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Why China Can Be "Homophobic"

January 3, 2021

Nothing says the West is slated for decline more than a comparison of China's gender policies with ours. The Chinese are spared the constant promotion of gender dysphoria (homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism) we see in the West. They are allowed to be "homophobic," i.e. to protect gender identity, marriage, and family.

"Gay Rights" were never about shielding homosexuals from persecution. They were designed to spread homosexual dysfunction to Western society destabilizing & rendering it vulnerable to conquest and enslavement.  
Similarly, China is spared multiculturalism and migration and has a fierce sense of patriotism, i.e. nationalism. In contrast, the West is led by Masonic Satanists, perverts and traitors dedicated to their own countries' destruction. They are Communist too, but China, already Communist, is not the target. Similarly, China and Russia are being spared covid lockdowns. Similarly, Israel is the only country allowed to be openly racist. It's all about Cabalist Jewish supremacism, i.e Zio-Communism, the NWO. 

from Jan 10, 2018

The worst place in the world for LGBT to live is China, according to a pro-gay survey that puts Beijing at the bottom of a list of most welcoming cities, alongside several other Chinese cities. (Full survey here.)

To celebrate Pride Month, German housing website Nestpick ranked the most welcoming cities for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Beijing came last out of 100 cities, while Shanghai sat at number 89 and Hong Kong at 83.

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At the other end, Madrid topped the list, followed by Amsterdam, Toronto, Tel Aviv and London.

Last week, Shanghai Pride activists told The Daily Beast about LGBT life in China, saying that although gay clubs exist, few people come out as many people struggle to be accepted by families and the state. Homosexuality in China was decriminalized in 1997 and was removed from an official list of mental illnesses a few years later.

A 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center found that just 21 percent of China's population was in favor of homosexuality. There are clinics in China offer still offer "conversion therapy" to homosexuals.

Though most in China do not follow a monotheistic religion, unlike many countries with low acceptance of homosexuality, many parts of society still hold conservative views on social issues. One of the activists who spoke to The Daily Beast, Charlene Liu, Shanghai Pride organizer, emphasized this: "The family culture--being able to start a family, getting married, having children to carry on the family name--that itself is one of the biggest issues in the country. And that leads to a whole set of different issues like, do I go into a marriage of convenience, do I become a single parent, and so on."

However, a study conducted by Peking University in 2016 found that 58 percent of gay and straight Chinese people felt that LGBT people were ostracized by their families. In the same survey, just 15 percent of gay people said they had come out to their families, and fewer than half said that had gone well.

Though homosexuality is not illegal, the state does in some ways restrict LGBT visibility. China's strict censorship laws extend to film--as well as political censorship, cutting scenes that portray the government in an unflattering light, the authorities have removed scenes depicting homosexuality, for instance, Michael Fassbender's gay alien kiss was cut out of the movie Alien: Covenant, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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Comments for "Why China Can Be "Homophobic""

Robert K said (January 11, 2018):

Culturally China is subject to many of the same international pressures as the Western countries, but because of its massive size and recent predominantly rural character is possibly, for now, a harder nut to crack. In any case, you should not give credence to surveys done by people conditioned to regard themselves as “wronged” whose intent is to concentrate attention on themselves and further a propagandistic agenda.

JG said (January 11, 2018):

The Chinese people are primarily concerned with survival. With over 1 billion people to feed China can't really concern itself with the trivial sexual issues such as homosexuality or loss of gender identity. And, they most certainly don't have the time or reason to promote this decadent lifestyle either.

However, if their trade or national prosperity is threatened for not going along with the world order social ills like these they may soften their stance under the conditions of blackmail. This is how this poison is peddled around the world. When the flow of money is threatened the national leaders have a tendency to adopt a new stance with little resistance. It's the old carrot and stick game that gets them every time, material prosperity in exchange for forsaking the moral order of society.

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