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Gary D. Barnett - Our Only Recourse is Civil Disobedience

February 23, 2021


"After all this tyranny levied against this society, they now beg for crumbs from the very scum that has enslaved them. This collective and pathetic response can result in nothing less than mass enslavement." - Gary Barnett

"Never comply, never submit, never close any business, never wear a mask, never isolate, and never believe a single word coming from this government or mainstream media. Disobey every state mandate en masse at every juncture or face sickness, slavery, poverty, starvation, loss of power access, total censorship and destruction of free speech, isolation, and the final destruction of this country. If you continue to comply and do nothing, the certain death of millions will occur."

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness."

~ Mahatma Gandhi (2012). "The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas", p.144, Vintage

We are now at the threshold of hell concerning our natural rights and freedom. This evil government and its controllers have destroyed our sacred lives through lies, deceit, theft, plotted divisive policies, torture, isolation, dystopian mandates, crippling orders by executive fiat, and murder. 

This is not hidden; it is open and exposed, but the people have ignored the blatant nature of this conspiracy to take over humanity, and instead have as expected by their masters, acquiesced to every command given. 

After all this tyranny levied against this society, they now beg for crumbs from the very scum that has enslaved them. This collective and pathetic response can result in nothing less than mass enslavement.

In the face of this obvious and extreme immoral injustice against all Americans, the people clamor for redress by petitioning those falsely claiming authority instead of relying on self and the inherent right to live free. 

This is akin to asking your master to be your slave, and expecting him to voluntarily comply. This attitude is not only meaningless; it actually emboldens your oppressor, and strengthens his position over you.  Weakness in the face of tyranny can only bring more tyranny.

To understand how the total domination over the people by the state occurred only requires one to accept reality. The population at large has accepted to date almost every controlling measure demanded by those that claim power over them.


It began with mandated quarantines, lockdowns, and isolation, as the abuse continued to worsen over the past year.

Then, most small businesses nationwide were told to close down, employees dependent on their jobs were told to go home and not work, unemployment and poverty became widespread, and places and events where people could gather together were outlawed.

Next, government created and funded criminal terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa, were let loose on society, allowed to riot, burn and pillage businesses, and allowed to assault and murder citizens, all while being protected by the ruling class.

State governors and their corrupt 'health' ministers then required "social distancing" and deadly mask wearing in order to just move about, function, and survive. In addition, these harmful and senseless rules were expanded in many cases to restrict the ability to get vital sunlight, exercise, and most other outdoor activities, and in some cases were told they could not leave their home prisons at all. This of course brought the purposeful destruction of our innate ability to fend off sickness by destroying our immune systems.

Travel was not only restricted, but in some cases international travel was completely forbidden. This travesty has not only worsened, but also forced testing for a fake 'virus' that has never once been proven to exist in order to move about or return to country, has been ordered. These tests are extreme, and are seemingly being used to not take samples, but to insert pathogens into the healthy and unhealthy alike.

Police state tactics have steadily increased, and the state enforcers have not only protected actual criminal behavior while abusing their power against the innocent, but also have enforced completely illegal mandates by the state goons.


Experimental injections falsely called 'vaccines,' concoctions that contain bio-weapons, toxins, and gene-altering synthetic pathogens, and that create operating systems by injection of nanoparticles and RNA/DNA changing technology, are now in many cases, required in order to function normally. They are also propagandized as medicine when in fact they cannot curb, stop, or prevent sickness and death, but actually cause sickness and death.

Those targeted first have been the elderly, the infirm, 'healthcare' workers, the mentally disabled, homeless, and children. This should alert anyone able to think even marginally that premeditated murder of the old and sick, and control of the young and upcoming generations are primary agendas of the state monsters.

People are having horrible adverse reactions to these experimental injections, many are dying across this country and the world due to these shots, and the cover-up of this travesty is in full gear by the government, its fascist corporate partners, and the controlled mainstream media. This is a travesty beyond imagination, and one that could only be perpetrated by psychopathic, evil, and conscienceless demons in positions of power.

In addition to all this, the executive branch of this murderous government has now become the maker of all law sought by the controlling 'elites' through dictatorial executive orders. Biden has signed, (whatever he was instructed to sign) over 60 executive orders just since January 20, 2021. Not that it is any surprise, but Congress has done absolutely nothing to challenge this atrocity, and in fact is fully on board with this dictatorial takeover.

These orders include, but are not limited to, creating another $1.9 trillion dollars out of thin air for so-called 'Covid' relief, rejoining the bogus manmade 'climate change' agreement and using this lie to advance policy to control farmlands, creating racist "equity as policy goals," federal mask mandates, rejoining and funding the WHO, and including all illegal aliens in the census in order to alter future elections. He has signed orders to close down the Keystone XL pipeline, cutting energy supply to the country, imposing his transgender agenda on all women's sports, imposing mask wearing on all domestic flights, and funding all state National Guard for all

Covid related activities, which would certainly include martial law efforts. He has signed orders to force private workplaces to comply with 'Covid' rules, making fake "climate change" a national security and foreign policy issue, forcing the use of the fascist partnerships with government funded science and technology in order to stifle all dissenting facts from surfacing, and promoting all homosexual, transgender, and every 'LGBTQI' agenda. He has also extended orders that renters and homeowners do not have to pay their rent or mortgages through June of this year, creating more bankruptcy and property confiscation by the state supported players at the top.

