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Donald Trump- Abe Lincoln or Benedict Arnold?

December 15, 2020



American patriots must recognize that a brazen Communist coup has taken place with the complicity of the ruling class who are globalist traitors. More than 75 million Americans have been disenfranchised.
This is only the beginning of the persecution they face. They must unite to fashion an effective response. 

by Henry Makow PhD

Ninety seven per cent of Trump supporters want him to trigger the Insurrection Act and impose martial law, according to a poll.  This is the only way to purge Communist traitors from the American body politic.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser and retired Army general Michael Flynn retweeted a call for Trump to temporarily suspend constitutional order and declare martial law to have the military to oversee a new U.S. election.

This is not going to happen. Trump will go quietly. There are over 400 million guns in private hands in the US and the majority are owned by patriots. The lingering prospect of martial law or any legal redress are simply ways of preventing patriots from using them.

Trump has the opportunity to play an historic role: save American democracy. Unfortunately he not equal to this task. He is part of the Masonic Jewish Tag Team. He will hand the ball off to the Communists. These are the indicators:

1. His support for mass vaccinations and failure to arrest Fauci and Bill Gates who openly boasts of staging the corona panic for power and profit.

2. His complicity in allowing Communists to count the vote.   He and his circle must have foreseen the steal.

3. Appointing Illuminati traitors like Bill Barr, Christopher Wray and Gina Haskell to key positions. He fired Barr for appearance's sake but did Barr's successor, Jeff Rosen, announce an investigation into vote fraud? No.

4. Trump never missed an opportunity to signal his true allegiance by making the downward prayer to Satan Illuminati (Masonic) hand sign. Like Hitler, Trump is false opposition.

5.Despite his criticism of China, the CPC has infiltrated US business, media and eduction under his watch. 

6. Declared Antifa "domestic terrorists" but failed to arrest a single one. Antifa is sponsored by Democrats and George Soros.

7. Trump  is an Illuminati Jew with a long history of involvement with the likes of Illuminati Jewish operatives like Roy Cohn and Jeffrey Epstein. 

8.  Despite being thrown under the bus by Bibi, he continues to be a hod carrier for Israel. He recently negotiated a peace deal between Israel and Morocco by betraying some Moroccan secessionists.

We are watching a reality show, a charade. Any faith we put in Trump will be betrayed. 

Once again, the Illuminati have raised a middle finger to Americans. They ran a senile, unrepentant pedophile with ties to China who boasted he didn't need to campaign because the vote count is fixed. 

Don't let Trump blind you to the danger we face. 

Of course, I want to be wrong. I want Trump to rise to the occasion, but the odds are slim.

Makow Twitter Poll:

Will Donald Trump take a Fall and betray his more than 75 million supporters by conceding the election?
No, he's a patriot
Yes, he's a Zionist Jew
266 votes


"We kept track of events for both candidates in this year and the enthusiasm gap was shocking - President Trump entertained over 1.1 million event goers while Biden, even with Obama and some rock stars, entertained less than 2,000 people total at his events:

So when the election came, it was NO SURPRISE that President Trump set an all-time record for vote totals, blowing by Obama's record of 69 million in 2008, with over 74 million votes. 

 But based on all sorts of data and our own eyes, it is impossible that Biden beat President Trump in the election, especially with more than 81 million votes.  This just didn't happen."

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First Comment from Jim in Texas:

I agree with your article  today (12-15-20) and my only request is if you could add that Trump was the only one that had the "LEGAL STANDING" to bring the Election Fraud before the Supreme Court and he Did Not do so.

What the Court would have done we do not know, but first you must try.

David C writes:

Trump is just another puppet politician, all of them are puppets for the same evil cabal. However, I believe Trump will be re-elected: Friday is December 18, the 45th day after the election, when the director of national intelligence will declare the election null and void. He just happened to be with Trump at the Army-Navy football game recently (hmm). It will be based on the "executive order" Trump made in 2018, stating that if the director of national intelligence determines there was foreign interference in the election, they can declare the election result nullified.  Then governors then vote in January, one vote per state, with more republicans than democrats voting.  (Mike King expands on this argument here.)

