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Reader Thinks She Got Covid From the Test

January 28, 2021


"About a week after my COVID Test, my symptoms took a drastic turn for the worse and I lost my sense of smell and my sinuses become inflamed and just will not heal."

"I think I got some sort of toxic COVID bioweapon from the COVID Test."

By Jennifer

For months I have been working overtime --exhausted I was always on the verge of getting sick with a flu of some sort --so I would double down on vitamins and just limped along - preventing a full blown flu

I decided to get some general overall blood tests  in December 2020--just to check.

My blood tests came back good except that my thyroid and adrenals were off a bit. I have classic burnout.
Then in early January 2021, a close friend got very sick and was diagnosed with COVID and my Naturalistic Doctor really insisted that I take the COVID test too.

Now I had heard the COVID test were not reliable and that the COVID test could be tainted 

But my Doctor is also an Anti-Vaxxer and she assured me that her COVID Tests were safe and that I could swab my nose myself and that I did not have to stuff it all the way to the back of my brain.

Under extreme pressure and my Doctor telling me that unless I got the test she would not see me again nor could I come back to her clinic --I caved and took the COVID Test.   I lightly swabbed both nostrils about an inch in.

About a week after my COVID Test. My symptoms took a drastic turn for the worse and I lost my sense of smell and my sinuses become inflamed and just will not heal   

In hindsight,  what I found odd is that the COVID Test Q-Tip was in a vial in a wet solution.  I did not put a dry Q-Tip in my nose it had some moist solution on it.

What was in the solution ? 

I think I got some sort of toxic COVID bioweapon from the COVID Test.  Even though my doctor thinks it is safe  COVID Test. How would she really know - she does not know.  My doctor doesn't make the COVID test kits. She, like everyone else is just relying on someone else -that they think they can trust. It is insane.

Right after I did the COVID test, I asked for an alcohol wipe --and I wiped both nostrils --but whatever it was, it absorbed right into my body.

This COVID thing I have is not like a regular flu where your nose is stuffy then you have a temperature and then you blow your nose -get everything out then heal.

My nose is just swollen and inflamed but nothing to blow out.  My temperature goes up and down -start to feel better then feel like crap 

My friend is also still sick. He met people at a special COVID treatment clinic they have been sick for 2 months NO improvement 

Did your hear the video from COVID bioweapon exposer  Celeste Solum? She said --once tagged by the COVID Test or Vaccine, this COVID Bio weapon slowly destroys people and they do not get well. Solum said probably not all COVID Test are tainted --only some.

I am so mad at myself for getting tricked into taking that COVID test --and I should have known better --but what threw me off is the fact that my doctor is an anti-vaxxer --Now I am thinking  "They" are sure to know that --she is probably targeted --she goes to protests with Robert Kennedy Jr. the big anti-VAXXER. So "They" have probably targeted her -- Ug : ((((
First Comment from Bruce-

Like Jennifer I allowed myself to be talked into getting the test. So I did. And the swab they jammed into the very back of my nose did come in a vial as well.

The back of my nose hurt extremely for at least two days. And it was I would say about a month after I got a sinus infection. Went to the doctors for a regimen of antibiotics.

Then a second sinus infection developed, and again another round of meds. My sinuses are constantly in pain, always taking pain meds for them. Just recently I have been feeling really crappy: just tired, run down, loss of mental focus. I even shared this with my doctor, and he just pooh poohed it.

By the way, the COVID test came back negative; no surprise there. My advice for any of your readers: DO NOT TAKE THE TEST, AND MOST OF ALL, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. And like Jennifer, I take a regimen of vitamins everyday.


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Comments for "Reader Thinks She Got Covid From the Test"

Dave said (January 31, 2021):

Regarding the HCQ article.

HCQ and Ivermectin can be ordered by mail from online pharmacy websites in Mexico (and Canada for a little more money)

The reason HCQ works is that it is a ZINC IONOPHORE, a chemical that assists transporting zinc across a cell wall. Dr. Zev also recommends QUERCETIN (a bioflavinoid) that is also a zinc ionophore which is why they say "Quercetin + Zinc to prevent).

At the same time, an infected person should be taking colloidal silver 4 or 5 times a day. It seems that it stops the virus multiplying and gives the body a chance to get caught up in the fight. It must be really effective because the FCC jumped all over the TV fake preacher Jim Baker when he tried to promote it the first month Covid was discovered.

