done and how these back doors work.

Sidney Powell:

Okay, that's part of it. They can stick a thumb drive in the machine or load software to it. Even from the internet, they can do it from Germany or Venezuela even.They can remote access anything. They can watch votes in real-time. They can shift votes in real-time. We've identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and plan to use from the beginning to modify the votes in this case, to make sure Biden won. That's why he said he didn't need your votes now he would need you later. He was right, I mean, in his diminished state he had no filter, and he was speaking the truth more than once, including when he said he had the largest voter fraud organization ever. Well, it's massive election fraud. It's going to undo the entire election and they can do anything they want with the votes. They can have the machines not read the signature. They can have them, the machine's not read the down-ballot. They can make the machines read and catalog only the Biden votes. It's like drag and drop, whatever you want, wherever you want, upload votes. In fact, we've gotten math in Michigan and Pennsylvania. I think it is that all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of votes at a 67% ratio for Biden, 23% for Trump were uploaded multiple times into the system.

Maria Bartiromo:
Sidney, you say you have an affidavit from someone who knows how this system works and was there with the planning of it. Do you believe you can prove this?

Sidney Powell:
Yes, we have a sworn -- essentially a sworn statement from a witness who knew exactly how it worked from the beginning. Why it was designed to work that way, and so when things started shutting down and they started stopped counting the votes here. That the same play that had worked in other countries.

RELATED-  Patrick Byrne -former CEO of Overstock is leading Powell's team analyzing vote fraud.  Start at 2.30 
Powell said she offered Byrne to Tucker Carlson as a guest, and he turned down the offer and complained she gave no evidence. 

Lou Dobbs on @CNN talking about Smartmatic. 2006. How long have they been cheating? - YouTube

Sidney Powell Outlines Affidavit Showing Purpose of SmartMatic Voting System to Control Elections...


First Comment from Ken Adachi

Yesterday, I noticed most all MSM websites, including Fox, characterize the short statement from Giuliani's Trump Campaign legal team that Powell wasn't working for them as if she had been let go or fired. That's not the case at all.

It seems that she's more restricted in what she can say and do if she's formally being PAID, as a lawyer, to represent the Trump Campaign legal team. It doesn't mean that they 'dumped' her. I'm reasonably convinced that she will play a VERY big role in exposing the Biden election theft and secure the presidency for Trump. They are clarifying that's she's not being paid as a lawyer to REPRESENT the Trump campaign legal team.

Part of the conflict has to do with her role in representing Gen. Flynn who was buffaloed by the FBI into 'admitting' something that they characterized as "lying to the FBI."  Since the FBI is UNDER the Executive branch, she would have a conflict of interest if she formally was being paid by the Executive AND   representing Flynn.

Instead of depending on MSM liars and reality fabricators,  why not subscribe to Sidney Powell's own newsletter and email notices and see what SHE has to say before going with the MSM BS?

Sidney Powell Newsletter signup:

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Comments for "Trump Dumped Sidney Powell After She Implicated CIA in Vote Fraud "

Jean said (November 25, 2020):

It's inexact. I do not share the claims about the 'position' of Sydney Powell.

Trump has not dumped Sydney POWELL because she was not part of the Trump campaign. It's a smoking gun.

She is registered as a military lawyer (and she works for Major General Flynn).

A registered civilian military lawyer IS NOT A JAG which is a Judge Advocate General.

Sidney Powell has been a Federal Prosecutor as well as has her own law firm. In military courts: other federal courts.

Here we are looking at both non-military justice cases REGARDING TREASON against the AMERICAN PEOPLE and military treason involvement.

Nothing comparable with the Trump advocate staff (Giuliani).

John P said (November 25, 2020):

Regarding latest article: Trump Dumped Sidney Powell

Timely article once again Henry. The system is rigged and now everyone can see it. Are we really to believe that only this election was rigged? Come on. As George Carlin said, voting is designed to give you the illusion of choice. It's a show. The truth is we don't have choice. Go back 20 years and recall that both parties (and many of these same players) were involved in the 911 false flag. Trump even picked an infamous 911 insider for his lawyer. I hate to say this but it's all over folks. Fake elections = the end. John Pontrello

anon said (November 24, 2020):

rump's distancing of Sydney Powell is showing the crack's in Trump's armor. He is looking more and more like controlled opposition in a planned, false narrative made to appear real. Previously one of your readers made a brilliant observation when he pointed out that Trump ought to have called B.S. in the Covid scam before the election.

He hinted at the scam and I wanted to think that he was waiting for the most opportune moment. But then he said the dems suppressed knowledge of a Covid vaccine until after the election to win votes. So now Trump is pro-Covid vaccine after hinting that the lockdown is unnecessary and showing us that Covid is survivable after supposedly getting it. What's the real Truth? I'm anticipating the next thing we should expect in this shit show is the total collapse of government, institutions, and society.

Tony B said (November 24, 2020):

Here is proof positive of why Powell is being demonized by media, including Carlson and the rest of Fox.

It's not just the Democrats and not just this election. In fact, Powell's discoveries are real proof that all political parties are owned by the same cabal money and do as that money tells them to do, scamming the people with their fake divisions, whether or not Powell fully realizes this truth.

It will take a complete cleanup of all government, not just one party, and the destruction of the Rothschild cabal satanic evil to bring honesty back into government.

JG said (November 24, 2020):

All the Chavez and Venezuela stuff did not do the case for voter fraud and irregularities a lot of good and this is why Mrs.Powell was dismissed. This was a diversion tactic gone bad. Again, she was afraid to name that perennial elephant in the room like so many others and this is how this man wins time and time again. Not even the US Attorney Office would investigate the Antifa assault on Senator Rand Paul and his wife that also sent a Washington D.C. Policeman to the hospital because they knew all too well who that road would lead to.
I have yet to meet anyone who be believes in the full legitimacy of this last election.
The state of Michigan may have been the worse of all. Illegal voter intimidation was used on Michigan Board of Canvassers Representative Norm Shinkle. Like other Republican members (Monica Palmer) threats were made to his family. It worked because he abstained his vote. And pathetically, as expected, no public comment from the Michigan Governor, State Attorney General, or Secretary of State on this matter either. This is just another voter irregularity in the state of Michigan that just didn't happen.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at