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Makow: Our Power Lies in Repudiating Sin

February 20, 2021


(Peace of mind should be our constant goal.)

(Disclaimer. Part of me cringes at the mention of "soul" or God. The Satanists have conditioned our minds to shut down at the mention. This is the reason for our impotence. We have denied the soul, the wellspring of courage.  "For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." (Matt 7:13)  It's time for the narrow gate. I am a sinner too. An old whore inveighing against prostitution.)

Our connection to God via our soul is the basis of Western Civilization. This conception -- the basis of Christianity and true religion -- has been erased by the Cabalists (Satanists) who deny the goyim have souls.

The point of the New World Order is to replace God with Satan. We're at the moment of reckoning. Whom do we serve God or Satan?

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?  Matt 16-26

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.   Matt 6:21

by Henry Makow PhD

1) Society encourages every kind of sin. The Freemason's credo is, "We corrupt in order to control." So, the concept of sin i.e. "forbidden behavior" has disappeared. They paralyze us by corrupting us (greed, porn, promiscuity.) 

2.) Gambling is a sin. "Stimulus" has created a speculative bubble in stocks and cryptocurrencies. While Americans are disenfranchised and enslaved and the social fabric shredded, they think money will save them. 

The love of money (greed) is the "root of all evil." Gambling is an addiction. Day traders say winning is better than an orgasm. Except you're attached to the world by the short hairs. Freedom lies in unplugging from the matrix. 

God won't enter our lives unless we invite Him in by a conscious effort.

3) I define sin as seeking fulfilment from any source (like money) rather than from within. The soul emanates joy and freedom. We only need to dedicate our lives to God to experience it.

4) God has given everyone a mission. (Take parenthood for example.)  Mine is truth.

"Ye cannot serve God and Mammon."  (Matt 6:24)  Choose your master. Will you be God's servant or Satan's slave? 

5) We are surrounded by people who have sold their soul to the devil.  The whole scamdemic is driven by greed. Hospital staff are paid to lie, and threats if they don't. Similarly, the 2020 election was bought. People were paid to rig the vote.


7) This is the question that preoccupied me when I invented Scruples- The Game of Moral Dilemmas.  I have an intuitive sense of a Moral Order which we climb like a ladder by our  choices. We can't feel good unless we are good.

 We are engaged in a titanic struggle between God and the Devil. 

8) Freedom lies not in amassing money but in renouncing it. In general, freedom lies in renouncing everything but God's Will.  See if you don't recognize a new immediate inward freedom. 

But instead of renouncing sin, we usually double down. We enslave ourselves to whatever God-substitute we have chosen.

9) I believe all human beings have a spark of divinity in their souls. We are angels sent to create heaven-on-earth. This is the only salvation personal and collective. 

The angel soul was placed in a spaceship, ape. Religion teaches us to control the ship by practising "Self" discipline and "Self" respect. Unfortunately, Satanists want to sever this Divine connection. 

10. We are engaged in a spiritual war - good vs. evil, a war of consciousness. 

God is Consciousness - a dimension where spiritual ideals like truth and goodness are self-evident. "Be ye therefore perfect as your father in heaven is perfect." (Matt 5:48)

The battle for the soul of America is happening in microcosm in each and every one of us. We can fight the NWO by repudiating "sin" and repenting. This is where our power lies. God will accept our repentance. God never gives up on us. We gave up on Him.

quote-none-can-be-an-impartial-or-wise-observer-of-human-life-but-from-the-vantage-ground-henry-david-thoreau-45-66-67.jpgRepeat: "I am saved!"  and see how it makes you feel. 

Don't be fooled. There is no real victory for sinners. The nature of Reality (God) is that sinners self-destruct. Satanism is the religion of Death and destruction.

Believers are rewarded in the currency of the Real World, the Knowledge of God.

In conclusion, sin is a weapon used by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel to enslave us. We can resist by dedicating our lives to God.

Related-  "The failures of the contemporary Left do not represent "good faith" secular humanist efforts gone wrong. It is very possible that Freud, Marx, and other Sabbatean-Frankist (Illuminati) intellectuals purpose-built their ideas to destroy the West."

First Comment from Anne-

Just yesterday, pondering the great evils engulfing us, I was reflecting upon how pandering to men's vices is one of the key ways the multitudes are held in bondage.

So I was struck by your Feb. 20, 2021, column on how men must repudiate sin in order to gain their true freedom: As Christ said, "The man who sins is the enemy of his own soul." Or, as St. Augustine, a notorious sinner himself for one stage of his life, wrote: "A man has as many masters as he has vices." 

I'm prompted to write, though, because your Point 9 reveals a misconception, one that can be fatal to one's advance in truth. And that is the idea of a dichotomy between body and soul; the notion that the soul is enmired or encapsulated in the body. This is a very old idea and historically has led to false philosophies and false religions. It stems from a lack of knowledge of metaphysics of the Aristotelian sort corrected by St. Thomas Aquinas. A correct ethics, or moral philosophy, is dependent upon a correct metaphysics. Nowadays it is hard to find a really good metaphysician. 

