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Insider- Vaccines are Killing the Elderly

February 22, 2021


anonymous nursing home worker- 

"It really doesn't make sense, it defies logic.  Some people get the Pfizer vaccine and feel fine but they now test positive for covid.  

"Other people get the Moderna vaccine and get sick and/or die but, supposedly, it's totally natural and has nothing to do with either covid or the vaccine.

'My contention is that the vaccines are killing people, mostly the elderly

"The Pfizer vaccine in particular is also causing some people to test positive for covid which makes it look like the deaths and illness are due to the virus rather than the vaccine."

by Anonymous

I work in a nursing home in Ontario that has had repeated outbreaks of Covid-19 in the last two months. 

 If anyone who enters the building -- employee, visitor, or resident -- tests positive for Covid then an outbreak is declared.  

The strange thing about these recent outbreaks is that nobody who has tested positive has any symptoms. 

Nearly all of the people who are testing positive are employees who received the Pfizer vaccine.  The majority of employees have refused the vaccine.  You would think that it might prevent infection, but it may actually be triggering false positive PCR test results.

For whatever reason, the government decided that willing employees would be given the Pfizer vaccine while residents were to be given the Moderna vaccine.  

Consistent with other reports, many residents became sick, several died, and several others were hospitalized, but oddly all tested negative for Covid.  

 The management assured us that it was a coincidence that many residents got severely ill after receiving the vaccine and it had nothing to do with the vaccine itself.  

On the other hand, several employees who were vaccinated are presently feeling fine (some did get sick shortly after being vaccinated but recovered) but according to the regular PCR tests they are now infected with Covid-19.

I have seen numerous reports of US nursing home residents and staff being vaccinated and dying shortly after.

 I didn't take it seriously until I saw it firsthand.  My theory is that there must be something in the Pfizer vaccine which triggers a positive test result. 

 These mRNA vaccines do not contain the virus at all, neither dead nor alive, so unless it is contaminated with Covid it can't actually infect you with it.  

But then there was the Australian attempt at making a Covid vaccine which was abandoned after it was found to be causing false positives for HIV.

This could very well be the same situation as the Australian vaccine. It would be the perfect cover for hiding adverse reactions to the vaccine - everyone that got sick, permanently injured, or died was already infected with Covid before the wonderful life-saving vaccine was able to take effect and it's all a terrible coincidence.  

Otherwise, why are none of the residents who took the Moderna vaccine testing positive?  

We know that the PCR test produces many false positives, but it makes no sense that the vaccinated minority of employees would account for nearly all the new positive cases.

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First Comment from R

Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman both have stated that that SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 has not been isolated and has never met Koch Postulates, thus the virus has never been proven to exist or be the cause of any sickness. Never mind be the basis to which an experimental vaccine was built on.

Both doctors pointed out that under terrain theory, which goes against the medically accepted concept of germ theory, viruses are actually exosomes and are produced internally by the body to assist white blood cells to help rid the body of toxins. They are the good guys. You take care of your body or terrain and your body and immune system take care of you. Flu and cold are actually the body purging itself during times of stress, external toxicity or winter months. Perhaps this is why Vitamin D is critical in preventing CV-19?

It would then make sense that after receiving the vaccine that people tested positive as their bodies are producing extosomes to rid the toxins. In previous mRNA testing the vaccine was given as a single dose but was found to be too toxic, thus two smaller doses were found to be more effective.

As for workers who refused the shot but were found to be positive with no symptoms, it is highly likely they are false positive due to a high cycling threshold using the flawed PCR test. Studies has shown that cycling thresholds past 35 will produce 97% false positive results. Many labs are using 35-45 cycles.  Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR method was against the PCR method being used as a diagnostic tool. 

External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.

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Comments for "Insider- Vaccines are Killing the Elderly"

Doug P said (February 23, 2021):

This very idea that you can catch a cold from someone else (germ theory is an article of faith in the medical community. I've heard medical people say it in casual conversation with my own ears, more than once. It is based on the work of Louis Pasteur in the 1800s. Attempts to repeat this experiment and verify results have failed. During the Spanish flu, doctors repeated the experiment multiple times with 100 infected subjects and 100 uninfected inmates of a prison who were promised freedom in return for participating in the experiment. Many attempts to cause infection showed no result - this is the transfer of bodily fluids in every way possible from infected people to uninfected people. All the experiments failed.
What the Germ Theory, as opposed to the competing Terrain Theory does, is create a need for protection and the protection racket is as old as the hills. Corporations spend billions of dollars to get politicians to mandate vaccines, in return they make trillions. Articles of faith in science are not to be questioned so experiments having to do with EM fields and their effect on biological entities are forbidden. You get kicked out of school for talking about this - I heard these threats with my own ears when I was an EE student.

Most of physics is repeating experiments - it's how they learned that the value of physical constants actually shifts. A critical aspect of science is to create repeatable experiments and falsifiable experiments - so they can be repeated !. Regular science does it all the time. Virtually everything we knew about science, except physics in the 1800s has been found to be wrong - except physics and germ theory. I believe that colds, flu, etc are reactions to EM fields and this has been hidden. The adoption of the terrain theory would mean all we can do is maintain health, no outside protection necessary.
Medicine is an art. We don't have the math to make it a science - systems theory has not been able to model the complexity of the human system - to model is to be able to predict outcome given stimulus. Medicine is all evidence-based, normally in science evidence gets you to a testable hypothesis, not to scientific fact. Evidence-based medicine is when causation and correlation become the same thing.

I miss the good old days when all we had to worry about was an evil mastermind that could bring the world to its knees at any given moment. I remember how the experts on network television were gripped in fear as the hunt for Osama bin Laden went global for over a decade with millions losing their lives. Put COVID to bed, lets have another Joker.

z from Japan said (February 23, 2021):

Here in Japan as well, inoculation of "Bill Gates! New Coronavirus! Massacre poisoning vaccine!" Began on February 17th.

I call the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Miyazaki Prefectural Government, and the Corona Counseling Center of Miyazaki City Hall every day. "Don't do a bogus PCR test! Don't let the poison vaccine (become a genetically modified human) hit people! Die!"

"Election fraud" is a traditional event here in Japan, as taught by the United States. The master of both the ruling party and the opposition is the "Khazar Financial Mafia". Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Suga, Governor Koike, Governor of Osaka Prefecture ... Everyone is the head of a "national overthrow terrorist group" that denies a democratic nation.

The Liberal Democratic Party is the political arm of the "Unification Church" cult. Komeito is the political division of the "Soka Gakkai" cult. Both "Sun Myung Moon" of the Unification Church cult and "Daisaku Ikeda" of the Soka Gakkai cult are "North Korean." I filed an election fraud trial in 2013 and 2016, but it was also a "fraud trial" in court. The United States has appointed "Koreans in Japan" and "Burakumin" for the indirect rule of Japan after the war2. In the history of Japan, they are the most oppressed by the Japanese people.

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