Also using the Hulda Clark zapper during the treatment seems it should help as well, as it destroys viri and bacteria electronically.It is not a rife device. It emits 30,000 Hz, 8 volts positive offset, square wave. Explanation in the Hulda Clark Book "Cure for all diseases, Cure for all cancers and Cure for Advanced Cancers, PDFs are free on the interent.

HCQ is an anti-parasite drug (malaria is a parasite)

Ivermectin is an anti-parasite drug

The Africans in Madagascar are using a wormwood (anti-parasitic) extract drink to fight covid

The Hulda Clark anti-parasite program (ground cloves, wormwood and black walnut extract) uses the Zapper to keep parasites away after doing the cleanse.

Covid - Are we REALLY dealing with a parasite ? Or a virus that hides inside a parasite, like Hulda Clark says happens??

Dawn said (January 31, 2021):

I don’t doubt that Jennifer and the others did get sick from the covid test. I just had to take the swab up...waay up into the brain tissue region as pre-surgical protocol for a procedure I needed. Although it was quite uncomfortable, thank God I did not have any other bad symptoms like these poor people did. So sorry to hear of theirs and will pray for them to heal.

NC said (January 30, 2021):

I am a medical practitioner , from Durban south africa.I thought I will share this with you.

I have noticed a pattern with many patients who become ill very soon after getting their covid result and when it is positive

To cut a long story short, it looks like we are victims of mass hypnosis, and "positive" is some form of trigger word.

We are subject to mental strain over this all the time, from TV, social media, being locked down, not allowed to meet family, wearing masks, distancing, repeated spraying. We are
not allowed to stop thinking about this, People are convinced it is deadly, they believe if the catch it they will die, when they hear they are positive, they collapse.

Their immune systems must have been crashed prior to getting the news for then to deteriorate so quickly and so seriously.

Doug P said (January 29, 2021):

The most profound idea I ever got from one of my favorite books, Jaques Ellul "Propaganda...", is that the doctors or more easily indoctrinated than the average person outside their own area of expertise. I'm guessing that most doctors know about as much about viruses as I do - virtually nothing, other than subjective indoctrination. Furthermore there are lots of reasons to think this Germ theory is nonsense. It fits the needs of governments and corporations because an external threat always creates the need for protection. Nice to have an external threat threat that is in real terms, invisible, except a known flawed test. Being a professional is not about being curious, it's about being productive. Ask the wrong questions in a professional program and you can find yourself kicked out. I wondered if any engineers really believed WTC7 collapsed from fires, now I wonder if these docs, any of them, actually believe this nonsense.

Maureen said (January 29, 2021):

The "testimony" seems credible. However, the devil literally is in the details.
DS (29Jan 2021) and RM (29 Jan 2021) identified the "flies" in this testimony.

The supposedly "good guy doctor" used the usual Talmudic threat to "do what I say or else." That is, you must follow one of my 683 rules -- or be "cherem-ized."

The unquestioning belief in Robert Kennedy Jr. -- Mainstream Media's approved "Vaxxer" -- is an illustration of the confusion caused in the masses by mixing truth with lies (controlled opposition).

DS said (January 29, 2021):

I absolutely will never understand any person who acquiesces to a bullying doctor's demands. They are telling you all you need to know. She is an anti-vaxxer so that trumped that fact that she bullied her. She should have told her to F off and immediately left. She is part of the problem. I don't go to worthless doctors but if I did and one spoke to me like that I now have all the info I need. They are the services providers and you are the customer. If you are too stupid to understand that then I have a hard time feeling sorry for you.

RM said (January 29, 2021):

My question is, if Celeste Solum was once an employee of FEMA, and I believe she signed a NDA, why is she allowed to continue to spill the beans? Also, if you've seen one of her videos, you know the outcome; It's dystopic beyond belief. Never, does she offer any solutions, save the occasional nod to God and Jesus Christ. In essence, what's the point of these videos? I'm not bagging on you Henry, but she's one of the most prolific peddlers of doom porn on the internet. Just park the car in the garage, hook up the hose to the exhaust, roll down the windows and save yourself sixty-minutes of hopelessness.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at