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Brabantian - Supremes Likely to Hand Power to Trump

November 12, 2020

The Supreme Court Justices will confirm the vote fraud,
 and join Clarence Thomas in giving Joe Biden 
a taste of the humiliation he deserves after humiliating Thomas
back in 1991.

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by Brabantian

The nine justices of the USA Supreme Court, have their own deep-set motives to trash team Biden for vote fraud.

These include Biden's personal attacks on Clarence Thomas and Biden-Harris threats to destroy the authority of the US Supreme Court by adding as many new judges as necessary.

Trump's win is not so remote as many think, with one faction of the 'Deep State' or 'Illuminati', itself inclined to back Trump and provide support for the US Supreme Court's likely strong anti-Biden inclinations.

The USA Supreme Court could give Trump a victory here without even needing to declare that Trump has legitimately 'won'. All it needs to do is declare enough doubt about the vote. Then the choice of President devolves in January to the US House of Representatives voting in blocs by state, each state with 1 vote. As most states are Republican, this means Trump wins.

First of all, 3 of the 9 current serving Supreme Court Justices - Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett - were appointed by Trump himself. They owe him a favour. With one Deep State faction itself backing nationalist-Zionist Trump against globalist Bolsheviks, these judges are not only free but deeply inclined, to acknowledge evidence of Biden-Democratic vote fraud.

Secondly, and most importantly, the longest-serving justice on the US Supreme Court is conservative black intellectual Clarence Thomas, sworn in in 1991. His nomination was aggressively fought by then-Senator Joe Biden, managing hearings in what Thomas called "a national disgrace ... a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves."

The central issue was questionable 'me, too' type sexual harassment allegations by an angry female law professor who was formerly Thomas' assistant.

The problem here for Biden, is that his personal attacks on Clarence Thomas, then a Federal Appeals judge, touch all Supreme Court Justices independently of those justices' race or politics. 

Unproven allegations by one angry woman, trumpeted by Biden, in what seemed a combination of racist contempt and political malice, strike all Supreme Court judges as hostile and threatening to judicial authority. Their view is that no judge should be questioned and accused and publicly humiliated in this crude manner. With nearly thirty years on the Supreme Court, and now its longest-serving justice, Thomas' view of Biden shenanigans carries deep weight.


Finally, there is the fact that the current Supreme Court justices resent how, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in classic Bolshevik fashion, have indulged thinking about 'packing' the US Supreme Court, adding 3 or more to the current 9 justices, to ensure it will rubber-stamp any Democratic Party Bolshevik programme items.

The USA Supreme Court has had nine justices maximum since the late 1800s, but there is no number specified in the US Constitution. The original number was six, and legislation has altered the number at times between five and ten. Franklin Roosevelt famously sought to add more justices, but this was rejected in the 1930s as a quasi-fascist gambit.

The power of judges in any country, is ultimately fragile, based on acceptance and cooperation of other governmental authorities, along with a kind of illusion that the justices really represent independent 'justice'. As we review Bolshevik or totalitarian regimes, we know the judges are not 'independent', and we scorn their fraudulent courts and 'show trials'.

It is an inheritance of Jewish tradition to support a 'kritarchy', a rule by judges, deciding things much more remotely from the people than legislators. In the USA the 'supremacy of the judges' became de facto the case, although the US Constitution makes the Congress technically supreme, with unlimited powers to remove judges for 'lack of good behaviour', for making rulings against the common good.

Since the 1950s, US judges became more and more 'aggressive', in fact 'legislating from the bench' against the popular and legislative will. First, it was for 'good' things, such as ending segregation, but as we know, judges soon came to enact rights to abortion and gay marriage and anything else they wanted, on the pretext they were able to 'find' all these items as 'implicit' in the 1789 US Constitution.

The 'priesthood' of US judges, like any gang of clergy or bureaucracy, do not want their quasi-magical 'supreme powers' to be torn away from them. Packing the court with as many extra judges as needed, to ensure Bolshevik-friendly verdicts, obviously destroys the significance of the court, making them into mere rubber-stamp clerks. The existing judges do not want this, they want their great power to continue, and Biden-Harris are obviously a threat to this Judaic-style judge supremacy.

It's common to assume that the US Supreme Court will be too frightened to rule that massive, devastating vote fraud took place in 2020 because it would 'de-stabilise' the USA image of democracy. But that ship has already sailed, the horse is out of the barn, 70 million Trump voters can no longer 'un-see' the fraud, and world leaders can see it too.

