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Modern Medicine as Satanic Cult

December 21, 2020

How could a large segment of the medical profession collude with the Illuminati bankers in bringing society to its knees? Modern medicine is a branch of the Illuminati, a satanic cult which controls and exploits society by making people sick. See how the profession is ruled on pain of losing their medical licence. In this 2019 article, Dr. Reizer compares modern medicine with a "religion."

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Although a small minority of us don't think of them and their vocation in this way, medical doctors and the profession of medicine are perceived by the vast majority of people as priests working in a church. The entire structure of the medical profession has been intentionally designed to mirror a religious experience.

When you walk into a house of worship, you enter a domain that is considered sacred by the members of the congregation. Inside a church, temple, synagogue or any other religious chamber, there are specific rules that are generally understood and followed by its members. 

Out of respect for the belief system, any types of criticism, skepticism or questions concerning the veracity of the organization's major premise are off limits. In other words, members of religious congregations can never publicly question the church about anything.

In medicine, the doctor (priest, minister, rabbi) customarily wears a white gown (robe) that absolutely identifies him as the high priest in the congregation (practice). Within that practice there are nurses (nuns) that assist the doctor in taking care of patients (members of the congregation) when they become ill (possessed by evil microbes). Patients do not usually question  a doctor's (minister's) advice.

There are a variety of techniques (rituals) the profession of medicine uses to rid the body of diseases (evil spirits). Some of these techniques include introducing synthetic drugs (holy water) in patients, mass produced by petrochemical companies. In other situations, doctors cut out diseases in the body by performing surgeries (exorcisms) in an effort to remove infected tissues and organs (possessed body parts).

Question the intentions or integrity of the medical man and his large support group of medical personnel, and you will be looked upon by the citizens of most communities as a nut job (the devil). Question the medical protocols (biblical passages) that have been written by the petrochemical corporations and firmly established within the base curricula of every medical school program in the world, and you will be labeled as a charlatan, a quack or a pseudo-scientist.

snakes-sticks_5.jpg(Emblem of AMA is same as WHO & UN. Get it now?)

The petrochemical companies secretly overseeing prestigious medical journals, the publishers of supposed peer-reviewed research, make certain doctors opposing the allopathic paradigm (drugs are the only way to achieve and maintain health) are always viewed by the vast majority of people as being unscientific.

In the Catholic Church, they teach parishioners that a young soul, entering the world, is compromised by original sin (a weakened immune system). It predisposes that vessel (body) to a life of demonic possession (sickness). The baptismal holy waters of the church (vaccination programs) are the only sure way to wash away the sins (childhood diseases) and set the soul right (create immunity against germs) so that it can enjoy an existence on Earth that is free from Satan's temptations (bacteria and viral microbes).

I understand there will be plenty of people incensed over what I have written in this article. A person that writes content questioning a particular religion's philosophy or integrity will not win any popularity contests. And make no mistake; the medical profession is a powerful religion with many followers. That, in itself, is a sad fact, but also the major reason why so many people are walking around sick and don't understand why.

The faith and trust we have collectively invested, as a society, in medicine is based upon blind faith and not the profession's ability to get sick people well. There are some pretty screwed up concepts that medical dogma is based upon and when one takes a close look at these ideas, their flaws become very apparent. It is because of this fact that the profession has been cleverly structured and marketed, by its engineers, to appear as a religion.

As a religion, medicine remains off limits from would-be critics and avoids important questions. These questions have needed to be answered for years, and yet they continue to be ignored by medicine's leaders. Instead, we continue to hear and read about, walkathons, parades and fundraisers that supposedly benefit research for future eradication of diseases that the medical profession and petrochemical corporations have no intention of ever eliminating!

It's not a coincidence that so many hospitals in the United States and around the world have been named after religious organizations and saints. Let's face facts, there aren't any medical facilities named "The Charles Manson Center for Burned Victims'. Medical institutions have been designed and branded in such a way that they are presently perceived, by the masses, as places of worship. Even the doctor's classic, white lab coat has been designed to instill, in the psyche of health care consumers, a sense of purity when they think of physicians.

Getting people to believe in the value of medicine has been the long-term goal of pharmaceutical companies. Their relentless commitment to this self-serving campaign has turned the public sector into a massive congregation of cheerleaders that ritualistically praise the medical industry. Communities throughout America and around the world regularly donate large amounts of money attempting to build and maintain hospital centers. These organizations are now the center points of all modern communities.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good medical doctors and surgeons in the world and some medical practice objectives can be helpful in saving lives. But most of the successes that can be attributed to modern medicine usually come in the form of emergency based care and not from the area of managing diseases and restoring health to the human body.

If we ever hope to improve the health of human beings and raise the overall quality of healthcare that's practiced in the United States and other locations throughout the world, we will need to break the stranglehold petrochemical corporations have on the medical profession. These giant companies have hijacked medicine and made it sick. We need to turn our attention away from figuring out ways to pay for medical care and start concentrating on ways to fix the profession so that it stops making people sicker than they already are.

In the future we must evaluate medicine as a profession and not blindly praise its false accomplishments that have, ultimately, been fabricated by drug companies and later promoted in peer-reviewed journals that are owned and operated by the same companies. It's time for the members of the congregation (the general public) to get off their knees and begin holding traditional medicine (the church) accountable for its actions!