Simply put, all material things are composite beings (it's called hylomorphism): made of matter and form. In living things, the form is called soul. Plants have a soul, animals, have a soul, and man has a soul, which incorporates the vegetative and sentient properties of plants and animals, but which is also spiritual and immortal. The human soul has two faculties, intellect and will. By the intellect we know universals and truth, with the will we desire and seek the good.

Christian revelation and man's predicament begins with the Fall---not a fairy story, but history.  Everything proceeds from that central fact of human existence.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Makow: Our Power Lies in Repudiating Sin"

MS said (February 22, 2021):

I've got to hand to to you, Mr. Makow, you somehow manage to say some of the most insightful things on the internet, and mix them up with totally diabolical sidetracks.

For example, your recent article about Christianity was quite good, but then you got to "we are angels sent to make paradise on earth". First of all, that's pure Alice Bailey/Kabbalist stuff. Second, Jesus says "Love not this world, it's passing away." In fact, on the off chance that's an honest mistake here is everything Jesus said about "this world".

"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

Third, that sounds more like either the watchers from the book of Enoch, or the fallen angels from revelation.

I would really love to know, though... Do you post these misdirections because you really believe them, or is it kind of like you're playing "Scruples" with your audience? Are you a psyop like Alex Jones, or is this some kind of condition of being allowed to say so many true and profound things in plain sight?

You normally don't answer my messages, and if you're a psyop then I guess it's better that you don't. But I am really fascinated by your particular blend of truth and distinctly non-Christian sentiments.

I would say something about Aleksander Dugin, but he is *obviously* a psychopath, whereas with you it's harder to tell.

My theory is that you are writing so that "those who understand understand" and those who don't become raging psychos.

JP said (February 21, 2021):

According to scientists who are not on the payrolls of Big Pharma and Wall St. an actual “pandemic” is due to arrive to each and every one of the Covid-vaccinated recipients (spare the Sputnik V patients), in approximately 11 months following their final dose. The irony in this equation is, what happens once an aristocracy has successfully eliminated only the most naïve and gullible from the herd? What Western societies will be left with shall be a very large pack of rufusnik-wolves ripe for revolution. I’m guessing this will be when the masks come off of all our “kinder, gentler nations” as they attempt to put guns to our heads. In the meantime, don’t forget that hot tip I just gave you. “Mass incineration”; it could make you the next Rockefeller!

Anthony Migchels said (February 21, 2021):

I loved today's article.

Also the disclaimer: "I'm a whore inveighing against prostitution'. Aren't we all?

Many good spiritual practices feel nasty in the beginning. Simply because we're such animals. Also for instance praying for our enemies. Feels real queasy to pray for Merkel's soul.

But it's a 'fake it till you make it' kind of deal.

I'd like to add this: repenting is great! It's balm for the soul. It heals.

It's a fact that sin diminishes our contact with the Spirit, and this is where our depression and frustration come from. Repenting reopens the channel to our Maker.

It is liberating.

Final note: repentance has nothing to do with endless self flagellation. In fact: that's an ego thing: "look how holy I am by hating all my sins". Repentance simply is honestly admitting mistakes. We're being stupid all the time. Just own it, and don't be a baby about it.

I can recommend it to anyone. Forgiveness truly is the Greatest Miracle of all!

Robert K said (February 20, 2021):

You misquoted the admonition, Henry. It is, "THE LOVE OF money is the root of all evil." (now corrected)

Make money your god, and societal ruin, and the even more important loss of your own precious soul, is certain to follow. The financial power has been striving to make money everyone's god for centuries and have succeeded to the point of now bringing us to the verge of total chaos and collapse.

There is nothing inherently wrong with money. Seen as it should be--i.e., as accountancy that enables people to cooperate successfully in economic endeavour--it is one of the great inventions of civilization. However, as it stands, being a means to allow a monopoly to dominate the wills and consciences of society as a whole, it is the essence of evil. Given our astounding technological development, the money system could be reformed to become a sure guarantee of personal security, freedom and property rights; but, tragically, a population conditioned from birth to accept monetary slavery is incapable of so envisioning it.

DD said (February 20, 2021):

In Genesis it says man was made in the image of God & became a living soul. this is how we serve God. our soul becomes one with his. Jesus says in the book of John that,' I am the vine & you are the branches'. the Father prunes all the branches to bear good fruit'. thus God is glorified & man is fulfilled. this as you say is what the devil usurps so we are not fulfilled but only come to know temporal things like worldly wealth & the lust of the flesh; cheap substitutes. our spiritual identity can only be made right when we learn to overcome these obstacles & serve the living God. 'Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve'.

G said (February 20, 2021):

None would sell his or her soul if it was realized that to do so is the most self-sabotaging act in creation. There is no greater aberration than the selling of the soul, the turning on one's self. I put it as the most grievous act, even over murder, as it serves that which perpetuates and advances The Great Evil which murder, and all other atrocities are born of.

Thought you might appreciate this scene from a 1941 film when movies were movies. It's titled The Devil and Daniel Webster. The clip shows where a man who has lost his way goes on trial up against the devil (Mr. Scratch), and another man who knows a little something about freedom speaks to the jury (who all happen to be dead) in defense of the man who lost his way:

4 min:

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