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Mike Stone - The Dumbed Down Masses are the Problem

February 18, 2021


"Not one person has seen me and said, 'He's not wearing a mask. Why am I wearing one?'" 

"The vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?"


By Mike Stone

Do you ever feel that your struggle is less against the power-mad pedophile elites than it is against your own people? 

You know who I'm talking about. Those brain-addled, mask-wearing friends and family members of yours who refuse to see or acknowledge the truth. 

That porn-watching neighbor you exchange greetings with who responds with sarcasm when you comment on or bring up the subject of politics. 

That co-worker you sometimes attempt to educate while simultaneously remaining cautious lest they report you to Human Resources. Are they your real enemies in life?

You follow this site and others. You spend countless hours reading, researching, and praying. You're up to date on the state of the world and the endless chain of lies and hoaxes perpetuated on the people of every nation. 

Yet when you bring up these subjects with the people you know, they stare back at you with blank faces. Their eyes glaze over and you can almost hear their thoughts: "He's a nutcase!" 

That family member then whispers behind your back and tells your parents, siblings and cousins you've lost your mind. That friend stops returning your calls and emails. That neighbor and co-worker go out of their way to avoid you. Are they your real enemies in life?

Everyone you pass is wearing a mask. Some are wearing two masks. Some are wearing two masks, a face shield and gloves. 

You pass businesses in your neighborhood. Every single one without exception has a sign at the entrance requiring you to wear a mask in order to enter. Every single one has footprints painted on the floor telling you exactly where to stand. Every single one is filled with mask-wearing idiots dutifully following instructions like obedient little pups. 

Are they your real enemy?

If others only knew as much as you, the entire virus hoax would not be happening, the stolen election would not be allowed, and life would be so much simpler and easier. 

You realize, with a dash of irony, that if others only knew as much as you, THEIR lives would be so much simpler and easier. Almost all of their complaints, their troubles, and their challenges in life would simply disappear. 

Yet they stubbornly refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Indeed, they embrace every falsehood. 

Are they your real enemies in life?

I keep waiting for someone to stop me on the street and ask me why I'm not wearing a mask. 

It's been eleven months now and I'm still waiting. I estimate I've passed over 16,000 mask-wearing people in that span of time (50 people a day over 330 days), not to mention countless cars driving by. 

Not one person has expressed an ounce of curiosity. Not one person has seen me and said to themselves, "He's not wearing a mask. Why am I wearing one?" Or maybe they have, but then either fear, stupidity or both has prevented them from exploring the situation further.

Have you ever sent someone an article from this site? What was their reaction? Of all the articles you've sent, what is the percentage of people that responded?  Are any of them still talking to you?

Jesus said, "If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded should one rise from the dead." 

We don't have Moses today, but we do have a virtual avalanche of information available even with the current state of censorship, de-platforming, and book banning. And still - and STILL - the vast majority of people refuse to research, see or acknowledge the truth. Are they your real enemies in life?
Mike Stone is the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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First Comment from JK

While studying cults in the 50's, the social psychologist Leon Festinger  discovered that cult members could be taught to believe certain things by involving them in activities that suggested a particular belief. The cult members would adopt the belief, suggested by their activities, in order to minimize cognitive dissonance created by conflicting beliefs in their minds.  Festinger gave a doomsday cult as an example. The members would periodically conduct activities in preparation for the end of the world. That end never came but the members nevertheless became more and more convinced that it would, due to their preparations.

Knowing how cognitive dissonance can be generated to change people's beliefs, it's easy to see what Social Distancing is about. It's just the same cult technique being used on larger groups. You involve people in activities that suggest that an epidemic is going on and they eventually accept it as truth to minimize cognitive dissonance.

Thanks JK- This is my view as well. Mankind has been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalism, as slaves. Slave status is now being formalized.  -hm

Chris G:

The genius of the satanists is how they reduced the whole planet, for a lack of better words, into a bunch of plantation niggers ready to turn on their fellow niggers at a moment's notice, all to please their abusive masters that have no issues killing and stealing from their slaves.

Mind you I am a person of color but that's exactly what the world has become;  A plantation of cowardly and stupid niggers of all shades that are policed by each other which saves their masters even more money as the enslaved eagerly enslave one another;  Good economics as Willie Lynch put it, using fear, distrust and envy.

Trotsky (Bronstein) bragged about turning Russia into a state of "white negroes";  Now everybody worldwide is getting prepped for the same enslavement and murders that mother Russia experienced under the bolshevik revolution but far worse, as the end result will be a One World Government run by 300 families of the leading and worst Jewish satanists.

FEMA whistleblower Celest Solum was educated with stats from FEMA about how 90% of people will line up to get slaughtered and do absolutely nothing even if it means the death of their loved ones.  7% will stand up once against their enemies.  ONLY 3% will do anything to ameliorate their situation and fight back repeatedly.  Mike Stone must be a 3%er.  All that 3%ers can do is band together with other 3%ers as the 90% happily push and shove their way into the boxcars.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - The Dumbed Down Masses are the Problem"

Doug P said (February 19, 2021):

The word Bolshevism really has two meanings that are the same. The formal meaning is that the people who called themselves the Bolsheviks won over the Mencheviks in Russia, this majority became known as the Bolsheviks which committed atrocities to the Russian people that go far beyond anything that Hollywood or corporate history has ever portrayed - you would probably have to be locked in an asylum for life if your imagination could come up with the stuff they did.
It makes the atrocities committed by any one of the serial killers you ever heard of and mainstream history on the NAZI's look like actions committed by a bunch of innocent boyscouts. Truly unbelievably sick.

