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Anthony Migchels-- Don't Count Trump Out Just Yet

January 12, 2021

(Left/Above: Joe here said on TV, "we have put together the greatest voter fraud system in American history", and next proceeds to steal a massive land slide for Trump in broad daylight. This is the best the New World Order has got?! It seems unlikely.)

"The Powers that Be need a strong American President, with the backing of the core of the People, for what is coming, and already unfolding: American demotion from hegemon to just another Great Power, massive economic depression, isolation on the International stage, and Great Power rivalry with China, which will eventually set the stage for WW3."

I highly recommend this interview January 8 between Greg Hunter and Alex Newman who believe Trump may yet invoke the Insurrection Act. The MSM has conveniently forgotten that the biggest heist in the history of the US has just taken place. Greg Hunter & Alex Newman have not.

Here, Trump sounds defiant on YouTube. "The time for empty talk is over Now is the time for action."

by Anthony Migchels 
(abridged by

It is eight days, until Inauguration. But it's hard to believe that Biden will actually get installed.

Because this obviously is a coup. It cannot be seen in any other way. And I wouldn't be surprised at all with a Trump counter coup.

And not because of Q, although Q is very important. But because Trump is the New World Order's trump card.

While the public views the Election in terms of 'Republicans' vs. 'Democrats', it's more a power struggle of an imploding Empire. The underlying trends are the death throes of the West, the  American Empire, the Petrodollar, and the Financial System itself. 

All four are imploding. The Fed and Trump Administration have already poured $10 Trillion into the System since September 2019, when they restarted QE after the repo market crash.

That's not a joke, that's a disaster. And it's only beginning. Not long after Inauguration, months maybe, some kind of escalation in the financial crisis is all but guaranteed.

We're at a crucial juncture, and World Power needs something special to keep America under its control, to make them do its bidding.

They can't just wheel in a moronic stooge like Biden by openly trashing a 402 Trump landslide that had basically already been broadcast on TV. The hard core of the country will consider a Biden administration totally illegitimate, and will see it as a Communist take over. Which it obviously is.

This is supposedly their Big Move, the New World Order's Endgame. This is all they've got?!

Is Trump really 'a lone gunman fighting for the People'? No.  Trump has been expertly parachuted into Power by those who have done such things many times before. There are many clues. They had been seeding his presidency for years in pop-culture. But the main thing is the treatment he got from the Media: they have talked of nothing else for four years. Only 'corona' and the Lockdown have been able to compete with Trump for their attention.

And of course it looks like they're 'against' him, but if they really were, they would have ignored him, and at best mocked him. Already in 2016, it was clear that a very large part of the public, on the Right, believed little or nothing the media was telling them anymore. The Media hating on Trump was the best propaganda he could have wished for. Basic reverse psychology.

Also note how Trump, and the Media, conspire to entirely ignore the massive financial injections/crisis that are ongoing. Why would the Media not jump on the bail-outs to savage Trump? Clearly, Trump and the Media have something very important in common.

The Powers that Be need a strong American President, with the backing of the core of the People, for what is coming, and already unfolding: American demotion from hegemon to just another Great Power, massive economic depression, isolation on the International stage, and Great Power rivalry with China, which will eventually set the stage for WW3.

Also look for Trump installing the long prophesied Gold Standard. He will look like a hero, "End the Fed", and stop the terrible inflation that they have been creating. In doing so he will initiate an even much more calamitous deflation. Everything is always about the money. The Greatest Depression, with the deflation of the debt/derivative bubble, is unavoidable....


What remains of the social fabric in America will get ripped apart. The much overrated (by the Right) Police will show its true nature, and 'maintain Law and Order', evict millions, as the bottom 90%, and many of the 90/99% will get annihilated. All this will happen under Trump's watch, under his 'Making America Great Again' slogan, on the responsibility of the New World Order's key target: Middle America. Just as they previously saddled them with the responsibility for the Iraq war, and many other ignominious travesties.

November 2024 will be the next election. After four years of economic carnage, a Democrat will get elected. March 2025 will see the end of the Lockdown, according to the World Bank. By then, after four years, each worse than 2020, it will be all about World Revolution and War.

(Take a look at Hunter Biden sex tape; taking after dad)

The impossibility of a Biden Administration It's too much. The brazen vote fraud. The China connection. Hunter Biden's laptop.