This election is, in part, a struggle for power between factions within the Deep State itself. The nationalist-Zionist side of the Illuminati - opposed to the globalist side - itself may strongly favour Trump being given his win. The Supreme Court Justices will confirm the vote fraud,
and join Clarence Thomas in giving Joe Biden a taste of the humiliation he deserves after humiliating Thomas back in 1991



They are now down to three Jews, all liberals, (Sotomayer, Breyer, Kagan), six Roman Catholics and 1 Protestant, Gorsuch, was however raised Roman Catholic

Was trying to keep the article short. There is a rather 'Catholic issue' as well as a Jewish issue, the Deep State seems to find something in the Catholic mentality, as well as that of Mormons, that make some of these people loyal operatives. And you see how Pope Francis is these days. Intel is full of Mormons. It doesn't change the conclusion so I didn't mention the court's make-up

Chief Justice John Roberts seems especially compromised, his name on Epstein Lolita Express flight logs, and his 1990s adoption of children from Ireland who were flown to Latin America, arguably violated international child-trafficking laws.

The USA Supreme Court and judiciary in general, are under the gun. After rulings against Obama, Federal Judge John Roll was shot dead in Arizona in 2011, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead with a pillow on his face in 2016. USA judges heard these 'messages' loud and clear.

But this is not a case of the Supreme Court needing to be 'honest' against the Deep State - the 2020 election is a case of one Deep State faction rather than another, and here the Supreme Court justices can tilt toward the nationalist-Zionist one over the globalist one.

First Comment from Joseph K- (Abridged)

I disagree with Brabantian.  Judge Thomas is the only one of the Supremes with the courage to vote for Trump.  Not so much because Thomas was abused by Biden 29 yrs ago, but because Thomas is a true patriot.  And likely as not they'll kill Thomas before it comes to a vote.

A Catholic woman votes against Catholic Biden after the Pope pronounces Biden the winner?  No.  Women don't step up like that.  And women are fanatical Catholics.  My own ancestor was an ex-Catholic from Germany who hated the Catholic Church and wasn't too crazy about ANY church,  But he was a man.  Women get into a mental prison with their version of the Christian religion, especially if it is Catholic, and never get out.

Gorsuch has already voted with the "liberals" a time or two.  Kavanaugh is sort of the drink it up in college sort of lawyer and won't come through in the crisis...

The lower courts don't think the Supremes will come through for Trump, otherwise, the lower courts would be ruling for Trump already...

Trump should act pre-emptively now.  He should certify himself the winner in AZ, GA, MI, PA and WI.  He should announce that OR and WA don't count because they're in a condition of insurrection.  He can sweeten this for the people, by simultaneously announcing his executive order that ALL federal, state, and local lockdown, shutdown, quarantine, distancing and masking are abolished.  So in future, we can have more honest elections again, among other benefits.

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Comments for "Brabantian - Supremes Likely to Hand Power to Trump"

JG said (November 13, 2020):

This is article is "spot on". The Supreme Court will have to get involved because there IS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of voter fraud in this past election.

Even my Democratic friends have admitted to me that it was stolen from Trump but are using the excuse of past elections to justify it.

Dewey really did beat Truman. Richard Nixon did beat John Kennedy and George Bush Jr. didn't win the first or second time. This, I do believe.
US elections since 1980 have been between the AIPAC backed Republican candidates and the Globalist World Order Democrat candidates.

As evidenced by the fraud in this last election the American voter is no longer determining his fate. Yes, a lot of US elections have been rigged including this one but it just was a very, very, bad time to do it.

Robert K said (November 13, 2020):

From the article: "The [3 Supreme Court justices he appointed] owe [Trump] a favor." This pay-to-play concept is what passes for justice in the USA. Most Americans appear to find judicial partiality to be normal and have corrupted their legal system by turning it into a political playing-field.

Andrew said (November 13, 2020):

Barbadian offers clear insights into the motives, role and thinking of the current US Supreme Court in what court becomeTRUMP vs BIDEN. If the court's ruling puts Trump back for 2nd four-year term-IT WILL SET THE STAGE FOR the ULTIMATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY RAGE SCENARIO. I believe that is the ELITE script to heighten civil unrest and maybe even CIVIL WAR.

Also last Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Legislature demanded a legislative audit before certifying election results for Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. Under the US Constitution, the Legislature sends the electoral college to Washington to vote in the US President. Pennsylvania rank and file lawmakers demand legislative audit before certifying election results

Pennsylvania rank and file lawmakers demand legislative audit before cer...
Christen Smith | The Center Square

Great article!

My hat's off to Brabantian.

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