This is what we mean by Bolshevism when we talk politics - unbelievable sickness. The Bolsheviks are the majority and it's the majority that are leading us into hell. This is bottom up enforcement - when you don't wear a mask you get challenged by those who do - those who do wear masks complain about those who don't because TV tells them that non mask wearers are psychopaths. I always say that my mask is under your books on the Bolshevik revolution.

I don't wear a mask, but I have actual breathing disabilities that make it not possible. I know others with breathing problems but they will wear a mask anyway. It's more important to fit in than anything for most of us.

Michael J said (February 18, 2021):

Like the war for Independence---i am afraid that at least 80% are 'fence sitters'..or worse.. Imho..we are on the cusp of the most evil massive slaughter of mankind ever seen on this planet...Is God watching?


Thanks Michael

God is watching. Unfortunately it's up to people to carry out his will.


Mary Kate said (February 18, 2021):

When I observe the vast majority of masked, obedient sheep, and the alarming increase of them (despite the numerous health/psychological dangers of wearing the bloody things) I cannot help but be reminded of the famous Miglram Shock Experiments of 1961, where most of Stanley Milgram's lab participants continued to escalate and administer electrical shocks to a confederate participant simply because the person instructing then to do so was a person of perceived "authority."

What the study concluded was that only a small minority of participants fully objected. It's absolutely chilling to me that most people, on blind faith alone, will incrementally comply with irrational medical and other BS mandates from a few unscrupulous and power-drunk characters, without any introspection or challenges to then; up to and including a complete denial and suppression of their own inner voice.

I think another possible way of looking at all this - at least for those of us with a Christian-based faith - is that perhaps the masses are under a strong delusion or demonic stranglehold and, possibly, even demonic possession. I can only keep praying that people en masse will start to wake the hell up before it's too late.

David S said (February 18, 2021):

It seems to me that the social distancing and face mask “POLICY/LAW” is the forerunner for the acceptance of the vaccines, which will entitle those vaccined/vaccinated with a “reward” of ability to buy food, get a license to drive, go to the library, enter restaurants, and accept all the benefits/privleges of good sheeple. Oh, and by the way, as a analogy, wearing a mask is like putting up a chain-link fence around your property to keep out the mosquitoes. And Vaccines are about as futile as those bug killing devices. You’re not going to kill them all. It’s impossible.

Essel said (February 18, 2021):

I note in the comments, but this is not a new phenomenon, that the Christian commandment to "love your enemies" is misunderstood by those who interpret the Scriptures themselves, which makes it absurd, even comical, and this is very regrettable. To love one's enemies does not mean to love the wickedness they show towards us, but to want their true good, therefore their amendment, their conversion (= change of life), to want them to become good and to want their behavior to be pleasing to God. This implies the absence of resentment.

MK said (February 18, 2021):

This dumbing down really starts to produce fruit, so to speak, as the mass media in my country is all concentrated on covid-19, including mass transportation; metro and buses, also advertisements.

A big time propaganda effort is also seen from the grocery stores with automated "covid-19 instructions" with a calm, authoritative (also charismatic) male voice. They are putting real psy-op efforts to this one - after one year since this 'pandemic' (ha!) started.

Yet I see these mask wearers all over the place, even outdoors. I constantly get looked like I'd be a weirdo for not using one. It must be noticed we have "strong recommendations" to use one, so I can't be punished not for using one. But it's still weird to see people wearing those masks outdoor.

This hysteria is taking weird forms. Nobody seems to be dying because of this virus and media is maintaining the hysteria by speaking about "infections".

Yet indeed when you mention of this one little fact, you'll get called names. But as Jesus told us, love your enemy.

t's Finland. This COVID-19 plandemic has caused very weird phenomena indeed. Strong recommendations with constant COVID-19 propaganda wherever you go.
It's like 1984 was brought to real life, but even in a more bizarre way. Frankly, if there is any reliability to our medical experts, a few friends of mine had this COVID-19 illness. They recovered completely from it and without consequences.

Still, I dont know if it was truly COVID-19 or not because I don't trust our doctors in this case - who knows if they have been bribed or not; the greatest lie here is that "we are the least corrupted country". Anyhow, that doesn't seem to convince people that this whole thing is a great hoax.

So, it seems every country has been given a script from the Powers That Be and our attention is diverted from the real issues such as worsening economy to this one specific virus.

Keep up the good work, Henry. I'm doing my part, maybe not so much keeping great noise, but doing my part telling the truth to fellow people nevertheless.

George said (February 18, 2021):

Superb painting by Ben Garrison. I had totally underestimated his ability, regarding him simply as a very insightful cartoonist.