The 'left' (Antifa-BLM) will go crazy if the election is declared nullified on Friday, ruining the holidays for shoppers. BLM-Antifa will be out in force after that, perhaps beginning this weekend.  They will be used to burn-loot-murder again, likely even worse than previously.  Here in Portland, Antifa has an encampment (military style), protected by armed guards, and stockpiling weapons, as if they know what's going to happen (Soros knows!).  

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Comments for "Donald Trump- Abe Lincoln or Benedict Arnold? "

Peter said (December 16, 2020):

Wonderful editorial on trump! He is a controlled opposition, but let us be honest the Jews and the hard Bolsheviks (deep state) have been trying to destroy him before he even stepped into the White House.

Trump stood for the following:
1. Make peace with Russia. Remember JFK?
2. Build a wall to kepp not only Illegas, but MS-13 and Mexcian gangs out, Clinton's pedophilia operation on the southern border and Sleep agents from China, North Korea and Iran.
3. Bring jobs back from China. Hello Chinese Covid 19
4. He is a nationalist, not a globalist.

Unfortunately, Trump is very unethical and compromised.
He is all bark and no bite. He has no balls! Unlike JFK, a true patriot, Trump has done nothing for America but talk.

Persian Gulf War Veteran

Kristine said (December 16, 2020):

This whole selection exercise and debacle is about debasement and destabilization, of the country “first”, and then of the individual.

If satan rules the world, he appoints the presidents. Itś amazing that “Christians” do not understand this simple truth. Where some of them get the idea that Trump is “Savior” is a mystery and nowhere to be found in scripture. In fact, what we learn from Daniel and Revelation for example is that in the last days the earth will be guided into hell by a False Prophet, a Dragon, a Beast and a Woman riding it. Not to mention the Man of Sin. The only Salvation we will experience is Jesus Christ returning on the Clouds in the midst of Great Tribulation. How many believe Trump is “the new Cyrus” is both beyond me and belief.

Tony B says that Trump doesn´t want the job of Bad Cop. I doubt that very highly. Trump is a “Jester” and he may just be about to fool everyone by taking on a new role.

Tony N said (December 16, 2020):

Thanks for not gloating too much over this one Henry !

You did call it from the beginning and you even admit how awful it is to have to support Trump because the other choices are insanity.

I think there are several major things going on:
- the destruction of european christianity in same exact manner as was done to spain with waves of african and middle eastern muslims brought in by talmudists

- the setting up for another major war with russia and/or china

- the destruction of independent businesses for complete dependence on government

Whoever "wins" this election is going to have to be a major traitor to humanity and pretty sure Trump doesn't want that job.

God's most glorious victory was the death of His son to save our souls and the final victory will be His as well.

The war has already been won, but shame on Christians if we do not unite and fight for His absolute truth and our own true liberty and peace.
May God bless you to be with Him with much health and abundant life in the new year !

JG said (December 15, 2020):

It was too hard for President Trump to do it all himself. William Barr sided with the Democrats to save his own political backside by denying evidence of widespread voter fraud that more than likely tilted the election in Joe Biden's favor in the swing states.

Democracy DIDN'T win in this last election but a proven illegitimate mail in voter count did. All you have to do is listen to the testimonies of the poll workers who were there when the votes were counted to substantiate this claim. If that isn't enough to convince you read the report on the investigation of the Dominion voting machines.
President Trump has been betrayed numerous times throughout his tenure by even his some of his own appointees who sold out to the MSM and the Globalist Occupied Democratic Party to make a name for themselves.

President Trump isn't perfect nor is he the most cerebral leader to ever hold that office but he did what he believed to be in the best interest of his country and it's people.

Anon said (December 15, 2020):

It seemed like a miracle when Trump won the first election and I've been hoping for another miracle since all the recent shenanigans. I am sorry to say that think you have nailed it with your analysis of Trump.

The first presidential debate was so convincing to me. Trump and Biden went after each other like a couple of pitbulls which seemed fitting given the critical juncture we have reached as a nation and their behavior appeared to reflect their understanding of what is truly at stake (democracy would prevail with a Trump victory and it would fall with a Biden win).