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First Comment from Kristine

Obviously, what is being and has been sold to us for several hundred years now as "medicine" is witchcraft, which is a religion, or "allopathy", which is another term for Alchemy,  which again, is witchcraft-sorcery. The emblem of "medicine" and pharmakeia is the snake, sometimes even two, writhing around a stick, a magic wand.

The "modern" current throng to medicine and unconditional trust in "doctors" is a fulfilment of prophecy written by Daniel, who foretold the fearful and forceful injection of heavy metals into "the miry clay", which is akin to the apothecary's dream of turning "lead into gold" of creating "the philosopher´s stone", which is euphemistic language for re-creating men from the Image of their Creator into the image of satan. Coming soon, first in the form of the vaccine, and then with his mar

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Comments for "Modern Medicine as Satanic Cult "

DAS said (December 22, 2020):

The doctors expect not only worship, but the sharing of private personal information as if you are somehow friends. Personal info used to be sacred, something you could share with a nurturing female nurse with the expectation of privacy, but now many doctors expect this, male or female. They even make notes in your records that the whole office will see. They want both power over you, and to manipulate you for love.

Today the nurses are tyrant enforcers of the doctor worship because they want a piece of it. They want to move up the ladder and let foreign immigrants do the real nursing work, because in our culture women aren’t valued as nurturers anymore. The status symbol seems to be how much access they have to pharmaceuticals. They aren’t interested in your health!

Angela said (December 22, 2020):

I wouldn't call Modern Medicine a satanic cult. There is much wrong in the private practice of medicine, but I have always had the best treatment in the hospital system.

The writer compares medicine to religion and in that there is some truth. However the writer should check his facts before publishing falsehoods:

e.g. "In the Catholic Church, they teach parishioners that a young soul, entering the world, is compromised by original sin (a weakened immune system). It predisposes that vessel (body) to a life of demonic possession (sickness). The baptismal holy waters of the church (vaccination programs) are the only sure way to wash away the sins (childhood diseases) and set the soul right (create immunity against germs) so that it can enjoy an existence on Earth that is free from Satan's temptations (bacteria and viral microbes).
I am not incensed over what you have written in this article. I just think that it makes you look an ignoramus. This passage is full of falsehoods and misunderstanding. The two are just not comparable, having altogether different natures and raisons d'etre.

Not that he doesn't exist but you see the devil too much!

Al Thompson said (December 21, 2020):

The world is having a Jim Jones moment. Perhaps that was a trial run for what is to come. The government itself is evil, so don’t expect them to fix it. The medical nonsense is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine if you had a car that needed repair and when you paid $2000.00 for the fix, it didn’t work so you have to be charged even more money. That’s the way it is for the medical industry which thrives on repeat orders.

I’ve taken a holistic approach to my health for the last 10 years and every problem was solved by losing weight, eating healthy, staying off the sugar, and using supplements.

Indeed, medicine is a religion based on the principles of Satan-Lucifer. The medical profession has the highest suicide rate. In my opinion, the MDs who kill themselves must have had a moment where they figured this out and now they can’t deal with their own conscience.

Last year, I took a friend of mine to the hospital and I’m still pissed at myself for doing it. He had COPD and the medical idiots were giving him morphine. I asked the doctor to give him some vitamin IVs to build up his immune system. The doctor gave me a very nasty: NO! The morphine demoralized him and he passed away a week or so afterward. I would never take anyone to the hospital again. They made him die probably because he was another one taken off the Social Security rolls.

In short, most of the doctors are practising a form of murder. A few years ago a doctor told me: “Don’t go the the hospital, they will kill you.” She was very accurate in her statement.

I went to the hospital about a year and a half ago with a breathing problem. They were able to temporarily fix the problem. I asked for Vit. C IVs and they refused. After 2 days, I left the hospital and walked home. I was so pissed off, I didn’t want any friends or family to hear my rant. I was able to fix the problem holistically and I haven’t had a problem since.

I didn’t think that my best interests were a part of their medical plan. So, I agree that the medical profession is a Satanic cult that does not have our best interests in mind.

JG said (December 21, 2020):

I have nothing but praise for American nurses and frontline workers and my personal experiences has been mostly positive. However, my friends have told me that things have changed the last few years.

If it wasn't for the Indian and Asian doctors and nurses the American Medical field might be in big trouble. A country is only as good as the generation of people it has produced and American culture is at the moral sewer levels so what can we expect.
The traditional American work ethic of pride in achievement and independence has been replaced with political correctness and " going with the flow" rather than doing what is just and moral.This Covid Medical takeover of the whole healthcare industry is a prime example.

This will not have a good ending for anyone but the perpetrators and organizers who will profit of this biggest power grab for total control in medical history.

Doug P said (December 21, 2020):

They saved my life once, with $20.00 / month in pills over a few months. I had Graves disease (now in remission for 20 years), likely from environmental pollution. Without them I would have died a horrible death. Also they can put you back together if you get smashed up. Heroic medicine is great, so is the Hyppocratic Oath. It's big pharma that is the problem

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