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Makow --We Are In Deep Shit

February 3, 2021


We are In Denial about "Red Terror" We Face

Communists follow the same old playbook. Everywhere their approach to non-conformists has been to exterminate them.  The US is headed down this path. Think Russia, China, Romania, Hungary ...
Communists abhor people who cling to their human identity --race, religion (God), family (gender) and country. They intend to eliminate these four legs of human identity and everyone who clings to them. Don't kid yourself. We are in deep shit. 

Read what Paul Craig Roberts said.

"White conservative American citizens should understand that they are undergoing the same demonization with the same official support that was applied to Jews in the Third Reich. There is no reason to expect the consequences to be any different."

Below is an article by a reader who appreciates the gravity of our situation but I do not share his pessimism.  I believe the public will get fed up and man up. They are purchasing guns at a record pace.

by A Reader

Biden means what he says. Christians, gun owners, Trump supporters, anyone not onboard Communist rule will be done away with. 

Those troops in DC were carefully scrutinized over the years to ensure their loyalty to the state. They will obey orders. Why do you think feds pushed patriotism so hard during Trump years? You have been conditioned to believe the troops would never harm the public. Simply not true. History confirms the military and police always, with few exceptions,  obey orders. Cops understand who butters their toast. 

Biden is already weeding out the few conservatives among federal law enforcement. Same is occurring at federal, state, and local levels. Those small ANTIFA/BLM crowds are now growing, tripling in membership in just the last 30 days. 

Federal numbers circulated at Biden meeting yesterday show 275,433 members in Antifa and 312,566 in BLM. Add in various other groups like cartels, Black Panthers,  jihadists, and you have a Biden street army of close to 400,000. 

Once armed,  completely trained, and backed by govt this will be Obama street Army.  It's already here. Ready and waiting for the mass chaos Biden will use and blame on the right. It's too late America. You had your chance on Jan 6th and you blew it. 

Biden and Harris in conference call Sunday night determined that trying to re-educate the Right to their point of view was waste of resources. Easier to just roundup and exterminate. 

The population is still in shock. Far bigger shocks are coming. 


It is no vaccine. There isn't one. What you are getting with the needles and the nasal swabs is the virus itself. The micro encapsulation actually contains and then releases the virus once entering the bloodstream. If you have been tested or inoculated, you have been infected.

Now, what the virus actually does. It's RNA mods are basically designed to interfere with DNA strand and manipulate your immune system. Over the course of 36-60 months your immune system will misfire and small things like simple colds will kill you. Get a scratch and you get tetanus. 

You will find antibiotics simply quit working. I call this a kill-shot for good reason. The globalists are moving ahead with their de-population scheme as we speak. Within 5 years American population will be around 100 million. This will be whittled down until they have the compliant population they need to bring in their Satanic ruler.  

Guns are now first order of business and you will see massive amounts of public shootings at schools and hospitals followed by several Waco style scenarios. Biden will blame shootings on Trump supporters and lead crusade to round them all up. 

Public examples will be made 9n the spot with local news in attendance. People will be pulled out of homes in broad daylight and shot down on the spot for being enemies of the state. 

Sound far fetched? Sorry, terror works. The Soviet Union & China were ruled by one party system of only 3 percent of population. Brutality works. The killings will keep the sheeple in line while the government assassins go about rooting out the hardcore elements,  too few in number to actually matter. The city riots were simply CIA-backed beta tests to ensure US population would comply. 

All those organizations Americans thought they could rely on, like the NRA, are all govt fronts designed to provide your info to the left. Many Patriots will now die because they or family members used Twitter or Facebook. Govt data mining orgs all. 

So brainwashed are the Biden minions that they will actively believe and participate in whatever is asked of them by the state.

All that's left folks is the manner you choose to leave this earth. Forget returning to normal. That ship has already sailed. 

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First Comment from Truth Seeker Site

Henry Makow has given us the 100% truth.

Champion freedom, individual sovereignty, mom-and-pop capitalism. Denounce all murder, wars and draconian governments. Get right with God.

Revolt against your slave status planned for in the new world order by the world economic forum. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Schwab, Gates, Musk, Fauci et al are not your friends.

Say no to face masks now or you won't be able to say no to mandatory injections later. Do not wear a mask - not even in the grocery store or on the bus. Peacefully accept the police ticket. Do not pay the fine. Go to court and ask for proof that the mask has any medical ground to prevent infection by a virus - it does not. If hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of people rebel against non-functional masks, the police and courts will be overrun with fines and court dates in an unwieldly number that would prevent all other police and court work. This will make the mask law unenforceable. There are not enough police and military in the whole world to put 7.6 billion people into internment camps for not wearing a non-functional mask. Non-violent push back is critical now in order to retain our basic freedoms in the future. 99.7 % survival rate to covid-19 infection. There is no pandemic.

There is only your total enslavement to come. Think Bolskevism 1917 with 66 million (see Solzhenitsyn) white christian Russians killed and the survivors enslaved for 74 years.

Rebel now - before it is too late.

Peace and love

David C writes:

We ARE in deep shit, but the resistance is growing all over the USA , and world. This is a world communist takeover, but the core of the resistance, and catalyst for resistance all over the world, will be here in the USA. The fence built around the Capitol building will likely remain, to protect the criminals, as they systematically destroy this country. The federal government armed all federal agencies with a huge amount of guns and ammo a few years ago, including accountants - now we know why.  I'm not for violent resistance, rather I'm hoping population centers, one by one, will free themselves from state tyranny.  Biden likely isn't going to last very long, and when Kamala Harris takes over the shit will really hit the fan.  Most people don't know that Harris is from a slave-owning family on her father's side, she isn't black, and is an institutional racist against black people.  When Harris was Attorney General of California, she never usually came to court, except for the sentencing of black people, usually for marijuana 'crime', yet she brags about smoking it herself.  

 We are all Palestinian people now!

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