Mike Stone’s essay leaves me with mixed feelings. Of course he is right at one level, but we can’t regard someone as an enemy simply because he or she is ignorant. We have to find our own path, and separate our destinies from theirs as much as we can. Of course, at the back of our mind we have to remember that their delusion can easily become vicious and homicidal, as has happened repeatedly in history.

Maureen said (February 18, 2021):

Regarding "Stone's" puzzling words: "the stolen election would not be allowed."

What "stolen election"? From clown Trump? By senile Biden? What a joke. U.S elections CANNOT be "stolen," because genuine elections do not take place.

The real trouble with the Sheeple is that they themselves tell "little" lies . . . and feel guilty about it. The Sheeple literally cannot comprehend the Malignant Magnitude of the "Massive Rigging of the System" that characterizes the minutely planned methods of the International Crime Syndicate.

Murder Inc. "vets" ALL presidential candidates for obedience. Mainstream (censored) Media would never permit a "genuine" opposition leader to beguile the U.S. public as a "gruff but charming business tycoon" in his own TV show ("The Apprentice)".

Since 1963, when the Tribe sent a "hit squad" into Dallas (Jerusalem West) to publicly "behead" the disobedient President John F. Kennedy,* U.S. presidential elections have been scripted by the same writers who write TV soap operas and the increasingly dark halftime shows for the Superbowls.

*ABRAHAM Zapruder filmed the death of Kennedy-Haman for posterity.

JJ said (February 18, 2021):

I was showing a lady at work an article about how some people believe Tom Brady is racist because he won the super bowl. She saw the source (and the tweets) and said it wasn't reliable (because it was one small outlet). MSM is her God. Truth doesn't matter. Even if it's one source.

There is a problem though with the other side. I've been to Patriot rallies and protests and half of those people are nuts. I've gotten to know a few. They're immature and on welfare and think nothing of showing up at my workplace and almost getting me fired. They love to mouth off about many things in the presence of everyone and be downright unruly. I don't protest anymore.

Henry, what is the balance? Can we have a list of criteria for protesters?

C said (February 18, 2021):

Ignorance, we all have some; that is the nature of our physical reality. Why would normal folks want to know that the "leaders" of this world participate in generational evil?

Why does anyone want to know the "elite" sacrifice babies, and whatever else. The bible and other traditions Indian, and native American speak also of these days. All of them also speak of cullings of earth's populace. In genesis is speaks "replenish" the earth. The bible also says some entity wants to "plant the heavens". What if the masked are the ones to be culled? It's sad but a possibility.

Last time i checked they are using the bible as a playbook which anyone with a skeptical eye ; you think would take notice and ask oneself if so then WTF have i ben played?

If the Almighty cannot work with and through each individual without words touched, written by FALLIBLE man then that entity is not the Almighty but an imposter.

Written words are to provoke thought
Peace to all of you

Tim N said (February 18, 2021):

One of Mike's best articles. He captured exactly what is going on. Yet...Christians are to love our enemies.

Ironic that Ben Garrison's drawing literally represents the battle of the King of the North (Roman Catholicism with the pagan rosary and their Jesuit army) and the South (Atheistic pagan culture). The King of the North will win, and merge the South into the North. One world religion and government for all. And where do our jewish friends fit in? Why,they are deeply interwoven into both sides driving the madness.

They all will then attack the true followers of Christ, the followers of the Word and not the doctrine of man.

Revelation and Daniel are presenting themselves right before our very eyes.

Essel said (February 18, 2021):

Saint Thomas Aquinas considers that each of our acts, however insignificant they may seem, are subject to moral judgment, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we manage to discern it or not. While it is not for us to judge our neighbors internally, we can, however, in the light of their known habitual behavior and a certain knowledge of (fallen) human nature, hypothesize about the choices they make to accept the lies of the official narrative and even participate in their dissemination.

However, two massive facts determine the behavior of the world today. The first is the almost total disappearance of faith and the absence of any authentic moral formation for at least two generations. Since, if God is suppressed, He is immediately replaced by an idol and the only true idol is oneself (it is most often hidden behind passions for this or that human activity such as music, etc.), it is no exaggeration to say that almost all the choices made by humanity today are in favor of the glorification of the idol "I", which constitutes the second massive fact.

The scam of feminism that a certain Henry Makow brought to light better than anyone else was only made possible by this universal but vain and deadly search for the glorification of egos. The behavior in the face of the lie of the criminal State must be understood in the same way, the "stupidity", often invoked by the editorialists rejecting themselves any morality, intervening only sometimes and on an accidental basis. And the "apparent goods", but real evils in reality, which can attract those who seek to take advantage of the situation are legion: mainly to display themselves with "the good guys", to pass themselves off as friends of power and thus to some extent to incorporate themselves into it, more modestly, not to be noticed, not to get into trouble, not to be designated as responsible in case of contamination, to refuse any effort of discernment, etc. It is easy to extend the list. Of course, these are all serious sins with serious consequences. But no, am I stupid! Since good and evil no longer exist, there are no more sins! Moreover, since Vatican II, there is no more confession in the conciliar offices!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at