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December 23, 2020

(Manitoba Gauleiter Brian Pallister)

Facebook: Five days in Winnipeg hospital waiting room to mend a broken arm. COVID takes all their attention.

Ethan Krushel is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

December 18, 2019  
On Friday, I got into a car accident and broke my arm. I've been sitting at Health Sciences Centre for 5 days waiting to get a 1-2 hour surgery. 

Tonight, after preparing me to go under the knife, they cancelled my surgery for the 6th time because I'm not a high enough "priority". 

All this, even though I'm taking enough pain killers to put down a horse, and my arm would fold in half if I put any pressure on it. 

For those of you who voted for Brian Pallister, and his bull shit regime against Manitoba healthcare, let me personally say, I fucking hate you. 

Unless I'm physically dying, I'm not a priority. 

If I leave to wait at home, then I lose my spot on the surgery wait list completely.

I have not met a staff member who has worked less than 12 hours in a single shift. 

Today I overheard a woman who has waited nearly 10 days to get her gall bladder removed. 
Our healthcare system is broken. I had no idea the scope of it's damages until I became dependant on it. 

There is nothing but frustration and anger lurking in these hallways, and the saddest part is, the people to blame are no where near this building. They sit in comfy chairs, under high ceilings, with a stark naked "golden boy" dancing above their heads. 

If you know someone that works in the healthcare system. Please, give them a hug.

They are the ones that have to deal with the decisions of our government. They are the ones getting yelled at by angry patients through no fault of their own. They are the ones trying to keep up. 

Most importantly, the next time you fill out a ballot, please think of the repercussions. 
Because this, is fucking bullshit. 


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