But also the idea that Biden could somehow go back to 2016. He can't. The Financial Crisis drives everything. Nothing can stop the falling apart of the American Empire. The rivalry with China. Just now, Pompeo actually killed the One China policy, in yet another massive escalation of the Cold War that is already unfolding. Just 10 days before the supposed 'transition of power'.

Willy-nilly, Biden will have to continue the retreat, and the containment of China.

Biden has zero legitimacy. Already you can read threads of Americans talking about taking out the traitors. Not by Trump, but by themselves. You can't just openly steal such a massive landslide in broad daylight, and next block the central part of the American population, Middle America, on Social Media...


Biden's first act in office would be a 100 day national slave mask mandate. He has already announced he will go full Agenda2030.

It would mean America has fallen. And while America is indeed falling, it's not quite there yet.

The New World Order presents itself not as the problems they created, but as their solution. The only thing Biden 'solves' is the anguish of the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers.

He is ridiculous, as is his coup, his VP, everything. Everybody in America understands this. This is not how our enemies operate. They can get away with these 'build back better' morons in Europe, because that population is far more demoralized and emasculated. And disarmed. But not yet in America.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill continues to be in overdrive. A blackout of the Vatican, Pelosi's laptop missing, Trump's 'concession speech' a deep fake.

So for the time being, I continue to reserve judgement, until Biden actually gets sworn in.


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Comments for "Anthony Migchels-- Don't Count Trump Out Just Yet"

Paul S said (January 12, 2021):

Unlike the Nazi or Soviet regimes wtih which it's often compared, the Biden regime has no ideological consistency or purpose other than pure (and poorly executed) power. The threat displays the regime has put on thus far (e.g., comments from Brennan or various Democratic Congressmen) strike me as being little more than a hostage reading off a teleprompter with a gun pointed to their head, and probably a good deal of pedophilic kompromot to back it up.

This is a nonsense regime held together by blackmail and hostage videos.

And I'm sure the regime has plenty of blackmail kompromot on all the tech CEOs as well, which is why they're all functioning in lockstep (anti-antitrust violation viz. the Sherman Act, btw).

It's telling that on Jan 12 Democrats are still qualifying their comments with "IF Biden is elected".. Amazing! And if indeed Biden does somehow get in, the Rainbow Coalition of minorities he's assembled isn't going to stick together very long. The parable of the scorpion and the frog crossing the river, and both drowning after the scorpion stings the frog, is recursive -- the scorpions not only sting us, but they also all start to sting each other as they get closer and closer to being king of the world, which is precisely why this project of global domination constantly fails each and every time they try it.

JG said (January 12, 2021):

President Trump should sue Twitter for denying him his constitutional right to freedom of speech. They are giving the excuse that Twitter, being a private company, does not have to obide by constitutional decrees. If this is the case than all private companies should no longer have to go along with employment quotas and hire by merit and not by race or sex. After all, those are federal laws and should only apply to the government jobs.

Erik B said (January 12, 2021):

Donald Trump has me puzzled when he got elected in 2017. Not your typical President, and the way Democrats did everything they could to take him down, you just knew something was going on. Since the days of Guy Carr you can say there was more than awareness in Naval circles that the US was heavily influenced by Satanists within and Globalists from Europe. Even before WWII the US was infiltrated with nazis to assist the German economy, they even became Presidents (Bush), after WWII some 50000 Nazis emigrated to the US, not to mention the communists. I can only imagine that at some point professional naval and militairy observers must have taken notice.

This election was a steal in broad daylight and so was the foreign interference, that from a military point of view you cannot allow this as a Nation and doing something about it would take many years of careful planning and a genius trap to frame them ALL. THIS could be that trap. What we have seen is like a movie... I have a feeling too its not over yet.

Tony N said (January 12, 2021):

Surprised to see you publish this piece without a serious disclaimer.
Trump works for the same bosses as Biden (rothschild central banksters) and he will go according to script.
The script is becoming clear and it is he will continue the demoralization/breaking of libtard minds and he will now try to do the same to conservatives with cia qanon-sense like migchels is peddling all the while giving commisars footage to "justify" going after patriots.

God is strongest when we are weak and He makes fools of the over confident strong men.

Wishing you God truth liberty and peace in the year of our lord 2021!



I agree but present different views


David C said (January 12, 2021):

I agree with the gist of this, but don't believe Trump is truly a "patriot", although I sincerely wish to be wrong. Whichever the satanic cabal chooses, Biden or Trump, they are surely working for the satanic cabal. At this late point in life, I believe the way to salvation is internal - not external, in this world controlled by satan. May God be with us to the end of our human experience, and beyond.

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