It was so interesting to watch public reaction in the aftermath of that first debate. So many Trump supporters liked him less afterward while I liked him more. They liked him less because they saw the debate as too over the top to be real. I didn't agree but I do remember Trump laughing only once during the debate. He broke into spontaneous and genuine yet subdued laughter immediately after claiming that the dems were planning to steal the upcoming election with the mail in ballot scheme.

I remember thinking, why would he laugh? It had to be either that the dems were becoming so criminal that he believed they would never succeed or that he was amused by his knowing that he's merely an actor in a false dichotomy. Now it seems that the latter is true.

Tony B said (December 15, 2020):


Hard not to agree with you as Trump has not ever been as his followers imagine. His whole M.O. has been to deal the presidency as though it were a NY City commercial "I scratch your back, you scratch my back" kind of deal making which cares not at all about what is right and proper nor about anyone except the two making the deal.

About the only possible Trump salvation that I can see is his giant ego which can make him dangerous. Also, it appears that his four years of media, Democrat, biggest money, opposition in some areas seems to have been to keep that often politically ignorant ego under cabal control.

Again, there are millions upon millions of American citizens who would make a better president than anyone allowed to have a name on the ballot. The political parties are all owned by the cabal. Swamps do not clean themselves, after all, they are swamps (satanic).

Paul S said (December 15, 2020):

I can appreciate the frustration from our side regarding Trump's stance on the vaccine, Fauci, Gates, etc, but the reality is that the great majority of Trump's "Republican" supporters, even on the right, are ideological Communists, and are really just thinly-veiled Leftists who happen to wear an elephant-team logo -- they too are terrified of COVID and they too are clamoring for a vaccine, etc.

I think Trump is just playing a political game to not alienate them, he knows that most Americans, even those in his own "conservative" base, are cowards and that they want the vaccine. The same is true of Fauci -- Fauci is a very popular figure amongst the sheeple and they see him as a savior figure, and this is as true of Republicans as it is of Democrats. Trump is just trying not to alienate his "conservative" base.

If Trump were to come out as anti-vaxx it would be seen as jarring, even to many of the sheeple in his "conservative" base ..

We have to remember that even though these frauds seem very "obvious" to us, we're still very much a fringe group and even many "conservatives" who support Trump can't see these frauds (they're spiritually blind) that seem obvious to us. My only concern is that they don't try any funny business to make the vaccine "experimental"..

David said (December 15, 2020):

I don't care what you say about Trump. He isn't false opposition. I have watched so many prophets on You Tube who have said Trump will have a 2nd term. We need to pray for the election to be overturned. We know Trump won. Biden lost. It is the prophets of God vs. The prophets of Baal. God wins. Trump will be sworn in on 1/20/21. Biden will be in Gitmo on this day.

TL said (December 15, 2020):

I wanted to comment about your latest post. At first when he was running for President, I thought that he was an actor like every other president. I hated Hillary so voted for him. I have been listening to him closely and the MSM talking points and feel like he has been treated very unfairly throughout his term. His touting the vaccine was just him trying to be "normal" among the "scientists" because that is how everyone it seems thinks. I have been reading much since March about germ theory and "medicine." The site really opened my eyes. And I used to be an RN.

DJT had to let the election play out. There are so many never-Trumpers who need to see what unfolded despite the MSM still not covering it. He had to show how so many citizens in the U.S. and elsewhere are controlled by China and I do believe people are beginning to wake up. Most in my family are still asleep, though. Acting normal about the vaccine would give him time to expose the DS. My prayer is that our military and whoever else is getting it this week are getting placebos if anything at all.

All I can say is that I think he is playing 4D chess and that soon things will happen. It will not come without violence from the left and DS.

None of the above of course is journalism. However I reference his Executive Order 13848 signed in 2018 giving him powers in the event there is foreign interference in any U.S. election. Durham's report is due I think this Friday. Part of the 4D chess game. If nothing comes of it then, yes, I agree with your assessment.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at