In addition to all this and much more, Biden just signed an executive order to allow the federal government, at taxpayers expense of course, to control over 30% of all American land and 30% of what are referred to as "U.S. oceans." The effects of this are beyond comprehension, as this will be used to destroy farmlands, to put farmers and ranchers out of business, to lay the groundwork for destroying natural foods for GMO and chemical food sources that can be used to harm, sicken, and control the entire population.

Keep in mind that this is a very short list of atrocities being committed by fiat at the executive level. And this is only after one month in office. Gun control, gun confiscation, ammo blocking orders, more travel restrictions, injection mandates, and 1000 more restrictive measures by the stroke of a pen will be in our future if people to not rebel and stand against this onslaught against all Americans by the now totalitarian regime that has taken over this country. This is not in any way party specific, as the entire political class are nothing more than complicit criminal agents for the state, and are all working against the people in this war against freedom.


Petitioning government, voting, letters to congressional scum, court proceedings managed and controlled by corrupt state officers, and begging for relief form the purveyors of tyranny, is a worthless and pathetic response to what can only be called a violent assault against the citizenry, and a war on mankind.


Gary D. Barnett (email address) is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades.

First Comment from Tony B 

Once again:  IT IS NOT DISOBEDIENCE to not obey criminal, anti human, so-called "rules and regulations."  Government properly exists ONLY for IMPROVING the lives of citizens, to HARM and/or RUIN the lives of citizens is ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL AND THE PEOPLE MUST THEMSELVES PUT A STOP TO IT.  This is simply obedience to the laws and the commands of God for the proper use of everything for the people which He has created.  What is being mandated by satanists in their stolen seats of power today is an affront against God and all of His creations.  WILL YOU OBEY GOD OR THE DEVIL?  There is no other choice.  Period.

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Comments for "Gary D. Barnett - Our Only Recourse is Civil Disobedience "

DD said (February 24, 2021):

it is an absolute must, a total duty to our country, & an objective to do. it is also an example to our youth to make a stand for righteousness when we must. when we cower down or look the other way; what have we become? our ancestors would be ashamed. Jesus said: ' no one lights a lamp & puts it under a bowl but puts it on a stand for all to see'. we must stand together as the people of this country when we see all of this garbage before us; & such darkness. the light is rapidly fading more & more in our nation because of all the distractions from this new world order agenda. there is only one truth; 'return to me', says the Lord. wake up, America.

Eric B said (February 24, 2021):

Actually there is another option, Dr. Makow. The states could call a National Constitutional Convention whose aim would be to dissolve the federal government and then create regional republics with their own federal governments. This would marginalize the power of the deep state. It is doable in my view and should be done.

MW said (February 24, 2021):

Excellent summary by Gary. However, as a follower of real Jesus Christ, a violent response is unthinkable...and also disobedient to His obvious commands. Personally, my wife and I will not take their injection. Never. Ever. We’ve making our preparations for the time they shut everything off. But as you and I know, they control everything. Most will capitulate and they know that fact. I preach the truth of this heinous crime everywhere and to anyone who will listen. The grocery store, Walmart, the auto repair shop. I’ve made a special web page with 100’s of links and videos (including yours) which Facebook has banned. My wife and I disobey all their demands. But violence is out of the question to our Lord. Vengeance is Mine, He declares. Do not resist him who is evil, and turn the other cheek. Love your enemy. His Father put Him of the tree for all to save those who surrender and repent from their wretched sin and His wrath to come. God is in full control of His world and all of history. He will destroy all unrepentant, disobedient, and the evil elite when He returns in flaming fire with his mighty angels dealing our retribution (2 Thessalonians 1). This life is a vapor. What counts is the Almighty’s glorious reputation. It’s always been about Him. Who are we? Chaff in the wind. I’m on my happy way Home to Him...and what a joy that day will be! “When we’ve been there 10,000 years, we’ve no less days to sing Gods praise then when we first begun!”

DS said (February 24, 2021):

Might also be a good moment to repent for worshipping the idol of “science” all these months. Really, now, how many (apart from Henry) have had a serious thought about God during this ordeal - the one ultimately in charge of life and death, no matter what the numbers or our oppressors say? Most of us, at one point or another, agreed to our dehumanization by donning the mask, and it’s the mask has got to be the first thing to go in order to restore our humanity. We were made in the image and likeness of God. Without ditching the mask, reclaiming the rest won’t amount to a hill of beans.

JG said (February 23, 2021):

America still has a large population of patriots and constitutional observers in law enforcement agencies and government. Without them America would not survive well for too long.
Another problem for this new administration is that the majority of Americans are not sold on this new wave of immorality decrees. They still can differentiate between good and evil and they know what is moral and what is immoral. They still respect man as man and woman as woman.
And ,most of all, the Christian Faith in America is still alive and well with the true believers.They have not changed their beliefs nor have they abandoned the Word of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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